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07-29-2012, 09:19 PM
A interesting video that confirmed aliens created crop circles. There is even a communication between man and aliens and even the picture of an alien with a message disc! The message is:



Analysis Update: (21th Aug 2002)
I've done some more analysis myself this afternoon, mainly because I wanted to satisfy my own curiosity and see if I could verify the various decoded messages other people are obtaining - and I can independently verify Eltjo's findings, yielding the message "Beware ...."

Using a detailed closeup image of the disc, kindly taken by Lucy Pringle, specifically for helping to decode the binary sequence, I was able to construct small squares or 'pixels' and superimpose them on the image. Then, starting from the centre and spiralling outwards, we get a 1 if the crop is standing and a 0 if the crop is flattened. Every 9th position is a small tuft of standing crop which is smaller than the standard 'pixels'. This I, along with several other researchers, interpret to be some kind of divider between digits. Between each marker digit are 8 'pixels', which conveniently corresponds to the standard 8 bits per byte notation that us computer programmers use. By using 8 bits we can represent anything from 00000000 which is 0 in decimal right up to 11111111 (ie. all 8 pixels 'on') which is 255 in decimal.

In order to represent numbers and letters of the alphabet, computers use a set of 128 characters which comprises what is known as the ASCII character set. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and was devised by the ANSI corporation back in the 1960s. The original ASCII set comprised of 7 bits in order to represent 128 unique characters. However, modern computers use an 8 bit character set which can display 255 different characters. The 'upper' 128 characters are usually reserved for special characters such as accented foreign characters and things like the Euro symbol.

Going back to our spiral of binary digits in the crop formation disc, we obtain an initial grouping of 01000010 01100101 01110111 01100001 01110010 and so on, spiralling out from the centre. (see diagram). We can translate these binary sequences into their decimal equivalent and thus look them up in the ASCII character set to see what letters they correspond to.

Doing this for the whole 'disc' we get the message "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)". This was originally decoded by an anonymous visitor to Linda Moulton-Howe's web site. Although I've yet to verify the entire binary sequence I got as far as the first couple of words and it did indeed read as above. I have no reason to assume the Linda's guest made a mistake, but I will continue decoding it when I have time (update - see below).

God Blessed. :pray:

David M
07-30-2012, 03:46 AM
As I was looking at the gigantic crop circles and wondering how they had been made, one explanation could be by tractor using GPS. Having watched a TV program to do with farming and saw that GPS is used in the cabs of tractors for ploughing of fields, I can see how some ingenious person could adapt the control of a tractor or similar to follow the tracks of a computer program using GPS.
This reminds me of computerized engraving machines or vinyl cutting machines. One can enter in the image into the computerized controller and the computer works out the tracks the cutting head has to take. There will be parts of the overall design that will have to be done by hand, but it can explain how the main areas can be designed and replicated in the in the crop field.