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What is the Bible Wheel?

Rolling up the Bible WheelThe Bible Wheel is a simple two-dimensional view of the Holy Bible. It is a symmetrical way of looking at all 66 books at once that we discover by simply “rolling up” the 66 books “like a scroll” on a spindle wheel of 22 Spokes, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. See What is the Bible Wheel? for a thorough introduction to the topic. It is of utmost importance to recognize that the Bible Wheel is derived entirely from Scripture and Scripture alone. The pattern has existed implicitly in the Bible since at least the fifth century AD when the Vulgate was produced.

Who discovered the Bible Wheel?

Richard Amiel McGoughRichard Amiel McGough, the sole owner, author, and developer of this website, discovered the Bible Wheel on the morning of May 12, 1995. It was a completely unexpected and most delightful surprise. I have never seen anyone anywhere at any time present the Bible in this form before. The closest anyone has come seems to be J. Sidlow Baxter (1960) who perceived the symmetric structure of the Old Testament (see the online version of Chapter 2 of the Bible Wheel book).

How was it discovered?

In the fall of 1990 I learned that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet had meaning. This intrigued me and I found myself reading a lot of the Hebrew Old Testament as I sought to learn more about the meanings of the letters. I soon began to notice some rather obvious correlations between the meanings of the first few letters and the themes of the first few books of the Bible. But there was a problem with the correlation between books and letters, since there are 66 of the one and only 22 of the other. The solution came in a flash as I attempted to systematize my research using an ancient Jewish tradition that says God “placed the letters in a circle.” Without any effort or forethought, the idea simply occurred to me that the whole body of Scripture could be “rolled up” and integrated with the Hebrew Alphabetic Circle. This is how God led me to discover the Bible Wheel. The amazing thing is that this single and exceedingly simple act of “rolling up” the Bible has revealed that God designed the whole body of Scirpture on the order of the Hebrew alphabet, and that He prophetically anticipated the whole structure in the Alphabetic Verses.

5 comments on “Bible Wheel FAQ
  1. Rica says:

    Shalom, as a Jew, Israeli and a Believer, I found your work amazingly intriguing. I did find few minor errors. However, I believe one error must be corrected. The NT was not writing in Greek, rather in Hebrew. They Talmidim(Disciples) were Hebrews and although they knew Greek, they wrote it for the Jewish community. You have the evidence of the dead sea scrolls. Blessings and thank you for shearing the wisdom of God with us. Be Blessed. Rica

  2. Hi Rica,

    Thanks for the comments. I think there is strong evidence for the original NT being Greek, not Hebrew. I am not familiar with any mss of the Hebrew NT in the Dead Sea Scrolls collection. Please share that info if you have it.

    Also, if the NT was written in Hebrew, how do you account for the fact that some of it was taken from the Greek LXX?

    There is much to discuss on this topic. Your input is most welcome.

    All the very best,


  3. Ben says:

    Thank you for creating your website. It has enabled me to decipher the ‘secret code’ in the Bible.
    Don’t be too hard on the Christians. The religion was invented for sheep by the free thinkers. It had a definite purpose.
    In the next year or two Christianity is going to be turned upside down by the message in their own Bible. Within two years they will be back to bleating about the devil and sin. Sheep are sheep. You are not a sheep. Congrats on your freedom.

  4. Hey Ben,

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I agree that we shouldn’t be too hard on the “sheep” but I have no reason to hold back when I see the wolves who use the religion and abuse the sheep for their own benefit. And as for the “sheep” – some of them need the religion like a sick person needs a hospital. So there is a place for that kind of religion I suppose. But in general, I will challenge folks to wake up, use their minds, and think for themselves. It’s the Golden Rule – that’s how I want people to treat me!

    It would be interesting to know what you think you have found in the Bible, and how it is going to shake up Christianity.

    All the best,


  5. DS says:

    Dear Richard, I would love to have your book but you do not ship to Canada. I have never seen a website so organized, concerning the books of the Bible, under the 22 Hebrew letters. Your gifted background, studies and intense interest – and if I may add – some providential leading pour out of your work, bringing life to the dead weight of simply intellectual pursuits about the order of the Bible. Obviously, our Creator God gave you insight for a purpose to help others.

    Today, I do not know where you are at with your faith in God. Your personal faith struggle has likely been a season of doubt. You have been more public with your struggle than most people out there who do not want to admit that they have deep questions which have not been answered. Please do not give up.

    Your struggle with hell, suffering and the like are common for many of us. How does a good God allow these? I am not able to answer questions even Job could not answer. Job came to a point of seeing the largeness of God, trusting Him, and having to forgive his friends for their judgments against him, even though he never received the answers to why he suffered as a righteous man while on earth. Then, he received tremendous blessings after his sufferings.

    The only answer I have found to the tests/struggles/trials is based on a few passages of Scripture, relating to the tests and trials of our faith, and how God knows our outcome but He wants us to see our own hearts. We see our own hearts through the testings we face, even though God knows we will pass the tests eventually. We have to choose to trust God in the midst of unimaginable sufferings/tests of our faith even when we do not understand the whys. We are suppose to count it pure joy when we face are sorts of trials – hard to do – and at the same time know that our faith is worth more than gold in God’s eyes. We are all on a faith journey, trying to find the Truth.

    The other area you mention on your website has to do with labels of Christianity. I hope you have found a way to keep Christ in your life even without the labels which separate us and split the Body of Christ into parts. We are to be in unity and living in peace with one another. If you have been judged and hurt by fellow believers, I forgive them on your behalf. Your work is powerful and a life’s work which I hope you never throw away. You are amazing and bring glory to God even in your honest faith struggle. Please never give up on your faith no matter what still confounds you or how others have spoken about you or treated you or the still unanswered questions or the unanswered prayers in your heart. You are victorious in Christ no matter what. You are loved.

    I pray you will find peace with God.

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