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08-10-2011, 03:00 PM
Hi all! I wanted to get your take on this very hot subject with military members.


Our beloved DoD Defense Finance Committee has proposed a new budget plan for the DoD. One such plan is to cut military retirement pensions, as well as healthcare for its members and/or its Veterans. If approved, those who are not yet retired, despite the years of service, would lose their pension plans, and be forced into accepting a Thrifts Savings Plan. This plan will be much like the civilian 401k plan. Republican Walker is rumored to be supporting this plan, which is (in truth) based on ending government entitlements and pensions for all civil service, AND military members. Gee! I wonder if they'd be willing to cut their retirement pensions. It must be nice to serve only 4 years in office, and receive a pension plan for life, PLUS free health care. Meanwhile, the true Americans who serve our country get kicked to the freaking curb! What the hell is wrong with our Country?

Those affected by this plan would receive points for years already served, and money being drafted from their checks for each year served after the plan is effected. Instead of receiving due pension payments, ranging from 50% percent of basic military pay for the last three years of retirement, with an additional 2.5% for each additional year after 20, members would only get on average about 37.5% percent of the current pension plan, yet not be collected until 60 years of age.

In short, instead of receiving retirement immediately after serving 20+ years, members would get nothing but a TSP (401k) which is non-collectible until age 60.

Now some civilians fail to understand that the military is not just an average daily job. Military members are sent to foreign countries away from their families for up to 14 months at a time, with less than 6 months to year in-between deployments. On top of that, their lives are put on the line, which we've seen with the rising death-toll counts of active military members, as well as Guards/Reservists.

So Uncle Same expects citizens to volunteer for the military, serve 20+ years, with nothing to compensate them for their sacrifice until reaching 60 years of age? Gee! So who gets the money if the member fails to reach 60? The average life-span of an Enlisted member working maintenance in the Air Force, after retirement is about 5 to 15 years; some live longer, but some die sooner.

Let me also add that these GS workers are comprised mostly of retired military Officers, one of which receives 100% percent disability pension from the VA. So this retired member gets his monthly retirement check from the Marine Corpse, was awarded 100% percent VA disability (about another $2,300 tax free), AND has a GS15 position at the DoD? Yet he, along with the other members of the DoD finance committee, want to cut out pension? Just who in the hell does he think he is?

Anyways, nothing set and stone just yet. Some believe this is nothing more than an attempt to scare military members into quitting.

What say you all? Don't be shy. :D


Brother Les
08-11-2011, 06:30 AM
Hello Joe,
The men and women in the arm forces sign up, do their 'jobs' and are tossed aside. The political and economic foundations are changing very quickly. None are really safe from the down fall. You and many others in the military have been given promises that no one should have thought would have been kept. We of those outside the military pay into the systems that are now called 'entitlements'. Pay in for life and as you can see the 'goal posts' are moved and shifted.... 'we' are an asset or a burden to 'the state'.... when 'one' becomes to much of a burden or liability then than 'one' is removed by those who have the power to do so. As you may or may not know as to those of 'Seal Team 6', who were sent to 'kill' a man who has been dead for 10 years. As in any good military operation, they also must be 'cleaned up' and removed. You have your life. Get out of the military while you can.


08-12-2011, 05:44 PM
Greetings LES. I'm not so sure that I believe there was a conspiracy over the death of Osama; I believe our seal team did take him out. I'm also not so certain that the seals who were shot down in the helecoptor were the same ones who killed Osama. Seal team 6 is a pretty large team comprised of more than 6 members, so it may have been the same team, but not necessarily the same members. Honestly, I do not know. But I will admit that something is fishy about this entire ordeal.

And I agree with you about how the military treats its members. It is my opinion that conservative leaders of the GOP have been misusing military resources for their own agenda's. Some of which are driven by religious ideals in support of modern day geographical Israel. But I'd say the primary reason our soldiers are kept overseas is to protect American businesses. These businesses don't help our Country very much, if at all; it helps the stock owners.