What is the Bible Wheel?

A Simple Beginning

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The Bible Wheel is a circular presentation of the Bible that I discovered by rolling up the traditional list of the sixty-six books like a scroll on a spindle wheel of twenty-two spokes which correspond to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The order of the Hebrew alphabet is established in the alphabetically structured passages of the Old Testament, most notably Psalm 119 that praises God’s Word from Aleph to Tav, from beginning to end. This exemplifies how everything in the Bible Wheel is derived from Scripture and Scripture alone.

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A Unified View from a Higher Dimension

On May 12, 1995, I completed the first draft of the Bible Wheel shown below. I placed the Hebrew Letters on the outer rim so there would be room to write their names and listed the numerical position of each Book below its name for easy reference.The Bible Wheel

The structure consists of a circular matrix of sixty-six Cells on a Wheel of twenty-two Spokes. The sixty-six Cells form three wheels within the Wheel called Cycles. Each Cycle spans a continuous sequence of twenty-two books as follows:

The three cycles of the Bible Wheel

With the completion of the Bible Wheel, we now have a fully unified view of the whole Bible as a symmetrical, mathematically structured two-dimensional object. The increase from the traditional one-dimensional list of books to the two-dimensional Bible Wheel immediately reveals a host of unanticipated correlations between the three books on each spoke with each other and the corresponding Hebrew Letter.

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A Large-Scale Pattern Appears

On May 14, 1999, after four years of fruitful study of the correlations between the books and Hebrew letter on each Spoke, I noticed that the three books on the first Spoke were also the first books of three primary divisions of Scripture:

The first Spoke of the Bible Wheel

This “coincidence” prompted me to examine the traditional groupings of the books. I discovered that Christian scholars have noted from ancient times that the books of the Bible naturally fall into distinctive categories that form this pattern on the Bible Wheel:

The Canon Wheel

The pattern begins with the first five books known variously as the Torah, the Law of Moses, or the Pentateuch. These five books are colored dark purple in the diagram above (Genesis to Deuteronomy). They are followed by twelve historical books from Joshua to Esther (dark red). The next five books are known as the Wisdom Books (dark purple). This completes the first Cycle of twenty-two books. The next Cycle begins with Isaiah, the first of the five Major Prophets (light purple). These are followed by the twelve books of the Minor Prophets (light red). This completes the Old Testament. Next comes the five books of New Testament History (Gospels and Acts, light purple) and the whole pattern is completed with twenty-two Epistles that occupy Cycle 3 (blue).

The Three Cycles of the Bible Wheel

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The Canon Wheel – Sevenfold Symmetric Perfection

The image below is called the Canon Wheel. It displays the seven canonical divisons to reveal a deep, intrinsic symmetry in the structure of the Bible.The Canon Wheel

The symmetry embodies three symbolic elements – the Circle, the Number Seven, and the Alphabet. Each of these symbols convey different aspects of the ideas of unity, perfection, and completeness. The Number Seven is the premier Biblical symbol of perfection and completeness. The Circle encompassing the entire Bible is a universal archetype of unity and wholeness. The correspondence of each book with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet is complete from Aleph to Tav (the first and letters letters of the Hebrew alphabet). This echoes the symbolic meaning of the Alpha Omega that defines the nature of Deity:

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. — Revelation 1:8

With the advent of the Canon Wheel, we now have an overwhelming convergence of distinct, independent, universal, and Biblical symbols representing different aspects of the unity, perfection, and completeness of the Holy Bible. They synergistically interact to amplify the symbolic meaning each holds individually so that the significance of the whole is immeasurably greater than the sum of its individual parts. And yet for all this, we have only just begun to discover the wonder revealed by the simple act of “rolling up the Bible like a scroll.”

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Hidden in Plain View for a Thousand Years

The Florence Baptistry

The image above is a mosaic of Christ Pantocrator (Ruler of All) from the Baptistry of San Giovanni of Florence, ca. AD 1300. It is an archetype of Christian iconography. Of primary significance is the tri-radiant halo behind the head of Christ. This form is echoed in the circle the encompasses Christ with his outstretched arms.

Christ praying in the GardenThe tri-radiant halo, also known as the cruciform nimbus, is the primary Sign of Deity used in traditional Christian art. It originated sometime around the sixth century and became a standard of almost all icons that followed. It has deep symbolic significance – the three rays simultaneously represent the two fundamental Christian doctrines of the Trinity and the cross of Christ. These symbolic elements carry over directly onto the Canon Wheel which now appears to be nothing less than a divine icon of the very faith taught in the pages of the book it faithfully represents. We now have a super-convergence of archetypal and Biblical symbols that combine to declare not only the unity, completion, and perfection of the Holy Bible, but also its central Gospel theme of the cross, and all of this conspires to reveal the ancient Sign of Deity – the signature of its Author! The significance of this symbolic confluence is amplified yet again when we recall how effortlessly everything unfolds when we simply “roll up the Bible like a scroll” and label the seven canonical divisions.

Read more from Chapter 3 of the Bible Wheel book

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58 comments on “What is the Bible Wheel?
  1. Ed Goodman says:

    This is one of the most amazing sites I’ve seen in YEARS! I may do a brief article advertising your site to my readers…with your permission, course.

  2. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the encouraging words! You certainly have my permission to advertise this discovery on your site.

    All the best,


    PS: Folks can view Ed’s site by clicking on his name.

  3. Ed Goodman says:

    I spread the word of this amazing discovery to all the readers of Living With Fire.

    Blessings to you, brother.

    Deut. 29:29

  4. Greetings Richard,

    I was surfing the web and came across your site. I am amazed so far at your Bible wheel, and how everything falls into place.

    It’s funny that in the last comment Ed signed off with Deut. 29:29, because I wanted to comment to you that there is new revelation to be found on my website. It is regarding Holy Week chronology. The mystery has been revealed. Now, all Biblical Perspectives (Judaism, Messianic Judaism, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant) are reconciled in one chronological timeline.

    There is a lot of information in the free “Twilight Report” that you may be interested in. One my writings deals with the intersection between the natural (science) and the Supernatural (God) on the day of Jesus’ Crucifixion. I thought that you would be interested since you have a Physics background. I left the hypothesis for someone to run a computer simulation to prove the Supernatural. Now, after I read your background, it seems as though you may understand how to do it.

    If you have time, stop by and take a look. I really think that you will be amazed. If you are amazed at this new revelation, maybe your Bible wheel may also show some correlation with this timeline.

    Thanks for your time, David

    Bringing Christian harmony to all the world.

  5. Hi David,

    I watched the introductory video on your site and must say it was very professionally done. It looks great, but there were a couple points you probably would like to fix. First, the Hebrew phrase “beyn ha arbayim” was referred to as a Hebrew word. This is a small point, but folks who are interested in precision (like me) find such things rather off-putting. Second, the word “beyn” was consistently mispronounced as “bee-in” when it should sound like “bane” (to rhyme with rain). Getting this right seems particularly important since it is central to your thesis.

    As for your hypothesis stated in your Computer Simulation PDF file, it needs to be refined. You wrote:

    Hypothesis: Given that the movement of our Sun in the solar system is abruptly and completely stopped, and suspended in space, the resulting movement of the Earth would break free from the ecliptic and continue in its upward path and natural rotation. This resulting movement of the Earth would agree with Newton’s laws of motion, and with the natural law of conservation of angular momentum.

    I find this difficult to understand. There is no “movement of our Sun in the solar system” so there is no way it could have “abruptly and completely stopped, and suspended in space.” It is the earth that moves around the sun. The idea that the Earth then “would break free from the ecliptic and continue in its upward path and natural rotation” likewise makes no sense to me. I scanned through all the other PDF files leading up to this hypothesis and did not see a clear explanation of what you meant. If you want folks to understand you, it would probably be best to write up a lucid explanation as briefly as possible.

    But I did find one file that showed the spiral paths the planets form when we shift our view from the inertial frame of the sun to the inertial frame of the Milky Way galaxy. I’m guessing you meant that the sun suddenly stopped its movement relative to the Milky Way galaxy. But that doesn’t really make much sense since the galaxy is not an absolute frame of reference, so there is no reason to choose it over any other. It makes more sense just to use the inertial frame of the sun, or the earth if we were to be “Biblical” about it. In any case, your thesis needs to be clarified before anyone could do any testing of it.

    All the best,


  6. Thank you Richard for your quick reply and helpful feedback.

    I do include a pdf file of a near plane view of the solar system. The whole solar system is moving together as a whole. If you stop the movement of the main component of that system (sun), wouldn’t the rest of that system (planets) continue its movement based on its momentum?

    I do hope that you will spend more time looking at the material. You can visually see how the Catholic understanding of a Friday (Nisan 15) Crucifixion first began. You can visually see how the Orthodox understanding of a Friday (Nisan 14) Crucifixion first began. You can visually see how the Messianic Judaism Passover Seder first began. You can visually see the transition from the first covenant to the second covenant in the chronology. You can visually see how two important Pharisaic traditions first began during the fourteenth day of the first month at the appointed time, “beyn ha’ arbayim”, on the day Jesus was crucified and shed His Holy Precious Blood. You can visually see how there is complete harmony between the Gospel of John and the Synoptic Gospels. All of this is seen in the twelve diagrams in the itemized timeline pdf file.

    All divisions within Christianity have a single common denominator for their misunderstanding. This issue can be summed up in two questions.

    • Why do the Christian scholars use the Jewish “inclusive reckoning practice” in their exegesis for (Matthew 12:40), but do not use the same Jewish “inclusive reckoning practice” in their exegesis of (Exodus 12:19)? (seven vs. eight days that no leaven was found in the houses.)

    • Do they understand that this inconsistency would have placed Jesus, and the entire congregation of Israel, in a position of obeying a Pharisaic tradition that breaks the command of God? This position is not faithful to the Word of God, and it also violates doctrinal integrity. Jesus followed all of His Father’s commands.

    Thanks again for looking at the material.


  7. Richard,

    I just wanted to say that I didn’t see your last paragraph before I replied. Sorry about that.

    Also, your expertise in Physics is better than mine. My engineering degree is from the eighty’s. Why would everything fall into place, if the three hour period of darkness was not caused as I explained it? Would you be able to explain the cause for this effect, in a better way, that I apparently was unable to adequately get across? Scriptural and historical records indicate a solar eclipse. (Jewish leaders Report to Pilate, and the, oldest and main manuscripts of Luke). A natural solar eclipse during the full moon is impossible, so that only leaves a supernatural eclipse.


  8. Hey there David,

    When you say that the “whole solar system is moving together as a whole” you need to specify what it is moving relative to. That’s relativity. There has not been any “absolute motion” since Einstein. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to talk about the sun “stopping.” Stopping relative to what?

    Now I think I get you basic idea. You are thinking of taking some point of view out in space somewhere and imagine watching the solar system move by, and then you imagine stopping the sun relative to your own point of view. But that doesn’t make any sense until you choose a frame of reference.

    Astronomers begin by defining a “local standard of rest.” Relative to that, our solar systems moves at about 43,000 miles per hour (70,000 km/hr) roughly in the direction of the bright star Vega in the constellation of Lyra. Then you have to consider the motion of our “local standard of rest” which moves at about center of the Milky Way galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour! And then you must consider the motion of the Milky Way galaxy relative to the the CBR (Cosmic Background Radiation). It’s speed? 1.3 million miles per hour!

    So when you talk about the sun “stopping” what is it stopping relative to?

    Here is a good page where you can read about the relative motion of the planets around the sun, the sun around the galaxy, and the galaxy through the universe.

    Now I looked more at your explanation. It seems your central thesis is this:

    The solution is found in how one interprets twilight, “between the two evenings”, in [Exodus 12:6]. If one interprets one of the evenings as belonging to Jewish man, and the other evening as belonging to God, then the apparent contradiction disappears.

    I have no reason to think that “between the evenings” would have that meaning, especially since it doesn’t make sense to speak of the sun “stopping.” And there are other contradictions that can’t be solved that way such as the anointing at Bethany which happened both before and after the Triumphal Entry depending on which Gospels we read. And there are many other contradictions throughout the Bible so the idea of solving a 2000 year old contradiction this way just isn’t convincing to me. Sorry. I’m just letting you know how things seem to me.

    All the best,


  9. Hey there David,

    The impression of “everything falling into place” is a very compelling experience. The problem is that many people see “everything falling into place” in contradictory ways. So we must sharpen our intellects to avoid falling into error. Let me show you by example. Here is your explanation:

    The solution is found in how one interprets twilight, “between the two evenings”, in [Exodus 12:6]. If one interprets one of the evenings as belonging to Jewish man, and the other evening as belonging to God, then the apparent contradiction disappears. Does God have an evening from His perspective? Yes! The first three days of Creation all had evenings associated with them, yet man was not created until the sixth day. So these evenings must belong to God. What is God’s evening? Well, we know that it could not be sunset, since the sun was not created until the fourth day. God’s evening then would be the end of God’s day, the end of light, the beginning of darkness. Even though from Jewish man’s perspective the fourteenth day ends at sunset, from God’s perspective, the fourteenth day continues until first darkness. Therefore, between these two evenings, would be the time period between sunset and darkness. This time period, from Jewish man’s perspective, would fall entirely on the Jewish fifteenth calendar day, however, from God’s perspective, it would be considered to be on the fourteenth day between the two evenings.

    I do not find your explanation intellectually satisfying or well-founded in Scripture. First, it sounds like you interpret the days of Genesis 1 as literal 24 hour days. That doesn’t work for many reasons. Second, you leap to the conclusion that God has “an evening from His perspective.” I don’t think it follows from what the Bible says and it doesn’t even make sense to me.

    From a logical perspective, your solution looks to me like “special pleading.” It does not follow any general principles that I use to understand the rest of Scripture.

    All the best,


  10. Rose says:

    Hi David,

    If one is going to appeal to the supernatural, then there is no need for any kind of explanation, because anything that god does is suspending the natural laws anyway.

  11. Max Day says:


    Your skepticism about God and the Bible is wrong, badly wrong. I do not believe that you have ever heard of the Kingdom Bible or the Golden Ratio format of the Bible. I urge you to go to my website and learn about it, because the eternal destination of your soul depends upon it.

    In fact, I have created a special web page on my site dedicated to discussing the so-called “Bible Wheel” idea, and why it is completely wrong. I have no beef with you personally, and I make that clear on the site. It is only and completely about the Bible, and I just want people to use your experience as a pointer to the truth (kind of like C). You can find it here:


    I’m sure that both you and your wife are smart, educated people with good intentions. But I think that your “Bible Wheel” idea provides a great opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and explain why the Traditional format of the Bible (Old and New “Testaments”) is completely false and needs revision. The Kingdom Bible version (of which I am the Editor and Translator) provides the true format of the Bible, and it proves that the Bible is of completely divine origin because of the Golden Ratio format of UCCOO. It takes too long to explain it all in a posting like this, so I have provided over 20 videos on youtube that provide the necessary background to the Kingdom Bible project. You can find the links on this page: here, or you can search youtube with “Kingdom Bible UCCOO format” to find the entire list of videos.

    My website provides a free download of the current edition of the Kingdom Bible in pdf format. You can find it here: here

    You can correspond with me at the email attached to this post.

  12. Max Day says:

    Please go to http://www.phibible.org to find the true format of the Bible and why the “Bible Wheel” could not possibly be true.

    I have dedicated a special page to this subject at http://www.phibible.org/Miscellaneous/BibleWheel.htm

  13. I see that you made up your own order of books for the Bible. By what authority do you change the Bible? Why should anyone think that your invention is correct?

  14. Hey there Max,

    You are correct, I had never heard of the “Kingdom Bible” before.

    How could your invention of a new Bible have anything to do with the “eternal destination” of my soul? Do you consider yourself a prophet of God with a new revelation?

    Your assertion about the Bible Wheel are false and unfounded. Whether you accept or reject the traditional structure of the Protestant Bible of 66 books is irrelevant. It exists, and the Bible Wheel is an accurate 2D representation of that object, so it is not false. Simple as that. The only question is if the Bible Wheel reveals patterns that require explanation – meaningful patterns that cannot be explained as the product of any conscious effort by the people who put it together. This is why it seems your Kingdom Bible couldn’t prove anything – anyone can make up any patterns they want given the raw material.

    I’ll have to review your material before commenting more.

    All the best,


  15. Max Day says:

    It takes much too long to explain in this context. I have prepared over 20 videos on youtube that go into all of the details of the why and how of the Golden Ratio format of the Bible. Here is a quick link to them.


    God called me to the task of finding the true format of the Bible over 30 years ago, and I found it (or rather began to find it) around 2005 when I discovered the principle of UCCOO based upon the Fibonacci sequence from which the Golden Ratio is derived. After that, the Lord showed me place after place in the Bible where this pattern is found, and in fact, it is found on every page and in every Division, Volume, Book, Part, Chapter, Section, Paragraph, Sub-paragraph and even below that in some places. God has done something truly amazing in his Word. I urge you to watch and listen to the videos to learn about it.

  16. Max Day says:

    Remember that my comment is not an attack on you. I am only pointing out that there are not 66 documents in the Bible, only 63, because Chronicles, Kings, and Samuel were not originally broken in two pieces when they were written. It is a historical fact that the reason they were broken into two “Books” was that the writing medium of the day (sheepskins, vellum or whatever) was far too bulky and difficult to handle if the entire body of text for each Book as a whole were to be placed onto a single skin, vellum or whatever it was. So for convenience, they simply broke the Books at what they thought might be the middle point, and created two separate “Books”, but originally they were not. God did not inspire the breaking of the documents, only the original text.

    Therefore, there is no validity to the idea of 66 as a number related to the number of Bible documents. I pointed you to the videos in the post above, so I will leave it at that for now.

  17. Max Day says:

    And btw, no, I am not a prophet, only one of his servants trying to do his will, one day at a time.

  18. Hey there Max,

    Don’t worry, I didn’t feel like you were attacking me. And just to let you know, I love a challenge!

    I agree that the division of the books like Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles was probably done because of the size of the scrolls, but that’s irrelevant to the Bible Wheel because the BW is nothing but a 2D representation of an actual object that exists in the world – the traditional 66 book canon. I never appeal to “authority” to justify anything. The only reason the BW appears to be significant is because it exposes patterns that in that object – the 66 book canon – that seem to be highly significant and so in need of explanation.

    Now you say that there are “really” only 63 books because you recombined three pairs that were previously divided. What about Ezra/Nehemiah? Those books were originally one book. How do you deal with this? Should you not have really only 62 books?

    Also, I’ve looked around your site a bit and have not found any clear and straightforward description of your claims. I don’t have time to sift through thousands of pages trying to figure out your thesis. Do you have a page where you simply state your thesis in a few paragraphs? And I’m confused by your table of Bible books on your Bible Wheel page. I see some of the standard names (Genesis, Exodus, etc.) but then I see all sorts of things listed that don’t have any name of a standard Bible book. So I don’t even know what your table is supposed to mean.

    I also note that you have rearranged the order of the NT History section to be Matthew, Luke, John, Mark, Acts. How do you justify this? Do you have an objective rule, or would ten different people come up with ten different orders? That’s the real problem with inventing systems like yours. Folks can make up whatever they want and there is no way to tell who is right and who is wrong, or if there is any right or wrong rearrangement.

    Are you familiar with other attempts similar to yours? I’ve seen a number different arrangements declared to be the “correct” order.

  19. Hey there Max,

    A few points you might want to consider. Your entire thesis appears to be that your rearrangement reveals an underlying pattern that unifies Scripture. That’s exactly the same claim I make about the Bible Wheel. Of course, the difference between your patterns and mine are that mine is that mine don’t require any rearrangement or manipulation on my part at all. The BW simply displays patterns that already exist implicitly.

    I noticed on your site that you appreciate the meaning of the alphabetic structure of Psalm 119 as representing the “completeness and perfection” from Aleph to Tau. That’s one of the reasons the BW seems so significant. It “seals” the Bible from Aleph to Tau, or to use the Greek equivalent, from Alpha to Omega. And this happens with the BW without any effort or manipulation.

    I also thought you might be interested in the work of others who rearrange the Bible to fit patterns. One of the more prominent examples was Restoring the Original Bible by Ernest L. Martin. I critiqued it here.

  20. Max Day says:

    Again, the videos take you from the beginning of the project and explain everything. The Bible is extremely complex, and cannot be explained in a couple of paragraphs. I’ve spent at least 2 hours in one-on-one sessions with pastors laying the groundwork, and even that is barely sufficient to even begin. It took me over five years of continuous study before I discovered the Golden Ratio pattern in the Scriptures, so how could I possibly expect everyone else, most of whom barely even understand the basics of Christianity, let alone the details of Deuteronomy or even the Gospel of John, to grasp such a powerful concept as the Golden Ratio applied to the Word of God? If it were that easy to understand, it surely would have been found long ago, but it wasn’t.

    You should listen to my video testimony to understand where I personally am coming from, so that you don’t think I am some kind of flake with no testimony. All of the “Foundation” videos are numbered from 1 to the teens to show which ones should be watched/listened to first. Start with those, and after you’ve watched them, we’ll have something to talk about.

    As far as Ezra and Nehemiah goes, in fact, they ARE part of a larger LOGICAL Book, which is also composed of all of the post-captivity documents (Lamentations, Esther, Nehemiah, Ezra, and Haggai), which makes up Part 1, and Revelation, which makes up Part 2. Each Part of every large BOOK, always contains Five Chapters. Revelation contains Five Chapters; the post-captivity documents make up Five Chapters, thus making up ONE Book. This structure is EXACTLY the same in every BOOK all through the Bible. Thus, God gave us the pattern that holds true for the smaller documents:
    The FIVE Book Pairs (Joshua-Judges, Hebrews-Romans, Daniel-Zechariah, Job-Proverbs, 1 and 2 Corinthians) have the exact same structure when combined, as each of these documents have five Chapters, so that when combined, they make up a logical Book with Ten Chapters. All of the large Books (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Lev., Deut., Jer., Isaiah, Ezek., Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Matthew, Luke, John, Mark, Acts) all have Ten Chapters divided into two Parts of Five Chapters each. Thus, this leaves the smallest documents in the Bible, each of which, when combined with the other documents that they logically belong to, make up a Logical Book Group. The Psalms are 150. Using the pattern found elsewhere, you find that (when combined with other Psalms in the same type of logical groups) they have the exact same pattern that (leaving out a lot of explanation that requires the video presentation) gives us 15 Books, with a total of 40 Books. The number 40 should remind you of a number of events mentioned in the Bible: the Flood, Jesus’ fasting in the wilderness, etc).

    God uses numbers in the Bible; and the vast majority of them are related to the Golden Ratio derived from the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8… The Bible only uses the first FIVE numbers of this sequence. Did you notice the abundance of the number FIVE yet?

    I know these statements are begging for more explanation, but you’ll have to watch the videos. It just takes too much space.

  21. Max Day says:


    You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to find some coincidence which “seems” to hold true, and then use that to build a structure upon it that, to the untrained eye, looks very good.

    I commend you for your efforts to understand the Bible better. If even half of all those who profess to believe in Jesus Christ (which apparently doesn’t include you, because in your own words, you “left the faith”) put forth the effort that you have, I’m certain that our churches would be far more fruitful than they are.

    I’m just telling you what I know for a fact, and I understand why you may not be ready to accept that, at least for now. If you really want to know the truth about the Bible, then I invite you to study what I have provided on youtube, and read the Kingdom Bible for yourself. It will take probably a number of weeks or even months of continuous study before you can begin to really appreciate the Kingdom Bible, but if you give it a chance, I believe that you will.

    God is so good, and we are so unworthy of what He has done for us on the cross, and we are also unworthy of the great treasure that He has given us in his precious Word.

    God Himself said, through the inspired psalmist, “I will worship toward your holy Temple, and praise your Name for your lovingkindness and for your truth: for you have magnified your Word above all your Name.” Psalm 138:2

    I want to leave one note of caution: currently the KB is undergoing revision, because I recently discovered that within the paragraph divisions of the current edition, there are yet more Golden Ratio divisions to be found. Some paragraphs as they currently are, as just right. Others contain either 3 or 5 sub-paragraphs in the exact same pattern found in the Chapters, Sections, and paragraphs. I had seen some of these previously, but my own understanding of the Bible had not yet grown to be able to know what to do with them. Now at least, I am in the process of learning how these should be dealt with. But in the meantime, the current edition of the KB contains some limitations, and even some errors in the format.

    The vast majority of the format is very good, but not yet perfect. Nonetheless, you can benefit a great deal even with the limitations of this edition. I just want you to be aware of this. The Sermon on the Mount, in particular, in the current edition format has been significantly updated, and that has not yet been published.

  22. Max Day says:

    Lastly, the translation of the Kingdom Bible is very solid, and has scarcely changed except in very tiny snippets for a number of years. The KJV edition of the KB uses the KJV text as is with no changes to the words, but updates all of the out-of-date punctuation and improper capitalization, and adds text coloring for quotations of any Person of the Trinity. There is a Spanish edition of the KB, but is not available at this time, because of the current ongoing revision.

  23. Hey there Max,

    I think we could have a fruitful discussion, but this particular comment thread is not the place to be discussing your project, since it is for discussion of the Bible Wheel. If you would like to discuss these things more, it would be best if you registered on my forum. You could start your own thread so the conversation would be devoted to your work. And there are lots of other folks on the forum who are interested in patterns in the Bible who would probably join in.

    Hope to see you there!


  24. Max Day says:

    I’m very busy, as not only am I trying to do yet another iteration in the development of the KB format, but I’m also attending college full-time trying to finish my CS degree and get back into engineering work. This is my last semester with a lot of programming, so if I can find some time I will. I am set up with the forum, so we will have to see how it goes. I have to support my work through a secular career, similar to the Apostle Paul’s method.

  25. Hey there Max,

    Good luck with your school and work. The forum will be here when you find time.

    All the best,


  26. Gerry Mason says:

    Hello, I thought I only had a couple of short questions…

    Those first-
    If I search a topic and find a succession of prime numbers, what is that indicating? Do prime numbers hold a particular meaning due to being prime?

    One particular question of canon order. Have you ever seen an indication that the book of John would fit first in the gospel order?

    Having read your updated testimony and seeing your 2013 resolution I am compelled to humbly offer this: for earlier today I was studying Love and unity specifically. My first thought reading your current faith status was that you found proof of divine order without transitioning to faith. Sure your name’s not Thomas :)? So, God by human perspective should be infinite, yes? Are you disappointed to not completely understand? Your strengths clearly are math and reason based. The Word says the greatest teacher of scripture is the Holy Spirit, which comes by faith.

    Ironically (there is no word for coincidence in Hebrew), this relates to my question, as the gospel focused on faith is John, while the first three are proofs to various communities and stations. I have had a similar experience with the teachers of my kids in Christian schools. Most Seminary trained teachers seem to reduce the Bible to a work of literature. Then, study commentaries rather than read the word directly. Taking from John, the scripture is a document come to earthly life. A complete unit, with portions, but not separations. John parallels Genesis of material creation, by introducing the age of Grace and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Grace and faith go together. If you can prove it, it isn’t faith.

    In Love, by Love, and thru Love,
    John for a day

  27. Hey there John,

    I appreciate your comments, but I see no basis for your suggestion that I “found proof of divine order without transitioning to faith.” Why would you think that? I get the impression you haven’t read my former testimony when I was a Christian. I was every bit as much “faith-filled” as any other. It never was dead intellectualism. I used to describe myself as a “blood-bought born-again Bible believing Trinitarian Christian.” I explain more in my articles Why I Quit Christianity and Why I became a Christian.

    You are correct that there are strong correlations between John and Genesis based on the idea of creation, but putting John as first in the order of the Gospels would not align it with Genesis on Spoke 1 so that wouldn’t help. Your suggestion of moving the books around to find better patterns is the basis of my Bible Wheel Challenge which is a way to test if the patterns in the Bible Wheel are objectively valid. Here is how I stated it years ago:

    The Bible Wheel Challenge asserts that the Christian canon is truly perfect in the twofold sense that 1) no rearrangement of its books would improve upon the patterns discovered on the Bible Wheel, and 2) any rearrangement would cause an obvious degradation of existing patterns. The challenge is for the opponent to suggest a rearrangement and present arguments for why such a change would produce patterns equal to or superior to those presently seen in the Bible Wheel. This challenge simultaneously proves the invincibility of the Bible Wheel even as it demonstrates the vacuity of the skeptics canard that “patterns mean nothing because they can be found in anything.” It is an extremely powerful challenge because it can not be refuted without interacting with the data, and the data is the touchstone that proves the Bible Wheel.

    This challenge has been online for about ten years and no one has yet tried to answer it. I still think the patterns are truly optimal given the books, but they could have been a lot better if the books themselves were better. So it has the feel of something like evolution, where organisms are highly optimized for their environment but are far from “perfect” since they are limited by their historical development.

    So the Bible Wheel remains a mystery, but it cannot prove the Bible to be the authoritative “Word of God” that most Christians think it is. An intelligent reading of it does not allow for that possibility.

    As for the primes – they are significant because they are the “building blocks” of the composite numbers. Every number is a product of primes. It’s rather like the periodic table of number theory.

    Now you said:

    So, God by human perspective should be infinite, yes? Are you disappointed to not completely understand? Your strengths clearly are math and reason based. The Word says the greatest teacher of scripture is the Holy Spirit, which comes by faith.

    I am not disappointed about what I don’t understand. I am disappointed because of what I do understand. People who believe the Bible tend to ignore and explain away the parts they don’t like. I am not willing to do that, and I am utterly convinced that no God would want anyone to corrupt their minds that way.

    Finally, the idea that “if you can prove it, it isn’t faith” shows why faith can be so destructive. It corrupts the minds and the morals of believers when they are told to believe something “on faith” without proof. That’s what every religion does. Muslims believe the Koran without faith. Mormons believe their book. Every cult teaches faith without proof. How is Christianity any different?

    Thanks for taking time to share you insights,


  28. Gerry Mason says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. You are correct that I had not read your prior testimony. I came to the blog only to ask my simple questions.

    My comment regarding a divine inspiration as a proof was meant to be a paraphrase of some of your comments and testimony that I did read. Perhaps “perfect order” might have been a better reflection. I am still perplexed that you see the mathematic order in scripture, but consider questions of scripture errors rather than lack of understanding.

    I do understand that religion is a problem, rather than a solution. Of course, my perspective is that faith and scripture are not a religion. Religion is a human problem. Man is inherently flawed. This is the same reason that unity of man, apart from a loving God, is closer to evil than good. In fact, the greatest value of “diversity” is to prevent the coming together of all of man’s worst tendencies. Seeking a complete morality is unattainable for humans. The only option is to define morality down to something flawed man, individually or collectively can achieve.

    You referenced evolution as an example. Any geneticist can explain that duplication and mutation always result in inferior and less complex organisms in nature. This is true even if one allows “millions of years.” By the same token, our ancestors were stronger genetically than we are; probably a lot smarter, too.

    In any case, my intention was merely to offer some food for thought, rather than to “re-convert” you. We each have our own path. I have found your research a valuable reference and appreciate your openness.

    Kind Regards,

  29. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I’m glad this conversation is continuing. I too am “perplexed” by the patterns in Scripture since they suggest a “design” from an intelligence that transcends humans whereas the same cannot be said about the text itself. I don’t see how your suggestion that all the problems could be resolved by merely assuming that we have a “lack of understanding” could work. The problem is not that I don’t understand what the text says, the problem is that I understand all too well and see that it is impossible to “explain away” all the problems. One possibility is to assume that God designed the Bible to be some kind of test to see if we put truth over the dogma that the Bible is the “inerrant and infallible Word of God.” If God is the author, then he know he deliberately wrote a book that contains many errors, contradictions, ancient mythology, and moral abominations attributed to God. So what is an honest person to do? I cannot pretend the problems are not there or that they could be explained away as a “lack of understanding.” Yet neither can I deny that the Bible has profound wisdom, that it contains deep patterns that cohere with the meaning of the plain text, and that it has played a central role in the formation of world consciousness. That’s why I’m mystified.

    I don’t understand your idea that “faith and scripture are not a religion.” Those are the defining characteristics of religions like Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism, Protestantism, etc., etc., etc, To say that Christianity (with its foundation in Scripture and faith) is not a “religion” seems like a meaningless word game to me. I know that Christians like to say that their religion is different then everyone else’s but that seems like a rhetorical trick with no content because there is no way to distinguish between “religion” and “Christianity” as far as I can tell.

    Your assertion that “Any geneticist can explain that duplication and mutation always result in inferior and less complex organisms in nature” is not true. Can you substantiate it? Have you ever studied evolution at all? It is one of the most firmly established and well-verified of all scientific theories.

    All the very best,


  30. garry says:

    There is no way, other then in elitist fashion, to say that Christianity is “not a religion.” Richard is absolutely correct about that. And warning here, I am CLEARLY not nearly as educated, inteligent, ETC. as Richard or several others here that have posted. Shoot, I can’t even spell good (“well” maybe?). AT ANY RATE!!! lol. The point that I wanted to make is this: Like it or not, EVERY system of worship, even (or perhaps ESPECIALLY) nonothestic systems, ARE “religion.” And it is religion that has seperated man from God since the Garden itself. That is the whole message of that story that God has preserved all these years. The choice that God symbolized wtih the two trees is as true today as it was for Adam. If you choose to devour fruit from “trees” who bear fruit that dictates to you what is “good/right” and what is “evil/wrong” then you have chosen a religious system over actually “walking with God.” Once you start eating from THAT tree, you die. I.e., you no longer have council from a LIVING God, but a system that believes that it has it all figured out instead. And it was the serpent that preached the the very first sermon ever preached that convinced them to do so. And please, don’t anyone whoop up on me with the “situational ethics” line. I am not talking about that. But, having said that, EVERY situation, EVERY individual, EVERY combination of the two, is too complex, too disguised, too… well, too dang everything, for us to fool ourselves into thinking that we can jot down laws, rules, exhaustive lists of “do’s and don’ts,” etc. in advance to know how to deal with it. That is where “religion” (Christianity included) falls woefully short of being much of any good… in fact, most always just the oppisite: it’s is harmful, hurtful, and uncompasionate. Always has been, always will be. Richard is to be commended (yeah, I know, “but he doesn’t believe in…” I know, I got it) for having the ba… (careful now garry…) “courage” to be plain about it. Christianity IS a religion. Not one that Jesus started, just one that got started after his death and resurection.

  31. garry says:

    Could I add one more wee tidbit? You know, I am working on a article about what I call, “Bible worshipers.” Here’s the thing: The Bible can easily have “errors” in it. It is a book, it was written by men, same as you and I (well, I inclued you chicks in that “men” thing too, although you apparently weren’t allowed to write, or perhaps learn to write… HOWEVER, there ARE women written about!). I have no problem with that. Heck, if for no other reason then translation errors, lost understandings of words, phrases, customs, times lived in, what have you. But, I KNOW the God of the bible, and HE is “inerrorant.” If you pick the bible apart, analize it to death, study it until you have gone mad, but fail to see the most important reason that God has preserved it through all these thousands of years, then you benifit from it no more then… well Richard does! (please forgive me Richard, trying to make a point to the “bible worshipers” if you will allow me to use your current beliefs (or lack there of) that way.) The overwhelming message that it’s preservation should have is simply this: God DOES communicate with men and women. If you don’t see that, if you don’t understand that, if you don’t believe that, then why on earth would you serve a silent God that a book tells you about? Unless mere “religion” is satisfactory for you. It isn’t for me. If it had been, I wouldn’t know God today as I do. All I would know is what some other man has told me about him… from what some other man told him about him… from what some other man… well, you get what I’m saying I hope! (btw, that Max Day guy seems really, REALLY proud, almost as proud and full of himself as Moses was! A true bible worshiper and a prime example of what I am talking about!)

  32. garry says:

    Ok, scratch that last remark… It came off not as I intended. Sounds a bit snippity. I apologize to Max Day, not so much for what I said as for how I said it. Yeah… ok, for saying it at all. Wasn’t necessary.

  33. Hi Garry,

    We are in good agreement that “laws, rules, exhaustive lists of do’s and don’ts” can’t encompass morality. I’ve written about that a lot here and there.

    I think your interpretation of the two trees is an interesting way to apply the story but I doubt it is what the original authors intended. And I am confused when you say that “God has preserved the story all these years” since your interpretation does not seem to concur with how Paul interpreted the fall. So are you saying the OT was preserved by God, but not the NT? Or do we have to reinterpret Paul to conform to your interpretation of the fall?

    All the best,


  34. Max Day says:


    Here is a page with preview photos from the upcoming release of the 7th Edition of the Kingdom Bible.

  35. cathy says:

    I just found your blog and am very intrigued by the BW. Do you realize that the picture of the scroll you show at the top of the blog looks very much like the space pictures of the milky way galaxy? Amazing! The heavens surely declare His Glory and pour forth speech so that mankind is without excuse. I enjoyed reading the exchange between you and David Behrens.

    Maybe you will find this connection interesting. I was looking up the gematria of 172 when I found your site. There are 172 Hebrew words in the Ten Commandments, so I wanted to look up all the words with the gematria of 172. The very fist word is a’queb (heel or footprint) is from Gen. 3:15 (garry posted about the garden in eden; this word is connected to the serpent/deceiver who constantly challenges the authority of God’s word & instructions). Another derivative of the word is e’kev (come to pass) is found in Deuteronomy 7:12 and Isaiah 14:24: “The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand”. Here’s the connection I’m making: by keeping Torah (God’s instructions) and the Testimony (of Messiah) we do battle and defeat the serpent (Rev. 14:12, 1 John 5:7, Isa. 8:20).

    God makes known the end from the beginning. There is a mystery in Beresheit (Genesis). The two Hebrew letters Aleph &Tav (First & Last, Alpha & Omega) appear together in Genesis 1:1 (you see it in the Hebrew, but it’s not translated. Genesis 1:1 is comprised of 7 words, “seven” represents Spiritual Perfection. Revelation 1:8 confirms the one who is the Alef-Tav hidden in Genesis 1:1 is Elohim Yehoshua! Baruch Ha’Shem.

  36. Michael Korn says:

    “If even half of all those who profess to believe in Jesus Christ (which apparently doesn’t include you, because in your own words, you “left the faith”) put forth the effort that you have, I’m certain that our churches would be far more fruitful than they are.”

    Regarding Max’s statement here, it is my experience, based on visting churches of virtually every denomination and reading apologetics works by Catholics, Orthodox, and Evangelical authors, that Christians generally do not put forth any effort. In fact the whole thrust of Christianity, confirmed by the words of Jesus Himself in the Gospels, is to find rest from intellectual and moral laboring.

    Christians have a dangerous tendency to rely on “experts” like Max and to let them do all the thinking for them. And then they have the audacity to proclaim that eating from the Tree of Knowledge led to the downfall of man…

  37. Michael Korn says:


    I looked at the comments of Behrens briefly. He seems to make a number of errors:

    1. Bayn Ha Arbayim I was taught in Orthodox Jewish yeshiva means Between the Shadows, and refers to the afternoon offering between the time of noon, when the sun starts casting an eastern shadow as it moves to the west, and sunset, when the shadowing process is complete.

    2. Jews sacrificed the Paschal lamb on 14 Nissan. This is called Erev Pesach not the first day of Unleavened Bread which was 15 Nissan. Leaven became forbidden around noon of 14 Nissan, but they actually were forbidden to eat unleavened products until 15 Nissan.

    3. There were ordinary festival sacrifices on the morning of 15 Nissan, but these were not termed Paschal Lambs (Qorban Pesach). Jesus could not have brought a paschal lamb offering on 15 Nissan because there would have been no priests in the Temple to offer it for Him.

    It saddens and amazes me that Christians not only demonize Jews but insist on stealling, distorting and coopting their own sacred traditions.

  38. Michael Korn says:

    twilight mentioned below could not be after dark, or else it would then be 15 NIssan:

    The Lord spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, on the first new moon of the second year following the exodus from the land of Egypt, saying: Let the Israelite people offer the passover sacrifice at its set time: you shall offer it on the fourteenth day of this month, at twilight, at its set time; you shall offer it in accordance with all its rites and rules

    — Num. 9:1–3, JPS translation

  39. Herbert M Pepper says:

    Everyone should check out what Dr. Ralph Allison discovered regarding what I consider to be another name for the conscience. His website is dissociation.com. The name is Essence. I know that my Essence is connected to the creator. The information he received from the supervisor of the Essences came as a direct result of his practice as a Psychiatrist. He worked with patients with multiple personality disorder for over 22 years. He has numerous papers available to be printed. Don’t mind the copyright. He gives permission to anyone. The Essence(s) want people to be aware of them and what they do for mankind.

  40. Shuruk says:

    @R.A. McGough

    Dear Sir,

    There are 39 books in the Tanach, as there are also 39 turns on the Tzitzit. The number 39 is found to be significant in that it is the gematria (numerical equivalent) of the words: “The Lord is One” Deuteronomy 6:4)

    When you add the 27 books of a New Testament, the total is 66 (which you have shown me).

    The Tanakh uses the literal word ‘curse’, 66 times. Also, 66 members of Jacob’s (Israel’s) family went into Egypt, which was truly a curse from my point of view, in fact, we celebrate every year the leaving Egypt. I don’t see 66 as being a necessarily good number, or am I wrong about this?

    Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Wild guesses and other speculation is perfectly acceptable to me.


  41. Hey there Shuruk,

    I don’t think you can really get at the symbolic meaning of a number (assuming one exists) by cherry picking a few examples and then interpreting them as “good” or “bad” or whatever. If there are no guiding principles anyone can make up anything they want.

    When I was studying gematria I would look for coherent self-reflective self-confirming structures which I called Biblical Holographs. They are passages in which the same prime number(s) would recur in nested multiples. I was particularly impressed if those primes also were the numerical value of the central message of the passage. One of the most striking examples of this is the Shema. You mentioned the gematria of the part that says YHWH echad (The Lord is one) which has the value of 39 which is a multiple of the prime number 13. There are four nested multiples of 13 in that one verse, and 13 is the value of “echad” which is the central message of the verse:

    13 x 1 = 13 = echad (one)
    13 x 2 = 26 = YHVH (The Lord)
    13 x 3 = 39 = YHVH echad (The Lord is one)
    13 x 86 = 1118 = Sum of Shema (Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one)

    The last identity is particularly striking because the number 86 is the value of Elohim (God) and so the sum of the entire Shema is 1118 = 13 (ONE) x 86 (GOD) which is the meaning and message of the text itself. I call this the Unity Holograph.

    The Unity Holograph

    Great chatting,


  42. Neue Abenteuef says:

    It is interesting to note that Son and Our God share the same number.

    The Son of God is Our God!

  43. Julie says:

    hello. I haven’t read every comment posted on your site, of course, but after reading some of your articles and the comments I just have a few thoughts to share. First, I had been troubled in the past about the children being punished along with their sinning parents. After pondering this I have comforted myself with these thoughts: as a mom, I started thinking about what it would be like for my children if every adult they knew vanished. I believe that it would be more merciful for the children to die with their parents.Secondly, I believe that there is life after this world and that the children go on to a better situation. I can’t prove this of course but it’s what I believe..

    Have you considered Psalm 82? Perhaps we are actually in a kind of purgatory and we are experiencing the just punishment for crimes we commented against the Most High. We were known by Him before we were born because we existed as spirit beings before becoming flesh beings. Could be. How could I prove otherwise??

    First graders are told there are no negative numbers. Why?…. Perhaps the answers to many of our questions are above our ability to understand at this time. Seems to me that the bible describes a process of progressive revelation taking place over thousands of years.So many of the words of King David would seem out of place coming from the mouth of Jesus.

    I believe that it is true that God is spirit. I am learning that He speaks way beyond the feebleness of human words (You have experienced some of this through your number sense.). This probably isn’t going to make sense, and I’m just learning, but God speaks in word pictures, or parables. Jesus is the perfect parable of God. But God is so complex, it takes, well I guess an infinite, number of word pictures to describe the various attributes of God. If this is true, the visible world around us is a type of book. But we need revelation to read it, or spiritual eyes and ears. So, this means that cats are are parable about some spiritual truth. Trees are a communication from God. True language. I’ve probably lost you,but I’ll try to point to some interesting implications if this is true. ( Btw, I do believe that the universe is a vast place and we’re not the center of it!) Anyway, if it is true that Gen. 6 is a window on the interference in this world of “angels” who started messing with human DNA , and according to other extra-bibical books,with the DNA of other earth species, then populations that contain these mixed species were a rewriting of God’s book, His description of who He is, or of some spiritual truth.. We’re told that these angels taught mankind the “art” of war. You are a good example of the long term negative consequences of their interference. Omygoodness, I probably sound like a total nut. I’m not saying I have this figured out but I think I’m learning something.

    Just curious: Have you taken your case to Jesus Himself and asked Him to help you with your questions? It seems incredibly foolish to be prosecuting attorney , witness against, and judge and jury in a case against God and Jesus. You should give Him a chance to speak.

    I also have many questions. At some point however, I became settled in Jesus. I embrace His sweetness and His sharpness. I think He’s the adventure of eternity. I’m so glad I don’t understand Him. Eternity is a long time!Have you ever put fruit in jello? – Do it too soon and it just lays on the bottom. Do it too late and it just floats on the top. Do it at just the right time and the fruit is suspended in the jello. 🙂 Somehow, I’ve come to the point in my life where I feel nestled in Jesus. Here’s to an eternity of coming to know Him!!

    Blessings to you , Sir, from possibly a crazy lady. 🙂 I’m listening. I’m looking. I’m thinking. I appreciate that you’re a thinking man!!

  44. karla says:

    I can’t wait to order and read this it seems to me some sort of conformation of a thought Ive had for awhile, my journey has took me all over the place. probably through every religion on earth to find things hidden things that would open a new door to better understanding. It seems to me that God allowed the Fallen one to disperse the truth all over the body of Christ…and life is in the blood one must move around and not remain stagnant or certain spiritual death occurs. Idk like jews have 4 levels of understanding and the gentiles the other 3 and 7 completes and takes us home. seven sections in your wheel seems to be leading all to Christ in the center.
    I can totally relate to the ladys comment above because I have often wondered if this maze was a test of dedication of fallen angels to make their way back home to their first estate.

  45. I can’t wait to order and read this it seems to me some sort of conformation of a thought Ive had for awhile, my journey has took me all over the place. probably through every religion on earth to find things hidden things that would open a new door to better understanding.

    Hi Karla,

    It’s funny you should mention how your journey took you through all the religions. The same thing happened to me. I just wrote about it in my latest post called Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been. I began my “trip” looking for the common thread in all the worlds religions. You might want to think about the “confirmation” you see in my work, since I am now convinced it is the product of “confirmation bias” which is a primary cognitive fallacy. Folks tend to accept whatever “confirms” what they already believe and so end up believing all sorts of things that are not really true. This is particularly common in religion since it is explicitly based on “faith” meaning “believing things that can’t be proven.” I would be interested in your comments.

    All the best,


  46. It’s actually nearly unthinkable to find well-educated people on this subject, although you appear like you fully understand those things you’re writing about! Bless You

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  49. Max Day says:


    This concerns the links to my website in my previous posts on this page. The website has changed dramatically, and I have added redirects for the links in the previous posts, but they do not go to the new page with the same information. Instead you will be taken to the main page, which is divided into two panels: the panel on the left is for navigating the site, which allows you to choose any page on the site which displays on the right panel.

    My development work on determining the true format of the Bible, which has never been successfully done before by anyone, is nearly complete. I have recently published new editions of the KJV 2014, the English Kingdom Bible Version, and the Spanish Kingdom Bible Version on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle versions.You can find them on Amazon by searching for “Bible, Golden Ratio”.

    When I originally posted the comments above, the development work on determining how the Golden Ratio format actually works itself out on every page of the Bible was still in a prototype stage. The larger divisions of the Bible were clear, but how the paragraphs and sub-paragraphs should be correctly organized was still problematic.

    I knew that I was on the right track, but the Golden Ratio patterns were so complex that it took more than 14 years to figure it out. 18 months ago, I began making huge progress, and by the end of 2014, the accuracy of the format was up to at least 95% or better.

    The format issues have now been resolved in almost all cases, and it is a rare occurrence when I find problems in the format now, and getting rarer, which is very good news indeed.

    I am working on an Appendix document which explains the Golden Ratio format of the Bible from A to Z, as it were. At this date, there are over 80 short studies contained in this document which prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Golden Ratio format is from God. It proves:

    1) The Traditional Canon is the true Word of God, and all other religious writings (the koran, the b.gita, the books of mormon, the pseudopigrapha, etc) are spurious or just plain false.
    2) Both the Hebrew and Greek documents of the Bible are all the Word of God, because all of them show the Golden Ratio pattern of UCCOO on every page, proving that Jesus Christ is the Messiah of Israel, something that most modern Jews are in denial about.
    3) that Jehovah is the one true God, and all other gods are false, since none of the other religious writings manifest the Golden Ratio patterns of UCCOO found in the Holy Bible traditional canon.
    4) Last, but now least, it proves that the “Bible Wheel” is certainly false and is not of God. I have a special page dedicated to explaining why here: http://www.phibible.org/info/BibleWheel.html

    You can download this Appendix PDF document for free at this link: http://www.phibible.org/Downloads/Appendix.pdf

  50. Everything is very open with a very clear description of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your website is very useful. Thank you for sharing!

  51. josef.sefton.1 says:

    Richard, is absolutely correct in his assessment of Todd Bentley.
    The Toronto Blessing should be called the Toronto Curse, for all those people writhing on the floor were being entered by demons.

    That’s when these evil false teachers knowingly and willingly imparted “evil” upon their followers. It’s a tragedy but much of what is called church has been overun by satanists.

  52. MichaelFree says:


    You know full well that I don’t bow to: lying, thefts, physical assaults, rape, murder, torture, or enslavement. I’m a simple person and I judge simply.

    You say that my father Gary is being tortured by your God in hell. Please do not pray to your God about me. I have no business with your God. This is my right to ask you to not pray to your God about me personally.

    Take care.

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  54. Yonder Lopez says:

    Dear Mr. NcGough,

    I am a Christian and growing up in a Christina home along like many of you I’m sure, we were not taught the book of Enoch. However, learning of the book of Enoch I have come across a very startling revelation that, in the book itself, Enoch states that it was for a future generation to fully grasp and discover, I am guessing this generation that we are in now because I believe we are in the last generation and these are the The End Times. Have you considered the book of Enoch into this algorithm of yours?

    Also I have been looking into how it could be possible, according to a lot of you tube videos I have watched that the Earth is actually FLAT and we have been massively lied to, globally deceived throughout history for hundreds of years. By the Elite which are led by SATAN as the Illuminati, NASA, Freemasons, etc. with the sole purpose to keep us from the truth which us God. For example, some of these videos I have watched say that we never went to the moon because we just simply can’t. It is above a “firmament” which is clearly stated in the bible, the

    In biblical cosmology, the firmament is the structure above the atmosphere of Earth, conceived as a vast solid dome.[1] According to the Genesis creation narrative, God created the firmament to separate the “waters above” the earth from the “waters below” the earth.[2] The word is anglicized from the Latin firmamentum, which appears in the Vulgate, a late-4th-century Latin translation of the Bible.
    The firmament is described in Genesis 1:6–8 in the Genesis creation narrative:

    Then God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day.[3]
    The word “firmament” is used to translate rāqîaʿ (רָקִ֫יעַ‬), a word used in Biblical Hebrew. It is derived from the root raqqəʿ (רָקַע), meaning “to beat or spread out thinly”, e.g., the process of making a dish by hammering thin a lump of metal.[5][6]

    Like most ancient peoples, the Hebrews believed the sky was a solid dome with the Sun, Moon, planets and stars embedded in it.[7] According to The Jewish Encyclopedia:
    The Hebrews regarded the earth as a plain or a hill figured like a hemisphere, swimming on water. Over this is arched the solid vault of heaven. To this vault are fastened the lights, the stars. So slight is this elevation that birds may rise to it and fly along its expanse.[8]

    Ancient people knew this! So at some point I’m guessing during the Tepler Crusaides this knwoledge became obscured/ destroyed or hidden. And a new age of reason and science began. Then evolution began to be taught, and the theory of earth as a globe as well. I have researched a lot into this and everything NASA tels us makes no sense, dinosaurs make no sense. What does make sense is a flat earth in a firmament and according to the book of Enoch Human/Angel hybrids were GIANTS, men of reknown who were created by The WATCHMEN or Angels who God had appointed to watch over his creation, but because of their lust for human women, they sinned against God’s will and thus became Fallen Angels. This is all in the book of Enoch. These you tube videos of FLAT EARTH really debunk the Globe theory lie and its over exaggerated space perception that is ingrained into our conscience as children since a very early age in school. Some videos are so thorough about proving the Flat Earth reality that they do provide scientific and mathematical explanation to this truth. I am curious if you have gave the book of Enoch a chance in possibly fitting into your algorithm/ numerical sequence of this bible wheel order. Because it could help answer all these questions that many Christians still ask today.

    Psalm 19: To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

  55. Yonder Lopez says:

    Mr. McGough,
    I must apologize I was in a rush on that last post and made some grammar errors. Also let me clear my rushed disorder on the part of the WATCHMEN. I meant to say that the WATCHMEN became these Fallen Angels because of their lust they slept with human women, those women gave birth to human hybrid/GIANT men, and these were the actual giants in history, not dinosaurs. These Fallen Angels also taught man many things that God didnt intend to teach us, which was a great betrayal to God and thus a sin so great that that is why they became Fallen Angels. Greek Mythology’s gods are based on these WATCH MEN. Mankind became so corrupt in the days of Noah, and these Giants were destroying the earth and so I believe has a lot to do with why God decided to flood the earth in the days of Noah in order to destroy all the wrong that these Fallen Angels had created. I don’t know how much of this you already know but it makes a lot of sense to me, and I believe should be a part of this wheel you created.. maybe as the 67th?

    With great curiosity towards the truth,

    Yonder Lopez
    USMC Veteran
    Semper Fi

  56. Yonder Lopez says:

    Lastly, one more thing, because I type fast and get excited over this topic because it is of great interest to me and there is just so much to this beyond our understanding.. The reason why people dont know a lot about these Giant Humans is because again truth has been hidden, and deception has been put in its place. The Smithsonian organization is who is always there at excavations in order to take away into “proper storage” when archaeologists find ruins or ancient bones. I honestly believe, dinosaur bones have been a hoax all along and the real GIANT human bones are always replaced with fake dinosaur bones.. or maybe some type of creatures did exist and we call them dinosaurs.. but GIANT men did exist for sure but those giant human bones are the ones that are always taken away by the SMITHSONIAN in order for people not to believe in the book of Enoch maybe? Also the book of Enoch talks about giant trees HUGE GIANT TREES that existed in those days but were probably chopped down by these Giants and are now seen as just mountains.. Look at the Devils Tower in Wyoming for example.. google and science books tell us they were created by magma.. but that just doesnt make any sense. What does make sense is that they were probably trees back in the day and are now rock stumps from centuries of weathering.. just look at how they look, the columns of such monuments look more like the texture of a tree, evenly organized, and not of magma which flows unevenly and abruptly. Your insight and bible perspective is greatly welcomed on all of this.

    With great curiosity for truth,

    Yonder Lopez
    USMC Veteran
    Semper Fi

  57. Yoni says:

    There are 24 books to the Jewish Tanakh, not 39. There are only 39 separate books if split some apart as the Invaders had done.

    It would appear that the Greek and Roman Conquest allowed for the corruption of the Jewish Tanakh, which has made this “wheel” possible.

    Nevertheless, it is a great amount of work, and your efforts have clearly made everyone better for it. Thank you in the highest.

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