Random Road Trip Day 10 – Profound Natural Beauty of the Coastal Trail

I awoke early this morning and had my coffee and wi-fi at the Beachcombers Organic Coffee House in Trinidad. Then I hit the road, since I need to make about 3oo miles today. I stopped near Orick and hiked five miles along the Skunk Cabbage section of the Coastal Trail. Here is the sign at the trailhead:

Coastal Trail

The hike is through magical plants – large ferns and massive skunk cabbages and slugs and fungus and everything moist and and green:

Lush life

The confluence of salty freshly ionized ocean air and the richly organic air of the forest seems to be the elixir of life ~ I have not felt so energetic for years. After hiking the 2.5 miles to the beach viewpoint, I jogged the same distance back in half the time. I don’t think there is a more vibrant or energetic place on the planet. I love the Pacific Northwest Coast!

Jogging through Fernland

Jogging through Fernland

I then drove up 101 to Crescent City and followed 199 to Grants Pass where I am writing this. Tomorrow is the first day of the Oregon Country Fair. I should get lots of wonderful photos.

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