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08-02-2012, 07:21 PM
Climate scientists unanimous
Published on Wednesday August 01, 2012
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Re: Extreme weather fails to trigger discussion on climate change, Opinion, July 30

Linda McQuaig stated that “many of the small group of scientists who are skeptical have some financial connection to the fossil fuel lobby.”

While it is true that a few scientists deny human-caused climate change, what is not generally understood is that those particular scientists are not climate scientists. There is virtually total unanimity among climate scientists on this issue. The deniers are usually physicists, mathematicians, social scientists, and so on.

The unanimity among climate scientists is not as surprising as it might seem. The evidence for human-caused climate change is so overwhelming that a climate scientist’s denial would be the same as a mathematician denying that two plus two equals four.

Al Eslami, North York

May God Blessed the climate.:pray: