“The Bible Wheel is phenomenal! I am amazed …”

I received this email today:

Praise be to God who imparted in you such kind of understanding. The Bible Wheel is phenomenal! I am amazed at the degree of completeness and accuracy God’s word reveals when seen from the “realm of heavens” perspective. I have always been convinced of a unity in God’s word that the self-centered or unspiritual man seldom never grasps. Your work is a scourge to theological mediocrity, and a parable to those that always seek to find a reason to disclaim God’s word or to misconceive it. It traverses natural conception of time, space and event because, rather than depend on history, it shows God’s eternal purpose, the Divine cause of/for things, dispensational unfoldings, and the consummation of it. The Bible Wheel, like a spectrogram, brings forth a dimension of God’s word that is not common to our traditional, rudimentary thinking. Deut29:29 shows that God encrypts his [Will] mind [within LOGOS], so that by his Spirit, the illumination and resounding of His will, is harmoniously and straight forwardly dispensed into the hearts of his covenant-sealed people. You have given us a valuable substance that, besides showing the greatness of God’s wisdom, also demonstrates that the veil [that mystified Him] in the temple was truly torn apart [as reflected in the Spirit Born] through the mediation of Christ. Althgough some parts are very complex, I hope to give some review [as a layman] as I learn more. For now, God’s grace abound to you. You have my prayers. In Christ, Shallom. David E.

All praise to God who has given us His most excellent Word!

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  1. The Joseph Horses says:

    For the children of Israel and the children of Judah have only done evil before me from their youth: for the children of Israel have only provoked me to anger with the work of their hands, saith the LORD. Jer 32:30

    This is the reason you are offended by scripture, which is also a work of the hands. But despite the particulars, the values of love and competence shine forth even from the very first books. Read Numbers chapter 11. Eldad means whom God loves and Medad is the beloved. This is like Jesus and John the Divine. It does not require signs (seventy – ayin – elders) but simply a convenant of love. If you are seeking signs from scripture as the proof of God, then you have slipped like those disciples to whom Jesus said, How can say that you know not the Father after knowing me?


    May you recognize your own love and competence as the sign in your forehead; not signs and works which can create confusion (Babylon) and strife (Satan).


    The Joseph Horses

  2. Joseph Horses,

    No, I do not understand what you are talking about. The post under which you commented says nothing about me being “offended by scripture” so I have no idea what you mean. If you would like to elaborate, please do so.

  3. Bridget says:

    Hello. This comment is for the post about Leaving Christianity and one of the reasons listed was about GOD ordering the killing of women and children the caanonites? These weren’t “humans” they were offspring of the fallen angels or generations further down. Like in genesis 6. Idk of you’ve ever done research into this as I realize it’s a terribly old post. I’m opposed to religion as a whole, but not a relationship with the creator of all things. I too had a hard time with the same thing. Until I came across further research into giants satyr an other beings that are Mentioned in scripture that were told are folk lore or myth. genesis 6 conspiracy by Gary Wayne is a great read very detailed with tons of references and Steve Quayle gen6 productions also has great research. It is a very interesting topic indeed and there are many scientific undeniable proofs of these beings.anyhoo. I just wanted to share that with you. I hope you are doing well and that you have peace within your spirit and mind where ever you are. Much love and good vibes your way brother.

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