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The Times They Are A Changin’

The times continue their incessant change (both inside and out), as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC) famously observed. And while looking up that quote for this post, I learned that he also was responsible for “establishing

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2013 New Year Reflections: How Integrity led me into and drove me out of Evangelical Christianity

My meme for the New Year is “Let 2013 be the Year of Love and Unity.” I coined this meme at the end of my New Year’s Eve article On Integrity as the Highest Value where I discussed the fundamental

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Why I became a Christian

This website has been online for over eleven years. I have used it to share my faith and strongly encourage people to believe Christ and the Bible. I have expressed my personal religious beliefs very publicly. But my beliefs have

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2011 Rainbow Gathering in Washington State

The Rainbow Gathering was absolutely wonderful. I spent six days with 20,000 happy hippies in one of the most beautiful natural settings imaginable. It rained a lot up till the day I arrived (June 30) and then was sunny and

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Heading out for the Rainbow Gathering

The Rainbow Gathering is in my home state of Washington this year. Up high in the deep green pine forests on the “wet side” of the Cascade mountains. It should be about as good as it gets. I’ll be away

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What a day! Rode from Yakima to White Pass with my friend Preston

I often go for a nice 33 mile bicycle ride around Yakima, stopping at Starbucks to rest, read, and visit with friends before the final eight mile stretch home. I usually do the loop four or five times a week

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I’m not an atheist, BUT … Dawkin’s “God Delusion” is brilliant!

The title of this post is a play on Richard Dawkin’s article called I’m an atheist, BUT … which he incorporated into the preface to the paperback edition of The God Delusion. The article expresses his frustration with atheists who

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Want to know what teachers make? Listen to this …

h/t Larry Moran

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A Better Premise for the Matrix

I have always enjoyed the Matrix trilogy (definitely an all time fave), but I never have been satisfied with the premise that the machines had to use humans as “batteries” after the humans interrupted their solar power by “torching the

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Random Road Trip Day 11 – The Oregon Country Fair!

This was one of the “non-random” parts of my road trip. I planned the trip so I could spend a day at the Oregon Country Fair on July 9th before attending a surprise birthday party for my brother-in-law in Lacey,

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