View Full Version : Woe to the Princes - Blood Red Rivers Globally

Lotus Feet
02-22-2012, 03:41 PM
On the 16th of February we shared the post about the 'Blood Red Rivers' in three different countries. Here is a video on the blood red rivers around the world. The presenter of the information says 'Atheists 0', 'Scientists 0'. Score 100 for the bible. 100 is to do with the NT in the spiritual law.

The bible is proven, at the end of the video it mentions 'Christ Church'. However, there have also been earthquakes there and that is another wake up call for the Christians.




The video does not mention that the blood red water, is a sign that the one that was promised to Moses is here. The descendent of Joseph that has the skin disease like him. So wake up Christians, the Messenger of the Covenant is indeed here exactly as Prophet Malachi predicted I would be for the children of the world. You know what the bible says you must do in this timeline, and what will happen if you do not do has was instructed.

Now it is the time of the Princes and the standard that is too high for them. As we know the car of Prince Charles and Camilla was pelted last year and the look on their faces was a picture. The Duke of Edinburgh was taken away from the British monarchy at Christmas. The Prince of Holland has been covered in snow, and the Prince of Monaco has a broken jaw. Which Prince will be next? For surely, they will all be brought to account for the sheer waste of money and resources that they enjoy.

I have not suffered much for nothing, as the Son of God said to me during the Rev 12 timeline. 'Your love is not in vain'. Whitney Houston's love was not in vain either, the voice and the love vibration will carry on to inspire and compel the hearts of many.

However, what does the bible say about the Princes and the standard? Do you know?