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  1. 99% Percent protest Wall Street, Corporations, and Big Banks
  2. [Poll] Should Marijuana be legal?
  3. Air Force caught disposing of cremated human remains in a Virginia Land Fill
  4. Ron Paul
  5. Conspiracy-theory
  7. UK Agents of Islam 'Path of Treason'
  8. ALERT Obama State Department Refuses to Acknowledge Jerusalem Capitol of Israel
  9. The North American Union (with Mexico)
  10. North Carolina Preacher says we should lock up homosexuals till they die
  11. GOP and their proposed spending cuts. WHY?
  12. Should Governments rescind the noble lie of religions?
  13. As an Illuminati, I cannot fathom why you fear us.
  14. Should only taxpayers be allowed to vote?
  15. Amerika: The Land You Might Want To Flee Once You Know You're A Slave
  16. Women. You have men by the balls. No one can network like you; yet you do not squeeze
  17. The blatant duplicity of Sean Hannity and Faux News
  18. Sharia Comes to Great Britain by Acts17Apologetics
  19. Jordan Maxwell - Government & Religion
  20. Beyond Madison Kimrey, 12 yr old, activist, aware, campaigner, charitable, passionate
  21. 911 Was an Inside Job by US Government CIA and Israeli Mossad agents
  22. FISA warrent defines Trump as a Russian agent!
  23. Trump approval rating continues to descend towards ZERO
  24. For the Record
  25. What is The CLEAR Party? A New Political System
  26. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.
  27. Are the .1% are shooting themselves in the foot by hording?
  28. Does the positive side of tribalism/racism outshine the negative side?
  29. Are religions that preach inequality for women and gays, traitors to their country?