Site update

I have updated the main Bible Wheel website.

Updates include a new banner bar with the Canon Wheel between the Cherubim with a nice light burst.

I added a new dropdown menu bar at top. I will be adding links as time permits. The menu includes a “What’s New?” link that takes you to this blog for updates.

I also updated a lot of articles to work with the new theme.

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3 comments on “Site update
  1. Gary-Shane Kunoth says:

    Thankyou, I will be ordering the book just as soon as I get the money together, to buy/purchase a copy of this amazing book
    I live in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

  2. Be sure to contact me when you want to buy the book. Shipping to Australia is expensive. I can reduce the cost if I do it myself.

  3. Bob Smith says:

    Just discovered your site and love it! Back in March I posted “Triple Acrostic” on ljchristians over at Live Journal. Maybe you’ve noticed how Enoch and Lamech of Noah’s line are 2nds with that name — but only the name Jacob occurs twice in the father-to-son generations leading to Jesus.
    Speaking of being “dumbfounded”, that’s the way I was after seeing the 3 periods how the 3 periods of cornbread/wonderbread/ and raisinbread fit with the dispensations of infant/children/adult. Selah and Blessings!

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