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    La Parade by Seurat

    If there is a vortex about which the Western mind has revolved as it evolved through the dark ages to the enlightenment and beyond, it is the book that contains, according to literary critic Northrop Frye, the Great Code of Western civilization. What book might this be? No one would have asked that question fifty years ago, for then there was only one book spelled with a capital B and known by a single name like Cher and Madonna, the north star of both the exo- and esoteric Western spiritual traditions, the Bible.

    This was the vortex that enraptured my soul as it captured my mind twenty years ago. I had an intuition I was entering a trap, but my intellect was quickly hooked. There were too many patterns, too much perfection. The glory of the book and its message - amplified a thousand times by numinous symbols with profound mathematical relations - blinded me to the darkness it contained, a darkness that has titillatingly tormented the collective soul of humanity for two thousand years. It is so attractive! Yet filled with such pain and sorrow. Confusion and wisdom united as one. What kind of book is this?

    This website is the result of my encounter with the Bible. I founded it in 2001 to share my discovery of the Bible Wheel and other intriguing Scriptural patterns. The vortex, empowered by my discoveries, soon pulled me in to its center where there is only one point of view. I became somewhat fundamentalistic and lost touch with my soul, my own groove. A person with only one point of view is like the pointillist Seurat trying to paint with one pixel. And that's what freed me - the realization that a single-pixel camera can't do shit. I could not deny the urge rising up from my spine - it was time to open my eyes and check out a few new points of view.

    So welcome to the Bible Wheel Vortex! You are amongst friends here. Our tongue may follow our wit at times, and be a little sharp, but our hearts are warm and our intuition tingles, so if you are looking for this kind of fellowship check out the Bible Wheel forum and see what's cooking. We share our food freely with all.

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