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08-22-2012, 03:14 AM
There is a pastor named Joseph Prince from Singapore, i like his teachings, and he has a book i recommend, Destined to Reign.

But i myself buy his teacings on mp3, because i work in a place where mp3 is very much used, you can buy his teachings on mp3

And he has started to have teachings now about the hebrew letters, and some secrets there.

Maybe Richard should tell him about the biblewheel and the secrets there. I'm sure Joseph Prince would be interested in this biblewheel symmetry.

Richard, question for you, i try to explain the bible wheel symmetry to atheists, but they tell me again and again that chapters and verses did'nt come before long after, i try to explain that that makes it even a bigger thing for God to make the symmetry, but they dont understand that. How would you explain it the best way?