“Your book is the best book that I have read …”

I received this email today:

Dear Mr. McGough,

I hope that it is o.k. for me to write you. I just wanted to let you know that I think that your book is awesome. I am completely convinced that the scriptures are the living word of God. I can see it clearly now. I questioned many things, and have always hoped that the bible was the holy word of God, but looking at it always in a skeptical way.

I feel that the “veil” has been lifted, and I am looking into the eyes of God. There are some things in your book that I can grasp easily and understand, and then there are those things that are over my head. I truly feel that I am supposed to understand the Hebrew language, and your book is a very good insight.

… I have been praying to God to “show me what he wants me to know”, and I have also been praying for wisdom and knowledge and truth, I also wanted to know how to get a “grasp” on all of the books in the scriptures. Your book is the best book that I have read, and I can really get a good grasp on what books contain what information!! I truly believe that God is working through you on this book. And, believe me…I do not say that “God is working through you” to too many people!!!!!!!

… I truly am thankful to the Lord for your book. I will be able to remember so many things….and I could go on and on with this letter, because in my mind there is much more that I would like to say about God’s wonderful wheel! (It brings to my mind Ezekials “wheel within a wheel” and MANY more things in nature and such…)

Any ways YHVH be with you!

Yours truly,


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  1. Thank you so much for your book Bible Wheel. It is the best Christian help book to prove without a doubt the Bible is from God. TOO much evidence. By the way if you have proven water is wet it is impossible to debunk it. Jesus Bless you and love you for the work you put in to help us all. 296 Rock x 3 Trinity = 888 Jesus. “that’s Wet”

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