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  1. I finally found a church made just for me!
  2. We've all seen arguments that deserved this retort!
  3. Excerpt from the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory"
  4. Bart Ehrman on Colbert Report
  5. From Feisty to Friendly
  6. Christian Jokes
  7. Mr. Deity
  8. Anthropomorphization
  9. In the beginning God created the dog and the anagram.
  10. Meet Lionel of Sheepalonia
  11. Richard Dawkins on Colbert
  12. Finally! A visual explanation for the difference between men and women!
  13. The Foolishness of God, 1Cor1:25
  14. Atheist Song - First hymnal for Atheists
  15. Cult of Dusty
  16. Noah's Ark Mystery Finally Solved!
  17. If Women rule the world
  18. Wonderful English from Around the World
  19. So you wanna go back to Egypt?
  21. Didy Doll
  22. Incarnate Evil
  23. Sword of the Lord!
  25. Ridiculous and stupid laws in the US
  26. R Ewe Ready for a Bee-You-T-Fool Awakening?
  27. The Fiery Finger!
  28. The Dunderhead Sweepstakes Anathema Award, 6013 A.L.
  29. If Rose Rules the World
  30. Atheist Jokes
  31. Yada, yada, yada.
  32. Skinning the Cat..
  33. The Best of Dr David Berlinski
  34. Open source (copyright free) graphics