Lotus Feet
03-15-2012, 08:51 PM
On the 10th of March, 2012 the LORD God gave me the name of an Englishman by the name of 'Tim Bell' and after some investigation it was to do with a conviction of 'indecency' and 'image laundering' of 'repressive regimes'. [1]

This evening the LORD God gave me another name and he said 'Wilfrie'. The name brought forward a German diplomat, Wilfried Hoffman, born in 1931 and he has a military history. Wikipedia share with us that he served in the German Foreign Service from 1961-1994. He worked in Algeria as a specialist on issues related to nuclear defense.*

He became the Director of Information for NATO in Brussels in 1983 - 1987. Then Ambassador to Algeria, followed by Ambassador to Morocco. He was honorary advisor to the Central Council of Muslims in Germany. If there was ever an agent this is it. Source link states that he converted to Islam in 1980.*That would have been while he was working in Algeria, it is written that he witnessed the Algerian War of Independence and his fond of Islamic art. The last days of the end times began in 1975, when Arafat and his men decimated southern Lebanon, and the Christian population in the 20 years that followed.*

I remember there was another agent that aligned himself with the art world, and he was associated with Buckingham Palace.*The biblical prophecies predicted that the snakes would be found in the palaces. They certainly were, Islamic ones and a British one. Art historian, Anthony Blunt was found to be a soviet spy.*

It is written that Wilfrieds conversion to Islam created controversy due to his high profile in the German Government and he clearly changed his name to Murad Wilfried Hofmann. Listening to him speak about the rationality of his religion, is like listening to Tim Bell make a new business presentation. However, being a military trained agent, he is dry, and not a fluid communicator like the Bell that can ring the right tone*with*his*charisma.*

I watched a video of him talking to a new British convert, a TV presenter from MTV, and we will tell you more about her later. This post is about Dr Murad Wilfreid Hoffman the special agent, from Nazi Germany.*

The next step was to look at what he has written and an article was found on the internet. In the article he openly writes of the Islamic intent of a 'universal religion' from its inception. Globalization of Islam, and how Islam must not compromise with the rest of the world.*

Wilifreid shares that he attends annual conferences with the Egyptian High Islamic Council. Where he meets up with Muslims from countries from all around the world. He refers to India as an Islamic country, (first I have heard of it) and asks why not Denmark or Portugal?*

He states that the prophet of Islam was an Arab from the Hashimite clan. I could go further. However, that is enough for me to respond to in this post. I have cited the article and have given you the full link to read carefully.*

How could Islam be a universal religion when it can only be truly understood in Arabic? How could it be a religion at all, when the word religion does not even exist in biblical Hebrew, the word religion does not exist in the Arabic translation of the Qu'ran either.*

How can Islam be a universal religion when the Jewish prophets left a message for the herald to run with it at the appointed time, that message stands against Islam and its oil rich nations that have plundered the people. The prophecy that speaks out against Islam itself and tells the non-drinkers to drink and be exposed in this timeline.*

How can it be when Jesus Christ warned about Islam, its councils, floggings, beheadings, *and told his true followers to stay true until the end? How can it be when Jesus Christ stood against those that built buildings for worship, he told his true followers that the great buildings would be brought down and be burnt in the flames.*

How can it be when Jesus Christ taught his true followers to pray alone in secret behind closed doors, in other words no public worship. Yet, Muslims pray in the streets of France.*

How can it be when the prophet of Islam is an Hashimite and not the flame of Joseph that was predicted to come?*

How can it be that Muslims follow an Islamic religion when the LORD God Almighty predicted through his true prophets; that his daughter would come in the last days of the end times? The one from the tribe of Joseph.*

How can it be when the Islamic prophet never stepped foot on the land of Israel, nor did he fulfill the biblical prophecies of the one that the LORD God promised he would send?*

How can it be when the Islamic prophet does not have the name of the prophet that was predicted to come?*

How can it be when the prophet of Islam died before the age that Jesus Christ predicted for the one that he chose?*

The fact of the matter is this, the credibility of Islam and its prophet, stands or falls; on the basis of the full criteria and timeline outlined in the biblical prophecies.*

Ponder upon it*

As the LORD God said 'No compromise'. 'The King is not allowing' He was talking about Islam. There shall be no compromise with Islam in this timeline. If they don't like it, they can go home to where they came from. There is no requirement for Islam in the West. the true Christ teachings, the teachings of the true Jewish prophets, are backed up and supported by cutting edge science.*

Teshuvah Wilfired Hofmann, Teshuvah*