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12-29-2011, 10:39 AM
I'm not an ethymologist at all, but I love history about words and letters. So maybe you could tell me the difference between Intellect and Intuition?

Am I correct to say, that the main difference lies between the Telect and Tuition roots. Further more between the sequence of: TL + CT and T + S

Maybe the hebrew translation of those word could help me better understand.

In exchange here's a little thought about intelligence and intellectual.

Where I come from, most people prefere to be intelligent rather than intellectuals.

As a joke we say that, the intellectuals create problems, while intelligents resolve them.
Is it the same in your part of the world ?

When I thought about those two terms more deeply (research of the latin roots and definition in the academic french dictionnaries), it appeared that the intellectual is the one with the capacity, the power of intellect, while the intelligent is the one displaying or manifesting this power of intellect.

I concluded that:

the intellectual HAS the lighter but he IS in the darkness.
the intelligent IS the light, but hes HAS no lighter.
One HAS the intellect, the other one IS the intellect.

One HAS the power to light candles but ask questions in the darkness,
One IS answering questions with the light shinning around him.

Nothing is said on how to pass from one to the other. ISA ASSI ISSA, ISOSA, ASOSI ? or on how to transform the power into light!

Neverthe less, I hope that holding two silex, in the darkest cave makes me an potential intellectual? :)