It’s May 21 – The Harold Camping Delusional Doomsday Memorial Day

IJudgment Day May 21 Billboardt’s been two years since Harold Camping had his judgement day. He had spent years proclaiming that “the Bible guaranteed” that the Rapture would happen on May 21, 2011, to be followed by five months of terror on earth known as the “Great Tribulation” before the final destruction of the entire universe. He declared his prediction could be wrong only if the Bible was wrong which was, of course, inconceivable to his fundamentalist audience. Day after day he thundered from his radio studio “THUS SAYETH THE LORD – IT. IS. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.” The absolute certainty of his “Gospel” was the opium craved by his religiously programmed followers. And  like a highly skilled drug pusher he made a killing to the tune of 80 MILLION DOLLARS in just five years from 2005 – 2009 selling his doomsday message to his utterly deluded followers. That’s some serious cash from the best cash cow of all time – religion.

The really amazing thing is that it took Harold Camping about nine months to admit he was wrong, and even then he blamed God saying that He had the prerogative to mislead his faithful servants (read Harold Camping and his followers) for his own divine purposes. And crazier than that, there are still followers of Camping on that declare his end-times calendar is perfectly correct! Such is the madness of religion.

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  1. There was a first day in Genisis and there is a last day Jesus spoke of 3 times in John 6:39 – 54 . there is only a resurrection on the last day, and no more days after the last day or he would have Rapture is a myth. Jesus made it clear in John 6:39-54 Much happened on the first day and much will happen on the Last day, Be ready for all will see him when he appears and even the one who pierced his side. all rise at the resurrection – read John 5 – everyone that ever lived. Job 14:12 and Peter – the heavens are no more.
    see my full write up at – under MGB slave of Jesus Christ.

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  3. El Moore says:

    Metaphysics is the action that causes the action known as physics… Religion is man’s interaction with God not necessarily God’s interaction with man… Religion is altered by many societal aspects and character differences in the spectrum of human emotion… Religion in many cases is the greatest case to disprove the existence of god, however all it proves is that modern day religion is what Christianity actually says about the Anti-Christ… They sit in the temple of God as if they are God… As far as historical evidence is concerned all religions were created to correct a contemporaneous social issue with the assistance of God… Historical evidence also shows us how religion comes full circle and becomes the mechanism that it was created to dispel… God is similar to a hostage negotiator.., The planet is metaphysically booby trapped by hate… I call hate a “mind virus”…God must agree with hostage taker planet and Stockholm syndrome captives in order to get the planet forward… Yet just like a hostage negotiator… God seeks to remove the metaphysical weapons from the planet in order to make it safe… Study paradoxes and you will see how minds move through willpower have moved through time and space to manipulate the physical exist to appear a certain way… I believe one day God will be proved through physics as well as the degree of God’s presence will be measured through a physical instrument… The concept of metaphysical seeing and blindness is the important factor in all of this… Just as some people struggle with mathematics and physics, because they cannot see it, some struggle with their metaphysical sight… I believe Stephen Hawking would be one of the greatest metaphysical minds of our time if that aspect of his mind could be accessed… In many societies it is called “waking up”… I will leave you with this metaphysical statement, it is a paradox installed by God, much like a command to patch a fault in computer program .. “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” Therefore when the Father tells Harold Camping, the end day, the end day is paradoxically, metaphysically erased…. and that day does not come… Obviously even with all of earth’s science and knowledge, anomalies occur, the end of the planet could come any day… Whatever was going to happen that day was dispelled by God’s “prophesy” to Harold Camping.. Unlike Jonah, Harold Camping prophesied without a worry of being called a false prophet…. and No I do not agree with with much of what Harold Camping says, however I do believe God used him in this instance to make the earth “safe”….

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