View Full Version : New/Hidden LEAVEN!

03-11-2013, 07:03 AM

Throw out that old leaven and old mouldy bread, Josh9:5
and the way you've walked in the past. Gen5:22
Be filled with the ‘water' from heaven, Ps22:14
and get the new Bread that lasts. Jn6:51

Be a vessel to honor, and filled to the brim, Jn2:7
Walking in the way of the Vine; Jn15:1
When He see's you're ‘In Him', he'll go out on a limb, Col 1:27
and change your water to wine! Jn2:11

Throw out that old leaven and old mouldy bread, Ex12:15
Be filled with His spirit, instead, Jn20:22
New-leaven is needed to make this bread Rise; 2Cor5:17
To meet the Lord in the air is the prize 1Ths4:17

Be a light in the darkness to show others the way; Mt5:16
Like a lighthouse guiding the ships, 2Cor4:7
And when it's all done and the saviour has come, Lk19:13
you'll be blessed as you cash in your chips! Heb12:1

The New-leaven is "hidden-leaven", Mt13:33, and Jesus still does
his first miracle of turning the water into wine, if you'll be a willing vessel
filled to the brim with His Living Water! Bread won't rise w/o yeast and neither will you
be rising to meet the Lord in the air if you haven't made him Lord. Col 1:27 :p