Glenn Beck – Too Stupid for Words

Here’s a snippet from Glenn Beck’s radio show 5/27/10 – this one clip should eternally disqualify Glenn Beck as a commentator on religion in the eyes of all informed listeners:

Here is a transcript provided by RazorKiss that starts at about 38 seconds into the clip (link):

Glenn: “…the Dead Sea Scrolls, you know what they are? Stu, do you know what the Dead Sea Scrolls are?
Stu: Well, of course I do…
Glenn: Now, c’mon, most people don’t.
Stu: Well, I heard of them, I don’t really know
Glenn: You don’t really know. You have no idea why they were there. Sara average person doesn’t know. Any idea, take a guess on why the Dead Sea Scrolls were there, or anything else.
Sara(?): Something religious.
Glenn: Okay, good. Even though I’ve explained this on this program a couple of times, I’m glad to see that even the people that work with me don’t even listen.
So here’s what happened. When Constantine decided that he was going to cobble together an army, he did the Council of Nicea, right, Pat?
Pat: Yea.
Glenn: The Council of Nicea, and what they did is brought all of the religious figures together, all the Christians and then they said, “Ok, let’s put together the Apostles’ Creed, let’s you know, you guys do it.” So they brought all their religious scripture together, that’s when the Bible was first bound and everything else. And then they said, “Anybody that disagrees with this is a heretic and off with their head!” Well, that’s what the Dead Sea Scrolls are. The Dead Sea Scrolls are those scriptures that people had at the time that they said, “They are destroying all of this truth.” Whether it’s truth or not is up to the individual, but at that time those people thought that this was something that needed to be preserved and so they rolled up the scrolls and put them in clay pots and they put them in the back of caves where no one could find them. They were hidden scripture because everything was being destroyed that disagreed with the Council of Nicea and Constantine. That’s what those things are.”

Schleitheim has done a hilarious analysis here. Glenn Beck is simply too stupid for words. It is little wonder that Liberty University thought he was a worthy choice to speak at their commencement ceremony.

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One comment on “Glenn Beck – Too Stupid for Words
  1. With the name of God, As salamu ‘alikum wr wb brother Richard.

    I see more and more people catching on to the lies and deliberate misrepresentation of the truth. Between you and Debbie Kaufman mash’Allah I hope allot of Christians feel stirred by the Holy Spirit that it’s time to take action.

    One of the dangers to everyone regardless of faith orientation or not is media. Multi-media can be used as a tool to liberate or enslave us. I always thank Allah when I see people like yourself and others who read. <This is an interesting book if you can get your hands on it.

    I think as the time goes on you will see more and more the 'tea party' a movement that even I thought would do some good initially become more hate filled. Islam will be the target of their aggression as time moves on.

    Unite the people internally with an external threat. It was the Jews once upon a time in Europe and now it's our turn to be the new 'boogey man'. < This video maybe good for a bit of levity.

    I think there is going to come a split among the viewers of Fox News. Many people don't know this but Ruppert Murdock has moved it's base of operations out of Australlia to Dubai. So look at Fox News to try and start spinning Islam positively (even when our adherents do bad things).

    Than watch the real shock and awe when the Christian Right who joined hand and hand with Fox feel betrayed and rally behind Limbaugh, Beck and a few others.

    It's really sad but it's amazing to watch them all turning on one another. The only thing that hate breeds is well………..more hate.

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