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Linnorm Noxot
12-23-2012, 06:47 PM
I one time had a dream of a beautiful white stag-like animal and it seemed to be wounded and it was a very perplexing thing. it had 6 legs and it's hooves were cleft. it had giant antlers too, very complex. there was also a giant hyena with a long tongue and it appeared to desire the stag very much. the stag was very weak and was laying on its side and then I pulled a veil that was on the stag to uncover its wound and I saw it's insides and it was very profound and beautiful to me. i was wondering why it was not dead. this is one of my dreams where I saw Christ and I united and I understood that the wound was the incurable wound of love and that in one sense the giant hyena was the world, it was the same beast that was in one of the visions that a man named hermas had in the book called http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/shepherd.html "The Shepherd of Hermas" which is a book that appears very obvious to be in the same ranks of holy scriptures as the rest of the bible. anyways the hyena is this beast:

lo! I see the dust rising more and more, so that I imagined that it was something sent from God. But the sun now shone out a little, and, lo! I see a mighty beast like a whale, and out of its mouth fiery locusts proceeded. But the size of that beast was about a hundred feet, and it had a head like an urn. I began to weep, and to call on the Lord to rescue me from it. Then I remembered the word which I had heard, "Doubt not, O Hermas." Clothed, therefore, my brethren, with faith in the Lord? and remembering the great things which He had taught me, I boldly faced the beast. Now that beast came on with such noise and force, that it could itself have destroyed a city. I came near it, and the monstrous beast stretched itself out on the ground, and showed nothing but its tongue, and did not stir at all until I had passed by it. Now the beast had four colours on its head-black, then fiery and bloody, then golden, and lastly white.

Now after I had passed by the wild beast, and had moved forward about thirty feet, lo! a virgin meets me, adorned as if she were proceeding from the bridal chamber, clothed entirely in white, and with white sandals, and veiled up to her forehead, and her head was covered by a hood.s And she had white hair. I knew from my former visions that this was the Church, and I became more joyful. She saluted me, and said, "Hail, O man!" And I returned her salutation, and said, "Lady, hail!" And she answered. and said to me, "Has nothing crossed your path?" I say, "I was met by a beast of such a size that it could destroy peoples, but through the power of the Lord and His great mercy I escaped from it." "Well did you escape from it," says she, "because you cast your care on God, and opened your heart to the Lord, believing that you can be saved by no other than by His great and glorious name. On this account the Lord has sent His angel, who has rule over the beasts, and whose name is Thegri, and has shut up its mouth, so that it cannot tear you. You have escaped from great tribulation on account of your faith, and because you did not doubt in the presence of such a beast. Go, therefore, and tell the elect of the Lord His mighty deeds, and say to them that this beast is a type of the great tribulation that is coming. If then ye prepare yourselves, and repent with all your heart, and turn to the Lord, it will be possible for you to escape it, if your heart be pure and spotless, and ye spend the rest of the days of your life in serving the Lord blamelessly. Cast your cares upon the Lord, and He will direct them. Trust the Lord, ye who doubt, for He is all-powerful, and can turn His anger away from you, and send scourges" on the doubters. Woe to those who hear these words, and despise them: better were it for them not to have been born."

I asked her about the four colours which the beast had on his head. And she answered, and said to me, "Again you are inquisitive in regard to such matters." "Yea, Lady, said I, "make known to me what they are." "Listen,"

said she: "the black is the world in which we dwell: but the fiery and bloody points out that the world must perish through blood and fire: but the golden part are you who have escaped from this world. For as gold is tested by fire, and thus becomes useful, so are you tested who dwell in it. Those, therefore, who continue stedfast, and are put through the fire, will be purified by means of it. For as gold casts away its dross, so also will ye cast away all sadness and straitness, and will be made pure so as to fit into the building of the tower. But the white part is the age that is to come, in which the elect of God will dwell, since those elected by God to eternal life will be spotless and pure. Wherefore cease not speaking these things into the ears of the saints. This then is the type of the great tribulation that is to come. If ye wish it, it will be nothing. Remember those things which were written down before." And saying this, she departed. But I saw not into what place she retired. There was a noise, however, and I turned round in alarm, thinking that that beast was coming.

anyways i understood that the hyena was a type for this beast in that vision and I saw that with its long tongue that it wants to devour the stag. i understand this vision of the beast because I am going through the things that are said, the white part is the third feast and it is a feast that is showing me that I can learn spiritual things from my environment and be dwelling in the kingdom of heaven while in this present age which is what the beast is. much of my understanding of what is happening is pouring from the dream and it never has stopped, this dream is some sort of spiritual reality that i am dwelling in. the stag is its own eternal reality and that is who i am. the wound does never heal because it is impossible to be cured of this affliction that I have, which is Christ who is our curse in this world. the white stag is also the form of the new jerusalem and the heavenly/invisible church, it has 6 legs and 12 points of hooves since they are cleft, and it is a clean animal due to the cleft hooves. the veil that i ripped off the stag was something amazing, it's insides changed me some how. I am still afflicted with what i saw that day. I saw the divine darkness of God that day. I don't know what the antlers mean, i could think they mean power and could point to the multiplicity of the different aspects of Christ that are all one. I now understand that this world is a great tribulation due to the great blindness that has been put over all the children of God, the israel of God, i.e. all the human beings in this world. they being blind have been pushing me to Christ, and so i wait for the world to come. they are helping me so much, I can not wait to see them rise to what i am being transformed into. truly this world is a great contest and there is a great gain here, in that we can look back in this age with a joy and see what we went through with God and how much we clung to him while so many other children did not for some reason attain to that. I understand myself to be a spiritual being that is very close to Christ and that everyone is that, even though in this point in time they have not woken up yet. i am looking forward to the next age since it is contrasted with this age as a great light verses this current age which is a darkness. I am getting really excited that we get to first proclaim in the darkness Christ while not many can see, and then after that in the light our joy will be complete because everyone will listen and those in this age that clung to Christ will be as teachers to everyone that did not happen to progress to the fullness of Christ in this age. I am so happy that, with the way the world is, they all push me due to their blindness, and I will replay them for all their kind deeds in the next, and I attempt to wake up those remaining seraphim, cheribum, and thones in this darkness. I am plainly speaking some things because I understand that even if I speak more plainly than the past saints, that people will just think i'm delusional, and plus we don't have much time before the next age is here. and so I say that the reward for being united to Christ in this age is to be united to Christ, that is the reward and in the next age we will help everyone else to grow to full maturity but i don't comprehend how.