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02-11-2012, 07:38 AM
This was pulled from the "Third Temple" thread becuase it was just another one of those many things Timmy, who often disregards compartmentalisation, again again wrote something that should have been posted in another Forum within the BWVAcropolis [SIZE=3](...and BTW, the thread title is the abreviate for "B.ible S.tudy":
". . .comprehensive Bible software @ http://www.theword.net with multiple free modules--different Bibles, books, interlinears, morphing, cross-referencing, lexicons, concordances, commentaries, etc.--for use. What started here as less than a couple mb program ended up currently as over 4 gig, with multiple options for every possible Bible study use imaginable. Even the search trees and layouts are detachable from the programs window so you can float or dock them outside the program window if you need room to do other things with the window space and many various initial layout options...or set it up how it will work best for you.

...and here is a website with multiple components and program converters
(so you can read and use other materials on this program which were not originally created for it): http://www.douglashamp.com
(but it cannot be recall where on this site the links are on the page for download.)

If anyone has since found the module and book download pages on Douglas Hamp's website,for everyone elses benefit please, post them here.

After watching one of Mr. Hamp's videos from his site, which was recorded on YouTube, the link was clicked. On that page, scrolling down, two helps were noted for any who needs a bit of assistance getting started (or are not already familiar with the Bible's archaic languages).

These two are provided below as possible leads to more info:



Shalom Shabbat Shalom,


02-11-2012, 08:40 AM
Just a quick note.

There was a failure to mention what this program is used for more often than not by Timmy.

He has taken all his interlinear resources and compiled them into this program so that comparative text/word study and analysis can be easily done with the comparative parallel bible view.

Thank you for your time and attention.

02-11-2012, 09:27 AM
Hi Timmy,

I do intend to take a look at the resources you've brought to attention. Thank you.

You might be interested to look at olivetree.com's new Bible search page, which is advertising their recently acquired ESV.
You can have up to four columns by clicking + sign, and the font size is easily increased by clicking the large A.

Praise God for whoever invented internet pages which can stretch down as far as one could wish!