Twin Anniversaries of Bible Wheel Discoveries

Yesterday, May 12, was the 15th anniversary of the day I discovered the Bible Wheel.

Tomorrow, May 14, will be the 11th anniversary of the day I discovered the Canon Wheel.

I forgot to blog about this yesterday, but that’s ok, since now I am between the two dates and can simply commemorate both in one post.


The Bible Wheel


The Canon Wheel

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3 comments on “Twin Anniversaries of Bible Wheel Discoveries
  1. Victor says:

    A happy anniversary to the Wheel! What a magnificent structure God enconded in His Holy Book!

    And its proclamation is just warming up!


  2. Amen to that bro! It is an interesting “coincidence” that a woman reported this dream on Facebook in the midst of these twin anniversaries:

    It is 1:40 am…i woke up at 1:15 from a dream…the first part of the dream was this…i was outside..there was going to be an eclipse, as the sun and moon came close together, the sun (which had a great ring around it and a shooting staring coming from within the ring) started chasing the moon was like the sun and moon were playing and dancing together…
    the second part of the dream….was indescribable but i will do the best i can…it was a translucent gold wheel within a wheel. and these wheels had like little wheels or eyes all around the bigger part of the wheels and in the center was the two hebrew letters (see below) aleph tav, and this wheel within wheel was circular like a ball (perfectly) and the light coming from it was brilliant but the light from the center of the wheel out shines the was amazing..(this wheel dropped into view from heaven i believe)
    the third part of the dream was i FELT myself being lifted in the rapture i kept shouting Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..
    i am telling you , when i woke up…i was suprised it was only a dream..the adrenaline was pumping through my veins…this dream was so magnifent…….” I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, THE FIRST AND THE LAST.” REV.21:13

  3. bibelverse says:

    Any serious research to link verses from the holy Bible together, in my opinion, is praiseworthy. These links that Richard brought together, in my opinion, are worthy to be studied!
    I use the same approach in my Bible studies and have used this approach for the twenty plus years that I have been a diligent student of this greatest book of all.

    Use a concordance in your Bible studies and if you take your studies seriously you will be blessed. Use a Strong’s concordance and a KJV of the Bible. Study the Treasure of treasures and fall in love with the Author of this holy book. May God bless!

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