View Full Version : The Foolishness of God, 1Cor1:25

12-22-2011, 02:06 PM
1) Lamb of God - 2) Beheading - 3) Christ is the Rock

1) We all laughed when Sinatra sang "There'll Never be another You", and 20,000 sheep committed suicide by running off a cliff, because they thought he meant Ewe instead of You. Now in the NT, we read about the virgin Mary giving birth to the Lamb of God, and if it isn't sacrilege (but only foolish, maybe) then she would be like the Virgin Mary Ewe. Like Rachel in the OT.If we understand the virgin birth as a type of how WE are to be wise virgins with Christ being formed in us, then Mary's script calls for her to be a kind of "You" (and I) and the new-birth.

2. We cheer at the epic of Daniel beheading Goliath, but not when Herod has John the Baptist beheaded. Those two examples lead to the account in 1Cor11:3 about the head of every man being Christ. So this is a figurative head, painting a pic of how the Church is a decapitated body whose head is in heaven. My emphasis is in seeing the difference between the physical and the figurative, and the 'foolishness' of the latter.

3. "You can't get blood from a turnip", usually in response to a demand for something you haven't got, can trace its roots directly to the Bible IMO. The OT claims God is a Rock (Ps18), and 1Cor10:4 "that Rock was Christ" has us thinking whether the Rocks were the same or whether Jesus was simply a chip off the old block. ha.
Moses struck the rock and water came out; Gideon laid his sacrifice on the rock and fire came out; Job spoke of oil from the rock, and Ps81:16 of honey from the rock. Surely these 4 items from "Rock" are a kind of foolishness that spawned the 'blood from a turnip' saying. :duck: