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03-07-2012, 11:09 AM
A Nova presentation of Brian Green's Fabric of the Cosmos.


Jose Sanchez
04-11-2012, 09:48 PM
Awesome Video.

It's interesting that Albert Einstein came up with the idea that Space is some kind of flexible fabric.

I wonder if the author of the following quote had the same idea in mind:

"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

Sometimes I believe that Einstein believed so much in the bible that he ended up not believing in it. His search for answers had some kind of reverse effect. Til this day I feel it is some kind of phenomenon.

It's like that phrase I heard a kid say one day. "Ma, it's soo cold out here that my fingers burn!" Too much of something creating a reverse effect instead of it's intended goal.

Another part that really strikes me about this video was that information is stored in a black-hole. Objects are not destroyed but turn into some kind of "stored information".

I also have this funny feeling if we were to somehow rip through the fabric of space we just might encounter something not so pleasant....

And what if our souls were to float into a black-hole? Will it rip it us to pieces and store our identity as some kind of cosmic tombstone? Will we feel the stretching and ripping and dimensional downgrade? Will that be our personal permanent lot? If energy can not be destroyed, then what really happens to the passions and excitements and memories we have created in this current reality? Are not ideologies and dreams carried down through generations like spirits bearing a message until it is birthed into reality?

Is information eternal? Can our sins really be erased? Is sin some kind of substance that is attached to our beings? Dark matter? Weighing us down? That needs to be separated from our souls and cast into some kind of vessel that will hold on to the information while forever dwelling within the realm of some kind of sea? So that our purified souls can float upwards? free from going to where ever that "vessel" is going too?

Much like the whispers of a nations sins into the ears of a scapegoat that is then released into the outer camps of the land...

Who came up with that? why.....

A Foreshadowing of what really goes on in the Unseen Realm perhaps? Maybe or maybe not, we'll never know in this life. Or maybe the bible is more than just a Wheel within a wheel...

Where did sin come from? Or was it already here? In the beginning was Chaos. The Original state of all things. Darkness and Void. Disorder and Formless. Tohu and Bohu. Unpleasant Hurt miserable reality. But the spirit hovered over and had compassion. Decided to create something beautiful in the midst of this misery. He gave his seed to adorn her with beauty. She gave birth to a son. The Big bang. "Let there be light". Some kind of Cosmic Love story. Yang and Yin. Light and Dark. Intellect and Emotion. Spiritual and Physical. Invisible and Visible. Male and Female..... To unite as one. To be fruitful. Evening and Morning...

Anyway thanks for the video and for the new ideas it has formed in my mind. Interesting things for me to ponder..