The Overwhelming Power of Blind Belief and Religious Delusion

Benny’s Blog reports:

“Judgment Day on May 21 did come”, said Camping. However, he clarified that the Judgment Day arrived in a spiritual sense rather than manifesting physically.

It is my opinion that this elevates Harold Camping to be the new paragon of religious delusion (as if we didn’t have enough exemplars already). I have yet to hear of any “former followers” who quit because of his failed May 21 prediction. I think this sheds an extremely powerful light on the power of religious and/or ideological delusion. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is counted as “evidence” if it contradicts preexisting beliefs.

This is why the world is filled with false religions, like Scientology, Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, and every form of Protestant Christianity. This is why all dogmatic religions should be rejected out of hand. Non-dogmatic religions and religious philosophy are just fine because they do not destroy the minds of the followers. Dogmatic religion is a mind-killer and should be rejected by all.

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3 comments on “The Overwhelming Power of Blind Belief and Religious Delusion

    Reading what you have written..It sounds to me as i you are mislabeling yoursel..Could it be that you are now nostic????As you well know….Nostics were not a religion…Their cornerstone was aith….My one letter on my computer is malunctioning…They believing and experience with GOD did not have to be done in a church….Since you have studied the bible….I am assuming that you have seen that it is The…History….Present….And things that will come….The history was humans doing the wrong things and the way they lived (violence etc)….Present being the result of the way they lived….Things to come….A warning to change the way we are or we will destroy ouselves….All RELIGIONS HAVE BEEN VIOLENT…Why???? because they are led by humans that became corrupt with power….Power even to leave some extremely important parts out o the bible….Remember faith is the only factor that binds us to GOD…Remember it said that we will be like sheep to the slaughter….Religions have done this….People follow these RELIGIONS like sheep blindly…And religions being corrupt because they are led (throughout history) by corrupt leaders….The resulting corruptness goes on through generations….The goodness of God shows through in the bible by HIM telling us what happened and what will happen by our corruptness..If we don’t change the way we are..HAVE FAITH NOT RLIGION AND YOU’LL FIND THE ANSWERS….FOUND MY F THATS BEEN MISSING OR A MONTH….CINDAVIKE HOPING YOU’LL RETURN NOW IN FAITH!!!!

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    I very much appreciate your comments. I agree that all religions have been violent because they are led by humans. Though on second thought I’m not sure “all” is quite correct. I haven’t heard of much Buddhist violence, but then again, I suppose there’s no reason it couldn’t happen. But some religions are a lot more violent than others. And the reasons can be understood rather quickly – you nailed it when you said that the problem is that “humans become corrupt with power.” The most violent religions (and political ideologies) are based on the “Dominator” model in which a group of humans are set up to rule over others. This is the model of Christianity which is Patriarchal. It is to be compared with the “Partnership” model (cf. The Chalice and the Blade). It presents God as modeled on a human “king” that rules the universe with absolute authority- total power. Therefore, his “earthly representatives” (e.g. the Pope) seek to rule with absolute power. And as everyone knows, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Apply that to the Christians concept of “God” if you want to see the source of the problem.

    As for “faith” – I think I know what you are getting at, but there the problems with the Bible remain. How do you understand the passages in which God commands murder and genocide? Faith is good – I am faithful to my wife and she to me. But what “faith” exactly are you saying I should return to?

    Great chatting!


  3. cindavike says:

    God knows what we do not. That is where faith comes in. Having faith that he knows what he’s doing when we don’t. Go as far back as the mythological gods. They werent mythological. Thats why God said(thou shalt not have gods before me. ).Think and study about what that really means. Then youll get it. Those who along with lucifer came to this earth before it was ready for adam and eve.

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