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The Bible Wheel had been debunked by its author.
Read all about it: Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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After dinner he spent some time with the holoscope, studying Elias's most precious possession: the Bible expressed as layers at different depths within the hologram, each layer according to age. The total structure of Scripture formed, then, a three dimensional cosmos that could be viewed from any angle and its contents read. According to the tilt of the axis of observation, differing messages could be extracted. Thus Scripture yielded up an infinitude of knowledge that ceaselessly changed. It became a wondrous work of art, beautiful to the eye, and incredible in its pulsations of color. Throughout it red and gold pulsed, with strands of blue.

Philip K. Dick: The Divine Invasion, pg. 69

Each time I read this quote I am astounded at the mystery of poetic intelligence. As far as I know, Philip K. Dick never contributed anything to the actual understanding of Scripture as a hologram, yet here he has written a description that I could not surpass - save for the reference to its organization according to age - though I have worked on the thesis of the Bible as Holograph for over a decade!

I was first informed of the existence of this quote after I wrote my initial manuscript - The Holographic Structure of the Holy Scripture - detailing my gematria discoveries. I had not yet discovered the Wheel. After showing my manuscript to a friend, she informed she had read about the Bible as a hologram in one of Dick's novels, but couldn't remember which one. I found the quote in 1999.

As a whole, the Divine Invasion failed to impress me. Except for the quote above, I found very little insight into the big questions of God and Existence. He seemed mostly to be just playing with the Kabbalistic concepts. Perhaps I just couldn't get past the seemingly blasphemous tossing about of various Divine Names as if they were so much grist for his fiction mill. It is for this reason I can not recommend the book.

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