“Your book is the best book that I have read …”

I received this email today:

Dear Mr. McGough,

I hope that it is o.k. for me to write you. I just wanted to let you know that I think that your book is awesome. I am completely convinced that the scriptures are the living word of God. I can see it clearly now. I questioned many things, and have always hoped that the bible was the holy word of God, but looking at it always in a skeptical way.

I feel that the “veil” has been lifted, and I am looking into the eyes of God. There are some things in your book that I can grasp easily and understand, and then there are those things that are over my head. I truly feel that I am supposed to understand the Hebrew language, and your book is a very good insight.

… I have been praying to God to “show me what he wants me to know”, and I have also been praying for wisdom and knowledge and truth, I also wanted to know how to get a “grasp” on all of the books in the scriptures. Your book is the best book that I have read, and I can really get a good grasp on what books contain what information!! I truly believe that God is working through you on this book. And, believe me…I do not say that “God is working through you” to too many people!!!!!!!

… I truly am thankful to the Lord for your book. I will be able to remember so many things….and I could go on and on with this letter, because in my mind there is much more that I would like to say about God’s wonderful wheel! (It brings to my mind Ezekials “wheel within a wheel” and MANY more things in nature and such…)

Any ways YHVH be with you!

Yours truly,


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