Random Road Trip Day 4 – Clouds, Sun, & Excellent 30 Mile Ride

My first stop today was in Florence, Oregon where I found a nice breakfast cafe next door to the Lighthouse Motel which let me share their unsecured wi-fi network. The rain stopped, but the sky was still overcast and the temperature a very cool 58F. I felt energetic, so I hopped on my bike and followed the Siuslaw River fourteen miles up to the tiny town of Mapleton. The wind at my back made me feel like superman flying effortlessly up into the rising mountains.

Highway 126

Highway 126 along the Siuslaw River

The lush vegetation testifies to the wet climate:

Bike on Hwy 126

After the ride, I moved on down Highway 101 and the sun finally came out. I stopped in Port Oxford to take this shot:

Me at Port Oxford

Me at Port Oxford

When the sun shines on the ocean, it creates an indescribably beautiful silver effect on the water:

Silver Ocean

Sun shining on the ocean near Port Oxford

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