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  1. The God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  3. The Religion of Christianity of Today & their Slick Doctrines
  4. The original Greek text Textus Receptus
  5. De-Conversion
  6. The CUP
  7. Christmas
  8. Holiness versus Wholeness
  9. Jesus born in feast of trumpeths or some other feast in those months?
  10. Lot's Daughters
  11. Slavery
  12. Jephthah's Daughter
  13. Don't Be A Scrooge! By Jim Fowler
  14. Cowboy Prayer
  15. Quotable Quotes
  16. Appreciating Christ's Death
  17. A More Excellent Way
  18. Why I Hate Religion and Love Jesus
  19. How do you know if you have the life of Christ in you?
  20. Unrepentant serial liar Ergun Caner exposed once again by ABC News
  21. Jesus is not God
  22. Is Michael the archangel Jesus?
  24. Why are Christians looking in texts instead of for the one?
  25. May the dark vision of the future not come to pass - Jesus
  26. The Mysterious Ways of God ~ 2 Samuel 21
  27. God-breathed ?
  29. Jeremiah 33:17 - A Failed Prophecy?
  30. The Mystery of the Fellowship
  31. Parodies of Piety
  32. Belief and Faith by Jacques Ellul
  33. Dr. Walter J. Veith
  34. Catholic Fr John Hollowell Rebuked
  35. Contract on Children - Part 1 (Winkie Pratney)
  36. 1,400 year old skeleton wearing Christian Cross
  37. Pyramid in the SUN then Pope Shenouda III passed over
  38. The Bible is not a Moral Guidebook
  39. God gave David multiple wives
  40. NYC City Schools BAN words of God and the word DANCING
  41. The LORD OVERTHROWS the LEARNED and makes FOOLS of the Rest
  42. Does Fulfilled Prophecy Prove the Bible?
  43. Batman stopped in MARYland
  44. How many Gods are there?
  45. Are the stories in the Bible true? Can Christianity be proven genuine?
  46. The Cult of Human Sacrifice
  47. UN Call for Mark of Beast - Carbon (666) Trading and the Biosphere Reserves
  48. Mind Control
  49. The Mark of the Beast p. 2 - Identifyiing the Mark Internally
  50. Did Tribulaton start on January 1, 2012?
  51. What Defines Morality?
  52. Isaiah 7:14 maiden/virgin
  53. The Other Gods..
  54. Divine Inspiration of Bible
  55. Lord Jesus Christ - Gematria 3168
  56. Ensignia Mark of the Beast
  57. Can a misplaced COMMA distort the account?
  58. Immanuel the Messiah. Why are people so slack to read Isaiah 7:14 and Daniel 9:26
  59. Religious Christian Weddings
  60. Christianity and the Tree of Life
  61. Jehovah 'Redemptive' Names
  62. Defending Misogyny in the Bible
  63. Is hell anything like -- do unto others and love the sinner?
  64. Bishop Spong on the Bible as a source of truth
  65. Sexism in the Bible
  66. How the Bible Views Women
  67. The City of Glasgow is the "New Jerusalem"
  68. Why I became a Christian
  69. Should man rule over women for women’s own good?
  70. The Scottish "Mountain of God"
  71. The Woman caught in Adultery
  72. Women in the Bible
  73. God is almost omnipotent. He has many limits.
  74. Who Am I ?
  75. 2 Samuel 8:2 ~ Yet another atrocity approved by God
  76. God to Jesus. I just condemned the human race. Now go die to save them.
  78. Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ
  79. If you accept this as universal morality, you will reject God.
  80. Do you recognize that God gains pleasure in creating evil?
  81. Footwashing ?
  83. There are no gods
  84. What is the best evidence for Christianity?
  85. The Naked Truth
  86. The Severity of God
  87. Prominent Atheist Blogger Converts to Catholicism
  88. Issues of morality shuts Christians up.
  89. Hell is for Children. A Christian Parable
  90. "Jesus' Birthday" Graphically Encoded in the Genesis
  91. To hate Jews is to hate God.
  92. Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)
  93. Jesus shot himself!
  94. Is becoming like God good or evil?
  95. Are Adam and Christ "one and the same"?
  96. God loves the evil ones more than the good because he is the greatest sinner.
  97. Three in One (1Jo 5:7)?
  98. Two arguments for the possible corruption of Law!
  99. The Enigma of Jesus' nature!
  100. Dividing the Baby !
  101. The Gospel of Mark and the Progresssion of the Resurrection.
  102. The Scarlet Thread
  103. The Bible as a source of Truth
  104. Can you help but do evil? I do not see how. Do you?
  105. Another Date-Setter Bites the Dust
  106. Wives for Benjamin
  107. Why was Jesus Tortured?
  108. Science explains the existence of God.
  109. The LOST Book !
  110. Apostle Nathanael ?
  111. Does the award for the greatest evil go to Satan or God?
  112. Bible Teachings or Traditions of Men?
  113. Proof the Judeo-Christian Bible Inspired of God
  114. 666 Most Comprehensive Calculations - They did not worship the name or number...
  116. Justifications of God’s Atrocious Behavior
  117. When you become a God, will you use evil the way God does?
  118. Women. God’s afterthought and man’s curse to rule.
  119. Like it or not, God is immoral.
  120. Anti Woman Quotes by Church Fathers
  121. God Hates Women
  122. A Christian speaks out against Christians feeling cowed by skeptics
  123. Who are the Christadelphians?
  124. I do not like vigilantism. But.
  125. God does not follow the first principle of morality. Why not?
  126. I was given a vision it change my life
  127. Why does God hate babies who have not sinned?
  128. Christianity would die without Islam.
  129. The Inextricable Sexism of the Bible
  130. Can God's Angels in Heaven be trusted?
  131. Are you Pure?
  132. Only I can judge God. I is you if you choose to be.
  133. For God to condemn you just to die for you is ridiculous and immoral.
  134. Pictures coded into the Genesis
  135. Atheist Church of the evolving Human God.
  136. God’s law versus secular law. Which is moral?
  137. The earth shall be filled with the Glory of the LORD – what, when and how?
  138. How far did Jesus know into the future?
  139. Two Fools
  141. Why did God do Satan’s bidding?
  142. When faith turns deadly: Parents convicted of manslaughter in faith-healing case
  143. Do Scientific Theories trump the Bible?
  144. The State and the Church: who ruled/rules?
  145. Are you ready for 2013?
  146. Why does Jesus the shepherd leave his flock at the mercy of a Super Wolf?
  147. Why does God Allow Evil People to be Born?
  148. Was God using a human to reproduce appropriate reproductive conduct?
  149. Wives for the Bridegroom!
  150. Are your Prayers being heard?
  151. The Eternal Significance of Hope
  152. Humans cannot be trusted to do Anything.
  153. Ravi Zacharias Comments on the Newton Shootings
  154. Did the Jews con their con man Western masters and win the God Wars?
  155. If God is evil, why does He allow good people to be born?
  156. The True Church
  158. A List of Bible Believing Scientists
  159. Have you ever forgiven someone? If so, who needs God to forgive a second time?
  160. Do you love Satan and demons as scriptures say you should?
  161. A call to arms for America and the world.
  162. Jesus Christ
  163. Was the Exodus natural or supernatural, fact or fiction?
  164. Please Please Pray For God Mercy For
  165. Doctrine of Thinking
  166. Our sin debt has been settled
  167. Pope Benedict is Resigning, a First in 600 Years!!!
  168. Paul's gospel must be accepted
  169. Does it make a difference who the next Pedophile Protecting Pope will be?
  170. Why Would God Show Me This?
  171. Dissproving Bible versions of Christians
  172. Pope
  173. How to spot an immature Christian and Genesis 1 differences.
  174. A True Bible Believer
  176. Does Jesus have a soul?
  177. Should God the Father adore man for teaching him better morals and ethics than what h
  178. Habemus Papam
  179. Attention idol worshipers of Godinabook. Satan is God’s Champion.
  180. Allegory of Saul/David
  181. The 6th Day 'Bread'
  182. Michael Rood's teachings about Fallen Angels that Sinned
  183. A Message from Our Lord to You
  184. April Fool..
  185. A touching story
  186. Cain and Abel - the origin of the devil explained
  187. The real jesus the world doesn't know him
  188. Not Understanding Myself
  189. Seven integrated reasons to believe Christianity is true
  190. Why I Am Not a Christian ~ Bertrand Russell
  191. A beautiful prayer to God
  192. Test Everything in the Bible
  193. Baptism by water
  194. Three Days and Three Nights
  195. Is it egotistical to think that a God would die for you?
  196. The Way to Eternal life and The Way to Death
  197. My Faith is Built On Nothing Less Than...
  198. The Word Of GOD!...What is it?
  199. How are adults talked into believing in fantasy creatures, miracles and magic?
  200. Can God love or have a moral sense?
  201. Consider - to Put off Mortal and to put on Immortal is to be DONE HERE..............
  202. Is needing or wanting to worshiping a God a human defect or benefit?
  203. Muslims promote Sharia law. Why do Christians not promote their law?
  204. If created perfect as scriptures say, why would we need salvation?
  205. A Big In Your Face Clue
  206. Abandon All Hope...Why?
  207. Rev.13:18 "666"
  208. More Meteor's
  209. The Historical Matrix
  210. If women thought and acted like men, would men like it and respect women?
  211. ~~~~~~~
  212. Still breathing?
  213. Fellow believers. You say you are saved and non-believers go to hell. Well, ----
  214. The NOAH Generation
  215. Does God get a fail in the love category?
  216. And the disciples of John and the Pharisees were fasting
  217. Dreams of the Pharaoh
  218. The Catholic Church is not a force for good in the world
  219. A Sign among them
  220. Leaving Egypt !
  221. Jesus names as evil those who think his Father would break heavenly law and have him
  222. 501
  223. The risen Christ?
  224. Re-casting the Christ Story ~ John Shelby Spong
  225. Muddy Water..
  226. Is Satan both the Holy Spirit and God’s wife or Asherah?
  227. Family Matters..
  229. Indulgences; moral or immoral? How much for a rape Pope Francis?
  230. What was the fight between God and Satan about?
  231. Care to compare the Jesus you know to the one I know?
  232. Could God Correct Cataracts if He Wanted To?
  234. Bread for the Head
  235. Running with the Witnesses
  236. Can you picture Jesus using genocide as Noah’s God did?
  237. Judaism and Christianity?
  238. SAUL/PAUL
  239. Who Started Religion?
  240. What Is Love?
  241. Are you Following Christianity or Churchianity?
  242. Does being under supernatural control exonerate Eve of any sin?
  245. Was Satan created in God’s image or is she God?
  246. Nothing
  247. The Centurions belief at Jesus' death
  248. The Importance Of Forgiving Others
  249. Are You Ready for 2014?
  250. Six hour 'Secret Church' prayer meeting (for Christians only)