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02-03-2008, 05:41 PM
Clearly 13 stars 13 colonies has alot of significance. What is the difference between the 7 stars of the Churchs and the 13 stars of the Union. The stars of the Union are pentacles. Are the stars of the 7 Churches Hexagonal or Septagonal ?

Mad Mick
05-31-2010, 08:00 AM
Christan, who said all things don't come to those who wait! It's been two years and in this little obscure corner of the BW forum I could still find a thread on the first page of this section that hasn't been answered.

Well to answer your question regarding the stars, it's neither. If you were to look at the symbolic 7 stars of Jesus' opening address to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation you'll soon realize that they represent SPIRITS. Stars also represent ANGELS and the Demons that were swayed by the Dragons Tail (Satan). Then when we go back to Genesis they represent the 11 brothers then yo-yo back to revelation where they're analogous to either the 12 tribes/apostles in the crown of the woman who flees from Satan.

So stars symbolically represent individuals who form the body of a larger group, ie. Galaxy, Family, Nation, Church etc.

But your question was stacked or biased. Where does it say anywhere that a star that represents the church should be drawn with 6 or 7 points? I seem to remember the bethlehem star as drawn as how we have viewed single points of light for millennia, in the form of a cross.

There is a trick that plays with your vision, when you keep your eyes slightly open you tend to see streaks following your eye lashes vertical and horizontal between them. Any one whose accomplished in visual art would understand this. So generally a star would be drawn as a crucifix with graduating lines inbetween.

Now "The OCCULT" (notice how I'm referring to a group of people) however dabble with things that are not only unseen, but of things that they know absolutely VERY LITTLE about. The things I will Illuminate your understanding to since you asked are line drawn Pentagrams, Hexagrams, Septagrams, Octograms etc. Now the Quatrogram (or Quadrogram depending on your dialect) is not drawn as a square, the sides are brought in to a determined specific angle depending on the application. As too with the Tetragram and the Duogram or Diamond. These symbols represent the distribution of energy from a single point of source. I talked about this here:
Bible Wheel Forum > Central Hub > Biblical Studies
Four corners of the earth, post #4

So now that your aware of COLD ENERGY DISPLACEMENT according to natural phenomena here are a few pointers I try to adhere to.

Do your self a favour, stay away from designed shapes that are not square to rectangular according to the Fibonacci rule. Curved structure can create an absolute nightmare, but by all means Never build a Turret or Round room into your house! Do not design all your dimensions in relation to Phi! (Phi = symmetry = destruction. Whereas Fibonacci = asymmetry = life) This subtlety can mean the difference between Demonic attraction and repulsion. Regardless a malevolent entity once in control can wreck havoc in the most holiest of places. In cases like these which God has allowed in the past, the dwellings have either ended up abandoned or destroyed eg. Mayan Temples, Solomon's temple.

What a lot of people don't realize is that even Heaven, The Earth and the Entire Universe, must all soon come to an end, a time of renewal. For the Bible implies that they have all been corrupted.
Jesus told it like this in the Parable of the Weeds, Matt 13:24-30 and explained the symbolism of the parable almost immediately after in Matt 13:37-43.

Therefore it is imperative for us to overcome Sin in a Sinful Universe and when the time of harvest comes, then the weeds, all that is evil and all material, all that was merely touched by evil must be thrown into the Fire. This includes Heaven. Only Sin leads to corruption and death so neither was Heaven spared of the lessons that had to be learnt. Only the souls that are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus shall be spared.

(In a nutshell only those who can forgive their greatest enemy and are forgiven will not see the fire and retain their souls. After the fire only an empty shell of a spirit will be left to begin all over again. It will be as if they were never born, yet not entirely.)

All part of God's plan which I call,
"The Law Of Constant Renewal" or according to my theory I've coined the term,
"The Law Of Infinite Processes." It's a beautiful theory ranging from singular to complex back to singular. This basic principle based on the mathematical fundamental characteristics of like poles repelling and unlike poles attracting is the powerhouse to the WHOLE DYNAMIC of the UNIVERSE.

In other words it's the movement which creates SPIN which is where ALL the energy of the Universe comes from.

The application or spin off by product to this theory is called:
. . . . . . making sense out of Chaos!
God Bless Your Brain;