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06-06-2011, 08:07 AM
There were two special trees in the Garden of Eden -- Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life, but Adam and Eve ate from the wrong tree! In fact, since Eve wasn't present when God told Adam about the trees, she may not have known about the Tree of Life, and this was many years before we read about the trees of righteousness in Isa61:3.

Like today when our knowledge of what the Bible says is based on what people have told us about it, rather than what we've read for ourself. amen?

Tree of Degrees by Bob Smith of Foreman

Little by little we take the land,
Wondering how to understand.
Babes and youth and adults too,
Forks of life are sorting through.
Chewing the cud of what it means,
Swallowing knowledge like turnip greens.

Little by little we grow and store
How two and two add up to four.
Digesting all the relevant fact,
Trying to keep the train on track.
Washing down the bread with wine,
Brings elation every time!

Step by step the tree is bent,
Shaped by learning's pure cement.
Inclined up to the higher ground,
Washed ashore by Thinking's Sound.
Adding branches; some with fruit,
Settling down and taking root.

In time a haven for views to nest,
Little by Little comes the Rest..
Storms have altered our physique,
and by degrees we grow antique.
So we who once were just a seed,
Have now become a different breed!