View Full Version : A beautiful prayer to God

05-10-2013, 12:40 AM
Father,I know themost important reality of my life is that you love me and that you look at methis moment with such tenderness and love as no one ever could;
Iam your only child.

Youdesire to forgive me and to heal me where I want healing so that this day willbe a brand-new beginning with “a futurefull of hope.”

WhateverI have to face today, one thing I know, is that you will be there with me as mybest friend, helping, consoling, strengthening, healing and guiding me.

Thereis absolutely nothing I have to be afraid of. All this I know because your Son has told us so. Amen

With all my tears I ask of you with lovingkindness, I beg of you on my hands and on my knees, please pray for God mercy on all sinners. Thank you.