Higher Dimensional View Unifies 2D Mobius Transformation

A friend sent me this link today. It shows how all aspects of the Mobius Transformation of a 2D plane are unified when viewed from three dimensions. This is an example of how a view from a higher dimension reveals unified patterns that are not obvious when viewed in lower dimensions. This is the same idea as the Bible Wheel which reveals the unity of Scripture when the traditional one-dimensional list of books is viewed as a two-dimensional matrix.

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2 comments on “Higher Dimensional View Unifies 2D Mobius Transformation
  1. If what is seen and experienced is portrayed in the language of logic, then it is science.
    If it is communicated through forms whose connections are not accessible to the
    conscious mind but are recognized intuitively, then it is art.

  2. In these days of the computer, Internet, laser and chip sayings and writings are of vital
    importance, where others may see only disjoined and highly complex puzzles, history, nature, science and divine teaching.

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