Random Road Trip Day 2 – A wonderful 26 mile bike ride

I slept well – with minor interruptions from the trucks coming and going all night. Had a good breakfast at Shari’s – they had a good idea: Egg Benedict is too much of a bother to slice the thick ham and English Muffin, so they just did a ham and egg scramble placed on top of hash browns and smothers in Hollandaise sauce. Yum!

So I jumped on my bike and road into the little town adorned with this arch:

Troutdale Gate

They seem to have some sort of “theme” going on in this little tourist town:

Trout and Police

Then I just followed the road, and began to noticed signs pointing to Oxbow Park. And so off to Oxbow park I rode. There were many hills to climb, and then a mile long 500 foot dive down to the park by the Sandy river:

Oxbow Park sign

Saw a deer along the way. It was very tame. I got within 20 feet of it:


Also saw an eagle pretty close, but wasn’t able to get my camera out fast enough. Got a good 26 miles on my bike today. Beautiful blue sky, cool weather, everything green and ALIVE everywhere you look. I feel like I’m in paradise. I don’t know if it’s just the “vibe” of the ubiquitous LIFE or a higher level of oxygen because of all the plants, but I do know that I find this place to be extremely invigorating.

Got a lot more to write, but no time right now. Check in tomorrow for Day 3.

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4 comments on “Random Road Trip Day 2 – A wonderful 26 mile bike ride
  1. Cindy says:

    I traveled around your site and the material is very interesting for many reasons and view points. I am wondering if you have done any research or been given any spiritual insights into triangles based on the WORD of God? I was recently “shown” something and it creates a triangle…any thoughts and/or feedback is appreciated.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Yes, I have done a lot of research on “Triangular Numbers” because they play a central role in the supernatural design of the alphanumeric structure of many Biblical Holographs, most notably the Creation Holograph. Here’s a pic from the introductory article:

    Don’t hesitate to write with any other questions or comments.


  3. Your comments above got my attention more than the 26-mile-bike-ride that you took. So what’s the real-life implication of the creation holograph that you presented? I’m curious. Thanks.

  4. What do you mean by “real-life implication”? Please define it and then use it in a sentence like “The real-life implication of Trinitarian Theology is …” or “The real-life implication of Abstract Algebra is …” My point is that requests for “real-life implications” usually indicates a failure to appreciate the theoretical beauty – like the kind of beauty we find in Mathematics and maybe Theology (sometimes).

    If you want to know what they are really all about, please click the links in the comment above.

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