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07-07-2011, 08:50 AM
Hannah named him Samuel "because I have asked him of the LORD", 1Sam1:20.
Similarly we find that when Elisha wanted the double-portion of Elijah's spirit that it would only be IF he "saw him when he ascended on high". 2Kings2:10. Until we SEE it in the Scripture for ourself, and ASK for the Holy Spirit, it won't be ours. :pray:

The Apostle Thomas wasn't present when Jesus showed the others the evidence of his hands and side, John20:20, and he wouldn't believe their testimony, but declared he would have to see for himself. Precisely what I'm thinking -- this is too important to just take somebody else's word for it -- I've got to see it in the Bible for myself-- with the "eyes of my understanding". amen? :yo:

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