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Serenity Grace
11-27-2007, 02:18 PM
Hello Family in Christ,

The biggest mistake people make is to ignore the people Lord Jesus Christ sends. Those that ignore others in the many different ways they do this, come with an exclusive spirit, that excludes others yet, this is balanced out by inclusion, which while they exclude some, they include others. It is the gift of Lord Jesus Christ and the promise of acceptance and inclusion in fellowship that makes what Lord Jesus Christ offers unique, that His people can be truly one. It is the gift He gives to every one that is in His body to have fellowship, that His body is one, if not, then the body doesn't function the way it is meant to be functioning, neither does His ministery. Yet Your oneness in the Christian world in this earth is not so at this time. Many are still ignoring Lord Jesus Christ's called, chosen and sent ones, many are still ignoring His wife and those that come with His wife, that He sends.

Lord Jesus Christ directed me to Acts 3:13-4:4 Just as they have denied Lord and Jesus and Christ they have denied His sent people, they have also done this to His wife. Their job has been the same since the beginning, to bring forth conversion for the people and convert from their iniquities and sins, turn them from their errors, and transgressions and flow the full, perfect and complete life through them, that all those that will partake and drink of what comes through them, will be blessed and receive eternal life, those that don't get corrected or depending on the severity and degree of rejection, ignoring will also be rejected by Lord Jesus Christ. It is His time of rejection and acceptance.

Jesus speaks, if they do this to you they do this to me, if they love me they will love you, if they hear me they hear you, but if they deny me they deny you and if they deny you, they deny me and the one that sent me, for His people are one with Him and He is one with them, they have fellowship and also offer this oneness fellowship. Whosoever will open up their door, Lord Jesus Christ will come in and sup with Him, have communion and fellowship, but He also comes with His Kingdom, His Kingdom Saints and His wife. But truth is when rejection and exclusion and ignoring is going on in all its varying degrees including the subtle, we also see and experience the grieving that takes place.

"Being grieved that they taught the people, and preached through Jesus the ressurrection from the dead." Acts 4:2

Those that He sends preach through Lord Jesus Christ, and they preach because He flows that anointed preaching, and it does not go well with people that grieving comes through, espescially if rejection and ignoring are happening. But for the ones that accept what is spoken and receiving it they are blessed because they drink in and eat of His life, they drink and eat of His body and communion comes into being. That acceptance first comes through faith and they receive His Faith, because they first believed in His Son, Jesus.

Many want to see whole congregations flowing forth His life giving water and have a visitation of Christ in their midst. Many want revivals for their towns and nations and world etc...but it does not come to those that ignore and reject and will not drink of His water or partake of His body, authentically. Many are still ignoring and are condescending to the Lord's women and those that belong to His wife and are His wife for they are one. His called, chosen, sent women share in His wife's anointing and His ministery He gives to her, for she comes with Her Husband's Kingdom ministery.

Lord Jesus Christ's wife was with Him, before the earth and light came into being, before creation comes into the midst...Out of her Creation came, she is Virtue, She is wisdom, She is understanding and She is water, and she has in abundance and flows forth His life giving water in abundance and she is part of His earth's witness, but also part of the river of Life in heaven, and also Heaven was created out of Her. She also is a tree of life and comes with the tree of life, along with the Lord's day.

In this ministery and in the minsiteries throughout the earth, people still make the same mistake that the pharissees made, they will not come to Lord Jesus Christ that they may have His life, or come drink at His water's edge.

"And ye have not His word abiding in you: for whom he hath sent, him ye believe not.

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

I receive not honour from men.

But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.

I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only." John 5:38-44

Every person if they have Lord Jesus Christ in them and if they are in Him, they have eternal life, they have His wife, and they also have His living word abiding in them. They have the love of God and they understand, because they first accepted Lord Jesus Christ, they accepted His wife, they accepted His people, and accepted what they all have to offer.

The biggest problem that hinders true fellowship and happens is lack of understanding and when there is lack of understanding or depth in understanding, satan and those birds of the air come along, and take what has been sown and watered away, and brings forth confusion, or muddles up the mind and heart, which hinders understanding. But what also has happened, is the parables of the soil occurs, which represent the first and second soil, the wayfaring but also the stoney soil, because the Kingdom seed, has not gone down deep enough. Also the door has been closed in their hearts. Lord Jesus Christ is the one that opens up the door and flows His life through along with His wife and witness, His amen. But it comes because they first asked,and asked in authenticity and sincerity, being sincerity in heart.

The Spirit and the bride say come, all those that hear say come...and yet many can not come, because they can not hear, they can not hear, because they don't fully understand, and they don't fully understand because they still have closed hearts, and when they have closed hearts, they can not sup with Lord Jesus Christ and receive of Him, and His wife, and enter into His New Jerusalem, which is Lord Jesus Christ's wife and mother for all their children.

The bible wheel is a model and sign of what Lord Jesus Christ does in His anointed people. It is also a sign about what Lord Jesus Christ does and gives to His people, the aligning and lining up and fulfilling, the Law, the Prophets, and His Manifest Gospel, so that all the scriptures can be and are fulfilled all at once, in the Lamb's living scroll. And they are now beign fulfilled through the body of Christ now. We are going from having a written bible to a scroll, to a life giving living bible and living scroll, which is His people. The model is useful in that it helps people to understand how He brings structure and how His word all lines up,but what it doesn't show, is that His living word flows, moves and is alive, and goes beyond the structure that can be see, and this bible structure in this wheel, and ministery, really needs to move, it needs the fulfilling of His eternal life. The model should never replace, the real thing...Lord Jesus Christ gives life to His bible wheel, so that it becomes a part of the living creature, that also is a part of His Kingdom wheel, for they are one. But it should never be put above or replace the real thing. Which is His circle of life He sits in the middle of, His compass which He does a new thing for He spoke through Jeremiah, He would do a new thing, a woman shall compass a man. And it is this circle of Life, His compass, which is also in the midst of His people that brings forth direction along with purpose, which is also in His marriage to His wife and He is in the midst of Her as she is in the midst of Him, for they are one,and they all say Come. This is the sign and meaning of the Celtic Cross and the fulfilling of that promise He gave to Jeremiah, that through His Cross, would come forth His compass and life, which is Him and His wife, full, perfect and in complete union.

Through different times in this ministery, and through different times while doing His minsitery, have come upon this grieving, and every time we go to Him and ask Him to move and do, because everytime grieving takes place, there is a block or a blocking taking place in the heart. This blocking holds up His body and causes problems, which then He shows me what that is. His deep understanding is what is needed, in His understanding the veil is taken away and people understand the scriptures...

"Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the Scriptures." Luke 24:45

Which then they can understand the scriptures.

Lord Jesus Christ open up Your understanding and flow it forth in the midst of all our family in Christ, give to them the understanding they are needing, that everyone can understand not only Your scriptures, but Your living word manifest in the flesh,and can understand but also receive and partake of Your deeper mysteries which come out of Your life giving water. Lord Jesus Christ, forgive those that have been ignoring You and our family throughout the centuries, remove the blocks that hinder and flow them away, in the abudant move of Your life giving water. Open up their doors, burst forth Your life, in their midst so we can all be Your people, that have Your eyes to see, Your ears to Hear, Your heart that understands and loves, Your hands that do, and Your feet that will stand and walk where it needs to no matter what and will have your arms that hug and that can hold with Your compassionate loving Grace. Open Up all the doors that need to be open, so everyone, no one missing can receive from You and can sup with You, and operate as they should, that we may all be one, all behold Your glory, and all have authentic fellowship with You and each other, In Lord Jesus Christ's name, amen.

Lord Jesus Christ end the rejection and ignoring forever, all for You, all for You Kingdom, all for Your Wife, all for Your people, all for Your power, all for Your love, all for You, in Lord Jesus Christ's mighty name, receive ye the Life, receive ye the Ghost, amen.

Lord Jesus Christ spin forth Your wheel, out of the grieving we receive, raise up Your Power and Your might, in the gentle breeze of You, and go throughout all this earth, in Lord Jesus Christ's mighty name, amen.

Advancing Christ's Kingdom
Homeheart Ministeries
His eternal love is in our home and our home is in His eternal love...John 14:20-1

Richard Amiel McGough
11-27-2007, 03:59 PM
Lord Jesus Christ's wife was with Him, before the earth and light came into being, before creation comes into the midst...Out of her Creation came, she is Virtue, She is wisdom, She is understanding and She is water, and she has in abundance and flows forth His life giving water in abundance and she is part of His earth's witness, but also part of the river of Life in heaven, and also Heaven was created out of Her. She also is a tree of life and comes with the tree of life, along with the Lord's day.

Every person if they have Lord Jesus Christ in them and if they are in Him, they have eternal life, they have His wife, and they also have His living word abiding in them. They have the love of God and they understand, because they first accepted Lord Jesus Christ, they accepted His wife, they accepted His people, and accepted what they all have to offer.

Advancing Christ's Kingdom
Homeheart Ministeries
His eternal love is in our home and our home is in His eternal love...John 14:20-1
Hi Serentity Grace,

I am a little confused about what you mean by the "wife" of Christ. I understand that the Bible says that the Church is His Bride, and in Ephesians Paul uses the metaphor of the relation between a man and his wife to represent the Christ and His Church. But I am confused by your statements that "Out of her Creation came" and "Heaven was created out of Her." Your capitalization of the pronoun "Her" seems to indicate that you think "She" is Divine, like Christ Himself.

I thought at first that you were talking about the Church as the Wife of Christ, but then I noticed you said that those who are in Christ "have His wife" and have "accepted His wife" rather than "are His wife."

Could you clarify what you meant to say?

Thanks, and God bless you as you study His most excellent Word!


11-29-2007, 07:34 AM
Hi Grace!

Yeah, I'm confused as well...:confused2:

Can you make it clear? It sounds a bit "gnostic". Gnostic Christians called the mother of the All "Sophia".



Serenity Grace
12-07-2007, 06:23 PM
Hello Family in Christ,

"For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee." Is 62:5

"Turn Oh backsliding children, for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city and two of a family and I will bring you to Zion." Jerimiah 3:14

see also Jeremiah 31:31-40.

Thus is the mystery of the church, of the chosen nation and nations...and no it is not gnostic. Some may say it is apocrypha, but it is not gnosticism, nor is it borrowed from gnositicsm, Lord Jesus Christ doesn't borrow from anyone, but the false will always borrow from the true. There is a difference between apocrypha and gnositicism....and Lord Jesus Christ shows us that difference.
To me, it is not hidden, as He is not hidden, for the ones that know Lord Jesus Christ intimately also understand. He told His disciples, that His Kingdom truth will be given to them but hidden from everyone else. Thus is the veil and the way of His veil. That only He can remove, just as His death upon the cross ripped the veil in twain. He also marries whom He marries, not just in the earth's witness, but also in Heaven's witness, and that marriage is eternal.

The Lamb has a bride, a wife, and there are five chosen brides, these are five chosen nations that make up His commonwealth, see the parable of the brides. She is also the tree of life in the Lord's garden, and she is one with the giver of all life, the true giver of all life, Christ. The bride is with the Spirit in revelation, and she is the Heavenly Jerusalem, she also comes with His beloved garden to her home He gives to her, and in her garden is His blessed fruit that He has given to her. All that belong to the Kingdom, will enter into the Holy Mother, because they have entered into Lord Jesus Christ first and became born again. She shares the womb of God with Her husband, with Christ for they are one, and He has used her womb, to bring forth His children, His creation, and manifest into this earth, to issue out of His womb, His chosen womb. His church is His body, His mother, wife, daughter, city, nation, garden, mountain, womb, bone of Hisbones, flesh of His flesh and all that He created her to be and He laid His life down for her, and she has a name.

His wife is His water, and she was in the beginning before time and He gave life to the water, His breath went over her, and entered into her, they became one in Christ's life. Out of the water came life and the light that brought forth the life and light of all creation...Heaven came out of her in the second day, Heaven was created out of water, just as the earth was created out of water. She is one with her husband, Lord Jesus Christ and they share because He adorns His wife and He gives to her, and He lays down His life for her and when He gives His life unto her, she just flows, Her husband's life and the one that gave her life. And the life that she has is eternal just as her marriage to Her husband is eternal as is their marriage covenant, which is His new, everlasting and eternal covenant. She is also wisdom and she is also understanding, together she is understanding wisdom and through her, all men find of her husband's understanding wisdom in abundance, but also come into her flowing river and sea. And Her river and sea, belong to Her husband, for they are one and she is surrendered unto Him.

There are women who have His wife's anointing and they have had it since the beginning of time, throughout all generations. He told the woman at the well, about His life giving water to drink from. If you drink that water you will thirst again, that water they were talking about was in Jacob's well, and when the fall of man appeared, the waters along with everything else became corrupted. But if you drink of my water, you will never thirst again. Lord Jesus Christ is the uncorrupted, flowing life giving manifested word of God that flows forth from out of the throne, that flows forth out of Lord Jesus Christ and flows through His wife, to all their children, so they may drink at the waters edge. She also has her husband's wellspring, and everything that Her husband adorns her with. She shares in Her husband's river of life, which is His blood and blood stream that flows forth through His body, His flesh. She flows forth His merciful and graceful truth through her and out of her flows forth streams in abundance, because she has an abundance of His life.

Remember Ezekiel 47

The sanctuary that is full,and He sends out a call for the fishers of men to rise up and cast their nets beside the full waters, and that time is coming and is here.

It makes no sense, for those that need their fields watered to ignore the women at the well, and those that come with the woman at the well and His watering ministery, for one sows, another waters and God gives the increase. But the time has come that the sower and waterer are one in Lord Jesus Christ who giveth forth the increase. Just as in times past, they listened to the woman at the well, and because they did, they came to Jesus and believed Him themselves and received of His salvation along with His revival, reviving the town of Samaria. They believed so they could partake. Thus is it still to this day, those that believe partake, but those that partake, must partake through Lord Jesus Christ's faith and to drink of His water in order to receive of His etenal life. Lord Jesus Christ's wife, will always lead others to Her Husband and His life giving water, to receive of His flowing word, that He manifests in the midst, because He is in the midst and is welcome in this place.

Lord Jesus Christ shares of His anointing and shares of His called, chosen, found faithful, sent and entered into rest annointing...and raised from death to life annointing with all His family, He is the husband, He has a wife, and together they have children. They share their lives together, and have true fellowship with and in each other for they are one, it is our Holy and Heavenly family in Christ. They have true intimacy in fellowship, and those that come with that, whatever happens to them, or how they are treated, is exactly the same as treating Lord Jesus Christ that way. If they receive you they receive me, if they reject you they reject me, if they love me they will love you, if they know me then they will know you and know the one that sent me, because we are one. He gave this anointing to the mission of the seventy and also of the 12, but His wife is also under and in His protection and true eternal covering.

He sends forth His people, and they go where He sends them to. They go for a reason and a purpose and they stay until He says done and then brings them out.

His wife shares the heart, mind and soul of her husband, Lord Jesus Christ for they are one. She also knows what is going on, because she also lives Lord Jesus Christ's truth for real and He shares with her, just as He shared with Abraham in times past. Not just studies it or just knows about it, but lives it, and then she flows this forth, because she becomes one with His truth, she receives because she shares, thus she is a giver of Lord Jesus Christ's life. Thus she is His manifest life giving water that waters Her tree, the tree of life, in Her fields which is her nations and gives Life to all Her family. She is also the virtuous tree that sheds forth her fruit one for each month, and in her leaves there is healing for the nations. Lord Jesus Christ still changes water into His new wine.

The reason why I know what is going on with the multitude and of the remnant etc ... is because I have already lived this,
and am living the next phase. His sincere prophetic voice, lives His truth before others live it, for His reason and purpose. The true axis is His One and Him coming through His One.

This bible wheel is a sign of the real, it is not just a methodology put on paper, that comes with understanding, those that Have His life giving wheel, His compass, come with all His directions that He moves in and His ministeration that comes out of His directions and can mature by His use that He gives to them. This bible wheel that has come to you, needs to come alive, for it to function and for your ministery that He has given to you to be all that it can be and function the way it should be functioning. Its as simple as surrendering His wheel and ministery He gave u back to Him, so He can not only breathe life into this, but also flow forth His life, in His way and truth through this, in all His seasons and timings in Lord Jesus Christ's name, amen.

Lord Jesus Christ has told me to rest at this time, and if we come back into this ministery again, it will be because He has given it for me to do so.

Give honour where honour is due, Lord Jesus Christ is the one that is worthy to receive all honour, Lord Jesus Christ is honourable in the midst of His virtuous wife, children, of His family and body in the midst of His Kingdom.

Those that try to entrap will themselves become entrapped, pedanticism, is pharisical.

Of Her, Her children are married to Her, and only those that come with His wife's anointing are His wife. She Is the New Jerusalem, Heaven, water, the wife, or what Lord Jesus Christ brings out of HIs wife, and He is also who He is in, the midst of Her. Her children are a part of His wife and mother, they belong to Her just as they belong to their Father, who art in Heaven. It is Him that is divine in the midst, and Him that flows forth and gives of His divinity, otherwise if this is not so, then no one would be able to partake of His immortality, and no one would be able to have His eternal life. His eternal life is divine, and brings forth who He is in the midst of His divinity, His Kingdom and all that He is and He first flows forth His will into His life giving water, which is His wife and mother of all life...Him and all that He is and has manifested Himself to be, including in all His Holy people, should be honoured and recognised for the fulfilling of His Glorious Grace in their lives. We are the epistle He writes upon, We are also His living bible manifest to a world that will not read the bible, all that He is, is not only heavenly, holy, but also divine, because He is divine and we are one with Him and in Him, and us in Him.

The Spirit and the Bride say come, all those that hear say Come, even so, Come Lord Jesus Christ, Come.

Advancing Christ's Kingdom
Mother Serenity Grace
Homeheart Ministeies
His eternal love is in our home and our home is in His eternal love...John 14:20-1