Random Road Trip Day 11 – The Oregon Country Fair!

This was one of the “non-random” parts of my road trip. I planned the trip so I could spend a day at the Oregon Country Fair on July 9th before attending a surprise birthday party for my brother-in-law in Lacey, Wa on July 10th. I can say this because I am writing this post after the fact. Actually, about two weeks after the fact! This post should have been published on July 9th but I lost my “posting rhythm” after getting a kink in my neck (and consequent pain in my right arm) from too much driving. It made typing at my computer painful. It was almost all gone a couple days ago, but came back after driving 300 miles to Seattle and back to pick up another brother-in-law (Professor Robin Collins) and his wife for their summer visit.

Anyway … getting back to the fair: IT WAS GREAT!!! Colors and life and infinite variety and creativity and music and music and music and dancing! Pure joy! Here are a few pics of the event. There was a giant Stalla Octangula marking the entrance:

Stella Octangula

And here’s the banner greeting you at the entrance:

Fair Begin

And here’s the main stage where a lot of great music and dancing happened:

Main Stage

There were many people on stilts in costumes:

Wolf on stilts

Satyr on stilts

I found two old friends from twenty years ago – Vivian McPeak (the green guy) and John the Freak (dressed as a lion). They were here the first and only other time that I visited the Oregon Country Fair. Glad to see they are still truckin’ on this long strange trip!

Vivian McPeak

And here’s a closeup of John the Freak:

John the Freak

And here I am outside the stage appropriately called “The Rabbit Hole” –

Me by the Rabbit Hole

And here’s the Rabbit Hole stage:

Rabbit Hole Stage

And here’s another stage with a guy in a tutu dress juggling while riding a unicycle on a tightrope!


There was a strong overtone of modern spirituality throughout the festival. For example, here is a booth called “Altared Space” which had a variety of altars for all styles of meditation and devotion (hip folk are really into puns):

Altared Space

The festival was filled with every variety of art:

Earth Head

All in all, the festival was pure joy. I loved it!

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