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  1. Spoke 15 and the 15th century
  2. Spoke 7 and the 7th century
  3. The Gutenburg project.
  4. 7th century and Islam
  5. Rome
  6. The History of Knowledge
  7. Spoke 16 and the American seal
  8. 12th century
  9. 17th century and Baroque - showing off
  10. Pope father of many nations and spoke 1
  11. Proverbs 8 and the 8th century
  12. The 6th Epistle and the 6th century (missionary in bonds)
  13. The 11th century and the 11th spoke 1Kings and Micah
  14. Spiked 11-12 and the end of the 11th to the beginning of the 12th century
  15. Spoke 12 2Kings Titus and the 12th century given to hospitality
  16. Spoke 13 1Chronicles Genesis 13 Habakkuk and the towns in the 13th century
  17. Spoke 9 1Samuel and the 9th century King Alfred and David
  18. Spoke 7 Judges and the 7th century Boniface Gideon cutting Thor?s Oak
  19. Spoke 16 16th letter Ayin and Tyndale?s request and more
  20. Spoke 17 Acts 17 Esther 17th century 30 years war
  21. Spoke 10 and the 10th century Otto I of the Holy Roman Empire, Basil II Byzantine
  22. Spoke 13 1Chronicles Habakkuk and the rise of the Mongols
  23. Spoke 9 and the 9th century Nikephoros I and Basil I Byzantine Emperors and Krum
  24. Spoke 19 and the 19th century and conflicting ideologies many voices
  25. Spoke 11/11th Century: Ahab, Jezebel and the Venetian intermarriages with nobilities
  26. Spoke 8: 8th Century Iconoclasm (destruction of icons)
  27. Spoke 7: 7th Century Justinian II mutilated
  28. Spoke 7: 7th Century Colossus of Rhodes
  29. Spoke 7: 7th Century Emperor Heraclius (hero)
  30. Spoke 7: 7th Century co-Emperor Heraclonas (hero) first mutilated
  31. The Biblewheel and Post-Christian History Menu
  32. The 7 Churches of Asia Menu
  33. Spoke 12: 12th Century Hospitality
  34. Spoke 12: 12th Century AIMA (blood) Prophecy/Acronym
  35. Spoke 11: 11th Century Ascent of the Komnenos Family to the Throne
  36. Spoke 12: 12th Century King Baldwin IV the Leper of Jerusalem
  37. Spoke 13: 13th Century David Founds the Empire of Trebizond
  38. Spoke 13: 13th Century Michael VIII Palaialogos of Nicaea and Mercenary of Turks
  39. Spoke 13: 13th Century Boniface of Latin Constantinople Beheaded by Kaloyan
  40. Spoke 14: 14th Century Andronikos III murders his brothers
  41. Spoke 13 and 14: 13th and 14th Century Trebizond
  42. The 17th Century and the 30 years war related to Acts 17, 30th book Amos and more