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  1. Allegory of The CUP..
  2. Why there is no Gender Bias in the Bible
  3. Ia God a Jealous God?
  4. The Ten Commandments
  5. Seething the Kid..
  6. Christian Dilemmas
  7. Marriage and Divorce
  8. Does God given chances to evil men through rebirth?
  10. Interesting observation about Jesus message to us..
  11. Father-to-Son Generations..
  12. Made in God?s image. Yuk. Not me thanks.
  13. Hitler was genocidal and evil. Yahweh?s genocides are good; say Christians, Muslims &
  14. Why does god put the needs of the few above the need of the many?
  15. Do you argue to win or to lose?
  16. Canadians searching for children. Why bother? More pain for the native community when
  17. Believer or not, your epitome of desire, is to be named the Greatest I am.