My Prediction for Harold Camping and Family Radio after May 21

IJudgment Day May 21 Billboard‘ve read a lot of speculation about what will happen to Harold Camping and his Family Radio empire (with 150 stations, worth over $100 million). Most folks think he and his servants will just regroup, recalculate, and come up with a new date. This is exactly what happened after he falsely predicted the rapture would happen in 1994. But he had an “out” back then. He told his audience he was only 99.9% certain, and that it was possible he could be wrong even though he “believed it with all his heart.” But he had an out, and though stinging from embarrassment, he managed to regroup and regain much of his audience after his failed prediction.But I find that scenario to be simply impossible now because he has been adamantly declaring in countless soundbites for over two years that is is IMPOSSIBLE for him to be wrong because the “BIBLE GUARANTEES IT WILL HAPPEN.” He has said that “Judgment Day May 21 is the Word of God.” He has left himself no way out. None. Zilch. Nada.

So what will happen? Well, let’s follow the money. According to this article on CNN Money, Family Radio Inc brought in 80 MILLION DOLLARS between 2005 – 2009. That’s some “real money.” The article also quotes the Family Radio receptionist as estimating that “about 80% of her coworkers don’t even agree with Camping’s May 21 forecast.”

So here’s my prediction: Family Radio will throw Harold Camping under the bus and distance themselves from him entirely, and then restructure themselves to look like the ultra-conservative Calvinist broadcasting organization that appealed to their very generous (and woefully gullible) original audience. They will basically re-brand themselves as Family Radio with no reference anywhere to Harold The Dingbat Camping. And the Dingbat will almost certainly go along with the plan since he is an exhausted octogenarian who probably would rather have needles stuck in his eyes than to have to spend hour after hour answering for his outrageously arrogant and ludicrous false predictions.

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3 comments on “My Prediction for Harold Camping and Family Radio after May 21
  1. Rosalyn Henry says:

    I am in total agreement with you. Harold will simply go away. He is indeed exhausted, having spent the last several years researching and coming up with his terrible convoluted ideas. He is too tired to begin again searching for another day. Not to mention being too old! I think that he will simply “hand over the keys” and allow Family Radio to rebuild. I also feel that Harold will never go to a decent church to get truly saved because he believes all churches to have Satan installed in them. Poor Harold, I cannot believe I have lived to see a terrible mess like this! Look at all the hapless souls he deceived. He shoudl make an earnest effort to refund and rebuild these people’s lives from his own personal wealth.

  2. Harold “JW” Camping is explaining himself “Live” on his Open Forum right now. You can listen here:

    He “explains” that his May 21 prophecies were fulfilled “spiritually” and the “literal” end of the world will happen on schedule on October 21, 2011 as predicted.

  3. Propagate this link! so the victims of Harold Camping will have a better chance of finding it.

    It is for a law group that hopes to “send a very strong message to Camping, et al. that actions have consequences; and that they cannot broadcast false and misleading information all across the globe, do everything they possibly can to convince innocent people to rely and act upon that information, and then simply walk away as though nothing ever happened.”

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