Live from Liberty U – Colege [sic] Graduates Celebrate!

Breaking News: Liberty University now taking liberty with spelling!

If ever there were a timely typo, this is it (link). Colege [sic] graduates from Liberty University displaying the fruits of their years of diligent study.

Liberty Cap

Yes indeed – COLEGE. Check! This is, of course, a multiplied failure since neither the maker of the cap nor the person who posted the picture on the Liberty site noticed the error. Furthermore, the article was posted two days ago so either nobody from Liberty has looked at the page or they are all bad spellers. (Update 5/19 – the image of the cap has now been replaced.) But we should not be too harsh – spelling means nothing these days since almost everything (except graduation caps) has spell-check. The important issue is that Liberty is faithfully passing on the knowledge our young folks will need to succeed in this world, such as the fact that the earth is only six thousand years old, and the specific location of Noah’s Ark (discovered by their seminary president Ergun Caner).

When questioned about the spelling standards at Liberty University, Elmer Fudd-Towns is quoted as saying that “The Liberty board held an inquiry and found no spelling errors in any graduation caps.” When shown this page from Liberty’s website, Towns clarified his initial statement by saying “In my original statement, I was only talking about a passing  discussion we had during a board meeting. Liberty did not hold an inquiry or anything like that. But now that the real media is on top of it rather than useless bloggers that usually can be safely ignored, we’ll begin a formal investigation.” Towns estimated that the investigation should be complete no later than June 30, 2110.

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  1. john says:

    Hi Richard, hope you can keep posting about Ergun Caner. They are redefining values, ethics and theology as we have never heard before. Please let us know of any links to good posts.

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