View Full Version : The Loss of the Sacred Feminine

01-04-2012, 03:35 PM
If we take the Bible as having historical value, then we see at a certain point in its history when the patriarchs entered the picture that the belief in a pantheon of gods gave way to the one god Yahweh…it was then that a giant step was taken in mans progress of understanding the oneness of the cosmos. Prior to this time peoples understanding of the cosmos was composed of a pantheon of created gods who were constantly warring with one another and with people, creating factions and shattering the unity of the whole. Then the concept of one god emerged who had no beginning, and no piers…the creation of the heavens and earth were solely attributed to him. Now, people could begin to think about God as one divine being – a united whole – instead of many divided fighting gods vying for power. With this new found god-unity the Hebrews could focus on a common purpose for mankind, that of serving one god who himself had no beginning and who was responsible for all that existed, the purpose of their lives and of governing the cosmos.

This understanding of the oneness of the cosmos came at a great cost…in perceiving the unity of one masculine god, the feminine goddess was stripped away leaving the whole impoverished and without balance. The cosmic dance of spirit/male and body/female was lost when goddess/matter was deemed fleshly and sinful, and god/spirit became masculine and holy. Little by little everything associated with the feminine was degraded and made impure, while the masculine was exalted and made holy. The mother/goddess was no longer needed to bring forth life because the father/god could create life with his mere words, and the sensual qualities of the woman became something to be suppressed and hidden. With no goddess to balance the god, the whole became less then the half…for without the feminine, the anima in the male had no connection, or expression.

From the very beginnings of Judeo Christian history, everything and anything to do with the feminine/goddess, bit by bit began to be eroded away and destroyed. Starting with the story of Adam and Eve, it is clear to see where the loss the sacred feminine began. Woman was made as an after thought from the man, when Adam could not find a mate from amongst all the animals. Then it was the woman who enticed the man to eat of the forbidden fruit of wisdom (ironically when Solomon asked for wisdom from Yahweh he was given it in great abundance), thus bringing down the curse upon herself and all mankind. The seductive feminine body was deemed bad, because it enticed the male to leave the worship of his masculine god (that was missing the goddess), causing him to go running after the sexual pleasure found in the woman. Creation yearns for balance, male/female, spirit/body, earth/heaven…duality yearns for marriage to become one. When the part cannot become united with the whole one feels cut off and separate from their origins, thus causing imbalance and lack of growth. It is time to give balance and harmony to our Christian roots by acknowledging its impoverished condition, caused by its patriarchal imbalance due to being stripped of the sacred feminine.

The whole of the earth has suffered because of this male/female imbalance. The biblical idea of a male warrior god which was brought forth from the minds of Bronze Age men, written by their hands, implementing rules favoring male dominance, and the suppression of the feminine has indeed exacerbated the imbalance of male/female to a large degree. This imbalance has greatly tipped the scales toward the more aggressive masculine qualities being manifested culturally, without the tempering affects of the feminine qualities of nurturing and comforting. This is why when one looks back through patriarchal history, the abundance of wars and aggressive dominance color the landscape.

Only by incorporating the sacred feminine (the missing half) into our worldview can we ever hope to return to a balanced condition and raise the consciousness level of humanity. As it stands now Christianity is frozen in the 1st century, because the Bible has locked the understanding of 'God' to that which was received by the male apostles of the 1st century and the prophets before. Without the freedom to go beyond a rigid perspective of 'God' promoted by those who penned the Scriptures, Christians will be forever trapped in a cage made by those who at one point were enlightened for the time period in which they lived, but has since in many ways become archaic. Our minds need to be free to grow and expand with the wisdom that has been denied those locked in religious bondage; only with the restoration of the missing half of the sacred feminine can humanity become whole.