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12-01-2009, 12:03 AM
I am not the most avid reader of books like some others, but I've skimmed alot of info from the net and books.

Here are some books that have left an impression and that I would recommend.
Feel free to Amen or inquire about them.

The year long day: by Ivar Rudd.
A good non-fiction adventure story about a single (solo) mans year (9 months) of trapping (for fur) on an island in the north Pacific. Taught me that sometimes when you don't feel like going on, you simply do and must due to the glory of the lifegiver and life entrusted to you. Within his adventures he tells of having to abondon canoe during coming storm in the north atlantic. Having to swim the hundred or so yards in icewater would have cause many to simply 'give up'.
Chosen by God... R.C. Sproul
Due to his writing skill, it took the difficult subject of election and explained it in a non-doctrinal, non offensive way.
In Search of Dignity,.. R.C. Sproul.
In an age of secular humanism and being a number or an animal, the dignity and divinity of life is upheld and encouraged in various fields of Life.
The Singer, Song, and Finale; The Philippian Fragment, Calvin Miller
The true truths, the insights and the Spirit of the Gospel of the Creator/Lover portrayed as a Troubadour singing his way through the Canyon of the Damned and the Great walled city eventually dying on the shrine of Older Life. After his resurrection, he reappears to a little girl who questioned and doubted if her healed legs would remain whole with the death of the singer. After she see's his resurrection, they go off to see a man with doubts about his Sanity. The truths of the fulfilled prophecies have restored faith, logic. Love and sanity which lies of futurism and dispensational indoctrination tried to steal.
Douglas Reed,...The Controversy of Zion,
Scofield, the man behind the book;
Eustace Mullins on the Federal Reserve
Much info on sweetliberty.org

01-11-2010, 10:24 AM
I had posted this "my list" to invite others to offer their lists of significant books that have impacted their lives.

01-21-2010, 08:47 PM
Good idea EndTimes. Great books I have read:

Biblical Hermeneutics........Milton S. Terry
Last Days Madness..........Gary DeMar
Last Days According to Jesus.........RC Sproul Jr.
The Parousia..............James Stuart Russell
Before Jerusalem Fell........Ken Gentry

and I just picked up a new commentary on Daniel by Kurt Simmons which is looking like a great read:

Adumbrations.........Kurt Simmons

You can find a review and info on buying this one on the "Fulfilled!" magazine website: http://www.fulfilledcg.com/