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12-24-2007, 06:54 PM
Just thought I'd throw another branch of speculation in our already garbled group. :lol: Please be advised that I am not attempting to confuse anyone, or cause doubt. But something struck my attention and I'd love your opinions on this matter.

The question:

Is John, the author of Revelation, the same John who wrote the Gospel, John's three letters (1,2, & 3) and finally Revelation?

Something to think about. John's first letter (1 John) states that they heard (past tense) that an AC was coming. Now assuming that Revelation 13 (666) speaks of the AC, this would mean Revelation must have been written prior to the 3 Epistles of John. What sense would it make if John wrote his 3 Epistles, and one of them states that the "Last Hour" was upon them, if Revelation hadn't yet been written to worn everyone of "The time is near".

Or is it possible that John the Elder is not the same as John the Apostle; the son of Zebedee?

According to on-line sources, in Ephesus, there were two tomb-stones, one with "John the Elder" and "John the Apostle". This would certainly prove that there were two John's.

Here's my theory.

John the Apostle was killed around 68 AD in Jerusalem at the hands of the Jews. This occurs just before the height of the rebellion. The Christian's in Jerusalem's scattered and settled down in Asia Minor. One of these Jews happened to bear the name "John", and though he may not have been a direct Apostle of Jesus, he was a disciple and a Christian who lived in Jerusalem prior to the war. Once Jerusalem entered into turmoil, they scattered to Pella, and after Jerusalem's destruction, they settled down in Asia Minor. This same John became elder of Ephesus and possibly has the vision of Revelation.

This would seem to support the late date of Revelation. But understanding the conflict between 1 John (many Anti-Christ's), Revelation would need to be written prior to 1 John. And if 1 John is accepted as that of John the Apostle (The book of love), then Revelation must have been written prior to 1 John. And if John was killed by the Jews in Jerusalem, Revelation was written during an early date.

Did I confuse you as I did myself? :lol:


12-26-2007, 06:29 PM
Richard, if you don't mind, I'd like you to delete this thread if you can. There's just not enough historical fact or evidence to support anything of this topic.


Please disregard this threat all.:flowers: