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The Homemommy
08-06-2009, 10:36 AM
Have you heard the stories about the Illuminati trying to rule the world, how the eye on our dollar bill goes back ancient paganism, satanism? How the talmud and kabbalah go back to solomon's “bad” days and how modern jews follow this? Do any of you buy into it? I must admit, I have done quite a bit on research on it and some of it is, well, way in left field. Thoughts? Peace, homemommy

The Homemommy
08-08-2009, 12:43 PM
I am surprised that no one has commented on this. I have done bible studies on all kinds of different topics and I always find mention of these “groups”, especially in the the premillenial dispensational crowds.
Theories range from ancient templar knights right on down to our current president. Has no one else heard of this? Blessings, homemommy

Richard Amiel McGough
08-09-2009, 10:51 AM
Have you heard the stories about the Illuminati trying to rule the world, how the eye on our dollar bill goes back ancient paganism, satanism? How the talmud and kabbalah go back to solomon's 'bad' days and how modern jews follow this? Do any of you buy into it? I must admit, I have done quite a bit on research on it and some of it is, well, way in left field. Thoughts? Peace, homemommy
Hey there homemommy,

Again, sorry for the long delay. Been quite busy ... but I really love chatting with you because you ask very interesting questions.

The "kabbalah" literally means "that which was received" - it is the Jewish word for their "tradition." It is a mixed bag - much of it comes directly from the Bible and offers profound insights into the Holy Text. But it is mixed with all sorts of human traditions and not a little magic and occultism, so it should never be taken as an "authority" in any sense of the word.

Likewise, the Talmud has some bad teachings, especially when it touches upon the topic of Christ whom it blasphemes. But that does not mean we should simply reject it - it should be studied like any other historical text if we want to be truly informed about reality. It also is very helpful to know what Jews believe if you feel called to minister to them.

So in answer to your question - no, I do not "buy into it" as a whole, but I do recognize that it has a lot value, mixed with a lot of junk, and so discernment is required.

One thing I most definitely do not buy into is the conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, Freemasons, and all that.

Talk more soon,


The Homemommy
08-10-2009, 08:28 AM
Hi Richard!! I really thought more had heard of these theories besides you. I guess that is a good thing. I stepped away from that stuff, because I suddenly realized I knew more about that junk than I do the Bible. There is so much of it around, scores and scores of books, movies, etc. If they are real, they aren't a secret anymore:) I do wonder about “shadow” people regarding economies. Like the Federal Reserve for example. I don't for one second believe all is known in their shady dealings. I do believe that there are a select number of people out there that can exert force, good or bad, regarding the way money and economies are handled. I am not a financial expert by any stretch, but I do follow markets and have done alot of research in this area, too much to post here. I never had heard anything about Christ ruling our world until I came here. I assumed Satan did. So I guess I am asking, how does that work regarding money? Does Christ approve of the way our money is handled, which is set-up on the usary system. Dosen't the bible talk against usary? And does that mean He's not contolling aspects like money? Again, I've asked many questions...sorry :( Blessings, Carrie

10-05-2009, 09:06 PM
It's a good subject for a bible board.
I learned ALOT on a board
They have a conspiracy section there.

911 being an inside job; (a big one similar to Pearl Harbor accusations)
Federal reserve; (an obvious abomination and theft along with the misunderstandings and misapplication/imposition of tax on federal income only)
Fabian Socialists; (who brought you the Scofield Bible)
3 World Wars of Albert Pike (GOOGLE THAT ONE)
A conspiracy to take down America financially formed in 1933 by the Council on Foreign Relations. After America democratizes the middle east, it will supposedly succomb to bankruptcy and China is designed to be the police state of the world. (Google Alan Watt and Coast to Coast Am; I think it was 2007)

A good conspiracy site would be
and the links associated with it.

This is a good one that has to do with the way the promotion of the futurists prophecy system was in this authors mind a product of a conspiracy:

Jonathan Williams recorded in his book, LEGIONS OF SATAN , in 1781, THAT Cornwallis revealed to Washington that a

"holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will supposedly be the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be the loyal subjects of the Crown."

Cornwallis went on to explain that what would seem to be a seem to be a contradiction:

"Your churches will be used to teach the Jews' religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry."
And from the same link:

Virtually all of the prophecy that is being preached in the church buildings today has come from a scheme of Bible interpretation propagated by C.I. Scofield early in the 1900's. [emphasis added]

Organized religion embraced Scofield's new interpretations. (In Scofield's own writings – What Do the Prophets Say? he admits to having "controversy with well-meaning bible students over the too exclusively Jewish conception of the age to come." P161).

Let's examine what Scofield says about Matthew 24 in his reference notes and I will show you how he intentionally has mislead those individuals who have chosen to adopt his schemes. In verse 34, Christ tells His disciples, Verily I say unto you. This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Scofield says in his notes that we know that Christ could not have possibly been referring to that generation in which the disciples were living because of the definitions of the Greek words for generation. He says that generation here comes from the Greek word GENEA. Well, it does. It is number 1074 in the Greek dictionary of Strong's Concordance. But, the deceiver does not give you the definition of GENEA, he instead goes down to 1085 – GENOS – and gives you that definition, all the while telling you that he is giving you the definition for GENEA.

He uses the definition GENOS, which says, "off-spring, stock, nation, et.al." and tells you that it means that the word generation in Matthew 24:34 can mean A FUTURE GENERATION and NOT the one that Christ was talking to 2,000 years ago! Not only that but he also says that we KNOW that He was talking about a future generation because "NONE OF THESE THINGS, I.E. THE WORLD-WIDE PREACHING OF THE KINGDOM HAS EVER TAKEN PLACE".

If that were true, then I would have no choice but to concede that as the truth, and stop writing this booklet immediately. But, somehow this great Bible scholar seems to be missing some passages of Scripture that are in my Bible, but simply must not have been in his or any other ‘preacher's' in this country. The article continues with important study of Matt 24.

Even among these 'conspiracies' and apparent 'evil' from the father of lies; the truths of Eternal life and the kingdom of God can and IS a political and empowered reality.
One can choose to operate on a gold standard in their minds as they save in gold/silver/precious metals and interact with FRNs as a neccessity. As one researches the laws upon which the nation was founded upon, and reads comments from people analyzing the law; one finds that "a way out" is provided in the declaration of Independence when it states that the the purpose is to provide justice and establish domestic tranquility.... etc..etc.. and govern those who consent!!
Why would an independent self governing child of God consent to being governed by what has become a judaized socialist type of Government? This is not saying that common law descency shouldn't be respected, but children of God should operate in the law of liberty to Love, against which their is no law... as James says.

This theme of individual respect of a persons spiritual nature and spiritual will is upheld in various laws, terms and definitions down through the centuries of America if not before. One can also begin to also decipher the maze of dual or triple definitions of words called "terms" such as united states, or 'trade or business" within the IRS codes and so forth and to realize that they themselves respect and fear the empowered individuals of the Kingdom of God.

As the secretary of Treasury put it. There are those individuals who are without the tax laws and the IRS has nothing to do with them... (or something similar) With respect to the U.S willful voluntary federal subjective citizenry and allegiance (King Pres, not King Jesus) those who are without that citizenry are called "non-resident aliens" or non-res foreigners by them. How real and how serious and how important is ones identity in the Peaceable kingdom of king Jesus.. now in the person of king Holy Spirit.

Some other things to google:

cracking the code
cracking the federal zone
Original intent.org
the red amendment.
Eustace Mullins federal reserve
Liberty dollar

10-14-2009, 10:48 PM
:to homemommy, I too have studied into the Illumaniti situations, they are linked to many,and own supposedly everything from the T.V. stations to Wall St. but Biblically we know as far as the end times are concerned there are two Kingdoms we are dealing with here, Of course you know it's a "Fixed Fight" for the Kingdom of Light, but if the Anti-christ is to show himself, first there is a need to prepare his platform. check out the C.F.R. consel on foriegn relations, the North American Union, which is Canada,Mexico, and the U.S.A. already in the mix since 2005, there is a currency printed called the "Amero", and our Pres. is Preaching an echo of One World Order, with Global Trading and such.to bring the world under one Religion, which the Bible speaks of Rome being in conrtrol of. We can go further in detail, but I don't know what you have already been investigating.Do you know about the 800 concentration camps that are fully operational through F.E.M.A. and Rex 84.If you care to dig any deeper on any of these issues, check back with me.God Bless. Deacon: