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09-28-2012, 05:02 PM

Wonderful words Richard, one of your talents that I admire. I use to admire Dawkins as a young man. He was both an elegant and forceful composer of many books dealing with evolution. His early masterpieces, the selfish gene, phenotype etc. - I read just about every book he published back when I was still a teenager. I could rattle off all of our supposed hominid ancestors along with their discoverers by the age of 12. It all made so much sense to my rational mind but years later researching deeper I found my "perceptive" nature more in tune with the writings of Stephen J. Gould... Gould was not as Judgmental, He was a perceptive soul and confronted the impossible errors within evolutionary theory by proposing ideas and theories of his own.... It was his writings (a staunch evolutionist) that finally showed me the errors of Dawkins and his Pit bull attitude of supporting Darwin at any cost. It was the very beginning of the road to the "Freedom" that you speak about, albeit from the opposite side of the road where I eventually came upon the Cross.

I have watched your transformation from a "Stephen J. Gould" type perceptive soul (Outwardly when it comes to science) to a more Judgmental "Richard Dawkins" temperament that has made up his mind and is now lashing out to all "those" fundamentalist out there who had wronged him.

We are both very similar.... I too fell for the "fundamentalist" judgemental attitude - trying my best to bring "peace" to their unbending attitudes and Science.... ie age of the earth, etc. Eventually I gave up also... I just have not thrown the baby out with the bathwater. You can throw out the childish teachings of fundamentalism and "hold on to that which is good" The Cross of Christ being a teaching you understood so well.

You know Im a pattern seeker like you, The home for my lifelong pattern research is now at Godtype.com (http://Godtype.com).

I consider my research here "Orthodox". ie it simply lays claim to what is clearly taught in the Bible. Like you I dont see the patterns discovered as anything special, it was simply hidden in plain sight.

But what is Orthodox to me will be condemned by these "fundamentalist" as heretical. It will be the "fundamentalist" who will be attacking most viciously. They will attack for clearly showing the Bibles teaching of "time" in Cyclical patterns as clearly shown in Ecles 1:9. (They will not want any possible link to the pagan cyclical religions of the mayans and American Indians) They will condemn my pointing out Genesis 6:3 clearly teaches an "age", a 12 century cycle and not that man lives to age 120. (also a biblical teaching that mirrors our ancient american inhabitants) They will condemn me for quoting the great poet and illustrator William Blake who I seem to have much in common with.

We may simply be continuing the dialogue that William Blake and Newton had a little over 2 centuries ago.... Blake, still the mystic to the end and Newton, a staunch "believer" in what his rational science could measure. It confounds me today seeing "evangelicals' prop up Newton as a evangelical believer. Though he respected the bible, and was a deist, he rejected as I believe you now do (please correct me if this is wrong) the Trinity, Lordship of Christ, Literal angels and demons, etc.

Personality theory gives evidence that Newton was Introverted and a Judgemental rational. Blake was Extroverted and a Perceptive rational in his nature. According to the periodic table I discovered there are 153 possible relationship patterns possible in between the 16 personality types.... ring a bell? the 153 Fish caught by the apostles? Just a coincidence i guess?

It seems we may possibly fulfill similar patterns as Blake and Newton. (see the periodic table at Godtype.com (http://www.godtype.com/2012/08/the-godtypes-periodic-table-153-elements-fishes/)) Can we possibly be represented by one of those 153 fish caught in the net by the apostles just after the Lords resurrection?