“It’s a work of art.”

I received this letter from a chaplain in New Jersey today:

Hi Richard,

I received your book yesterday and I was taken aback by how big and beautiful it is. It’s a work of art. It instantly reminded me of a text book. My wife said I’m not allowed to mark it up. I told her I didn’t buy it to put into a frame.

I went immediately to the last spoke (like a good Hebrew I guess) and loved the revelations on “reveal” and the “wheel” in Hebrew which also is the basis of golgotha. Amazing. I really love and appreciate how you incorporated how these revelations affected you spiritually. Your praises for Him and His Word are your seal on the truth you are presenting. Thank you for putting it into the text. It is the Spirit saying thru you all the promises of God find their yes and Amen in Him. When we see Him in His Word, the Spirit forces us to say Amen or Praise the Lord, which is as you say at the end imprinted on the Menorah, PRAISE the LORD. When we utter the Amen… Praise the LORD, it is the Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we have touched the Living Word of the Living God. Amen, Praise the LORD! That is our seal to His seal I guess.

I am a former SDA. I was saved by Jesus through an Adventist upon returning from Nam in the early 70’s. I was called into the ministry and studied in the SDA seminary. I had a professor who taught us the typology of God’s Word so it was easy for me to pick up on your parallels and types etc.

As I was reading last night I was thinking about who would read this book and run with it. I immediately thought of our Messianic Jewish brethren and Pastors. What a witness they would have to show their Hebrew friends a big reason why they believe in the New Testament. Your book could help break down the wall the Jews have built up against Jesus and Christians by showing how the New Testament is connected to the Torah.

I don’t believe the pre-trib notion that God has two plans, one for the gentile and one for the Jew. I believe that ended when the Messiah came (Eph. 2:14). The true Jews followed Jesus and were called Christians. It is this remnant of Jewish believers that God selected and continued on as the true Israel, the elect of God. No replacement, just a continuation as we see when God selected Isaac over Ishmael, Jacob over Esau, and David over Saul to “continue” His purposes (Phil. 3:3). Gentiles were afterwards grafted in and as Paul states, formerly unbelieving Jews can be also grafted in since God has not totally rejected them.

I believe we are witnessing the greatest grafting in of Jews in the history of the church. Your book can help them…I believe. I’m sure the Spirit has already revealed this to you.

I am willing to make a donation to send your book to certain Messianic Pastors and Scholars in certain seminaries. Do you have anyone in mind? I can think of a few. I am willing to purchase 25 books to send out to these men as GOD leads. Can you provide me a price? I will look on the internet for ideas and names. Let’s see who the Spirit leads us to to send your book.

In the Love of THE WORD,

Bob B.

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  1. Joel Butler says:

    Richard, it has been some time since I last posted on the site, however, I use the database extensively as a valuable research tool, being grateful to you for it. Have you ever thought of creating an app of the database? Hope all is well with you. Joel

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