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  1. A Look at the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe.
  2. The Privileged Planet
  3. Scientists find monster black hole - biggest ever
  4. What is Space?
  5. "The ancient Hebrew conception of the universe"
  6. There was no Big Bang
  7. Thunderbolts of the Gods
  8. Physical properties of the Rainbow
  9. Why is our universe fine-tuned for life?
  10. The Hidden Reality
  11. Scientists find first evidence that many universes exist
  12. The Fourth Day
  13. The First Simplest Star
  14. Lawrence Krauss: A Universe from Nothing
  15. a simple question: how comes sand on the moon
  16. Purpose and the Universe
  17. Greek philosophers believed that the universe is a given
  18. TOO BIG TO ...FAIL! Big Bang Theory Collapse?
  19. The age of the univese measured by the distance of stars.
  20. Life is THE center of the universe
  21. elementals and magic of physiks
  22. The Kalam Cosmological Argument Debunked
  23. Stretched the Heavens
  24. Resolution