Answers for Kristina – Was I really a Believer?

I received a long list of questions from Kristina Biro in the comment stream under my post Answers for Amber on Why I Quit Christianity. Here are my answers:

I have yet to find anything on your site where you have declared Jesus as your Lord and Savior at anytime in your past.

Did you have an experience with Jesus? Did he call your name?

Hey there Kristina,

I’m rather mystified by your first question since my site is saturated with the answers you failed to find. And it’s not like they were hidden in a corner. On the contrary, the post that you commented on contained a link to my article “Why I Quit Christianity” which began with three examples of my own declaration that Christ was my Lord and Savior. Here is one example from my old “About” page:

I remain eternally grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, for shedding His Light upon me and guiding my path – usually without my knowledge – and giving me both the burning desire and the ability to proclaim the neverending wonders of His Holy Word. Oh! The wonders of His Grace! Had He left me to myself, doubtless I’d be dead or wandering aimless and lost through this dark world. Thank you, my Lord!

And here is an example from my original home page:

To this end I labour, to glorify the Triune God; to glorify the Father Almighty, Creator of all, to glorify His Son Jesus Christ my Saviour and Hope, and to glorify the Giver of all divine gifts, my Comforter, Guide, Teacher and Friend, God the Holy Spirit. To You be the glory, thrice holy blessed God of Eternity! To You be the glory, now and forevermore. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The same may be said about my “experience with Jesus” – for many years I strongly believed I had had had many such encounters. For example, I believed he spoke directly to me when I was converted at a “Praise the Lord” festival in Vancouver Washington in 1979. I tell the story in my article “Why I became a Christian.”

What church were you connected to?

Who was your pastor?

I have been “connected” with many churches over the years, but I had always considered myself a “non-denominational Christian” as explained on my old FAQ in answer to the question “Are you a Christian? Protestant? Catholic?” –

Praise God, I am a man saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesian 2:8). I am a non-denominational blood-bought Bible-believing Trinitarian Christian. I believe that the true “faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3) is well stated in the early creeds of the church that Christ founded.

As you can see, I took my faith very seriously and believed it with my whole heart.

When did you repent/turn from your sins?

The first time was at the PTL festival I mentioned above. And then it became a daily practice for many years.

When did you get submerged in the baptismal waters as an outward sign of an inner work?

I was baptized by immersion at the First Christian Church in West Seattle where my stepmother worshiped. It was about a week after my conversion at the PTL festival.

Did you ask the Holy Spirit to give you your prayer language?

Yes, many times over the years because I tended to hang around with believers who said it was an important gift and that God would give it to me if only I asked. But it never happened to me no matter how much I prayed.

In reading your own biography you had an experience with LSD which led you deeper into the occult. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth has not begun yet. When were you re-born? Given a new start? New life? Date please?

It’s strange that you read that biography without seeing my answers to those questions. Please read the article again. I will be happy to answer more if you don’t find what you are looking for.

You started a relationship with demons who have used you to promote the ungodly one world religion by creating the bible wheel.

Ungodly? One world religion? Where did you get those ideas? The Bible Wheel is nothing but a simple two dimensional representation of the the traditional Protestant Bible. I was absolutely convinced that it was proof that God had designed the Bible and that the faith taught in its pages was true. I did not believe in any “one world religion.” Where did you get that idea?

The wheel became your God. Not the God of the Bible.

Your faith in the Bible was rooted in mystisysm and the occult. Not in the teachings of Jesus.

How do you justify such a judgment? Do you know my heart? Is there any evidence that I treated the “wheel” as if it were my God? Of course not. I believed the Bible was the Word of God and that he had designed it in the pattern of the wheel to reveal the glory of his wisdom and the truth of his Word. I believed that Jesus was the Living Word of God, and that the Bible was designed by him to reveal him. I based everything on the Bible. You might want to take your own advice and follow the teachings of Jesus concerning false accusations, self-righteousness, and unjust judgement.

How can you recant something that never actually happened?

I once believed in God, the Bible, and Jesus. Now I do not, and I can give good reasons for my rejection of those beliefs. Simple as that.

The God of the Bible wants to heal all of you (spiritual, emotional, and physical) and give you a sound mind. A new heart of love and compassion as well as understanding and insights you cannot imagine. He is waiting for you to yield your rational thinking to His ways. Which are not yours.

A true God would never tell his followers to “yield their rational thinking” since that is the path to ignorance, delusion, and deception. It is what the cults teach. If there is a true God, he would delight in truth, not in ignorant blind belief which has misled so many throughout the sad history of religion on this planet.

I am praying daily for the salvation of your soul.

Why would you do that? If there is anything we know about God, it is that he cannot be trusted to answer any prayer. See my article Is God Trustworthy? The Root of Religious Delusion.

Great chatting! Thanks for the interesting questions. Please don’t hesitate with any followups.


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18 comments on “Answers for Kristina – Was I really a Believer?
  1. Hey Richard. I understand I will probably not get a response….but had to try. I had a viewer approach me with your Bible Wheel discovery and I found it very interesting. Now I havent fully engulfed myself in checking to see if it has any truth to it…..even you yourself no longer believe it does. You seem to believe basically that you were LOOKING for coincidences….and found them….which is quite possible. I made a video a while back entitled “Symbolisms Of The Cross In The Old Testament”…..I started the project after reading about the SWORD which guards Eden….I thought possibly it could stand for a Cross….which it very well may OR may not. But I know the human mind when looking for connections WILL find them… a magnet…..every telephone pole, intersection, etc begins to shape into a cross. So I compiled some discoveries that again may or may not be symbolisms…..some of them like the Abraham/Isaac story are most certainly true connections….but others who knows. But I am not going to share that video with you you….its searchable on youtube…..but it would NOT convince you… would see me as having confirmation bias….which of course IS a real thing. However I have 2 links below that might just weigh on you…….the first proves its highly probable that intelligent design happened…..and it also proves its highly probable that the Ancient Hebrew God in which you now either do not believe in….or believe is evil IS that Creator. It’s a video that has exploded on youtube…..over 3000 comments and viewed up to 8000 times a day…..has Agnostic/Atheists heads exploding. Some of my very closest friends are Atheist/Agnostic…..I get their reasons…..and I try to work WITH them….not against them. The second link is the ONLY smoking gun I have ever been able to find in the Bible….now I could read the over 300 prophetic connections to Jesus in the OT….and sure…..they seem to match up….but there is always the CHANCE that its just a coincidence….just confirmation bias as you say. HOWEVER… Psalms……Psalms 22 is so clear its almost mind blowing that every Christian in the world does not know it……most can quote you Psalms 23 easily….but what happened before all that peace and happiness? Click the link and find out. Again I’m sure your busy and you owe me nothing…..I just wanted to reach out and see what you thought. I would LOVE for you to debunk the Rib video… many have tried but nothing… may be the man for the job! Lets give it a shot!

    Why God Used A Rib To Make Eve

    Checkmate To The Devil (Psalms 22)

  2. Hey there Brad,

    Thanks for the very interesting post. I most certainly will answer in detail as time permits (probably in a day or so).


  3. Josef Sefton says:

    On first or second or third reading it could seem that the Old Testament introduces a LORD who doesn’t answer prayers but studying the Psalms of David thoughtfully shows very clearly that such a view is false.

    In Psalm 23 David witnessed that his soul was restored by the LORD. Studying the Psalms it’s clear that the prayer of David’s heart was for a close relationship with his Creator and his Creator rewarded him this.

    David’s prayer was not only listened to but also answered. Not only was David blessed with a restored soul but he was blessed also with the ability to play the harp and he used this ability graciously even playing his harp for Saul.

  4. Josef says:

    Many unsaved people try to pray but from their perspective they don’t notice tangible changes. If you are unsaved persevere patiently with your Bible studies and endeavour to thank the LORD as often as possible!

    Often the first step required is to acknowledge that the God who reveals Himself in the holy Bible is your Teacher. God’s looking for brokenness and contrition and He also teaches that without holiness no one will see Him- but be encouraged for He is gracious and loving.

  5. MichaelFree says:



    The hypothesis: God being created Eve from Adams rib.

    Science: Human ribs have the ability to replicate themselves. One rib can be used to make another rib. Whereas Adam was one human being whose rib was used to make another human being. On surface level this is interesting and very similar action to that occurring in the Genesis story, but your hypothesis requires also producing a God being that is the Creator. One could say that ancient peoples also must of known that ribs when removed sometimes grew back and in their writings used this knowledge.

    Bottom line: If human beings can replicate creating a human being from a rib and marrow then how much of a miracle was it to begin with?

    Conclusion: have to produce God being to prove God beings existence, or else its all belief, and in the world beliefs are a dime a dozen, so in truth, a human being producing a human being from another human beings rib is not miraculous. Miraculous is seeing God.

    By the way, in regard to the collective body of knowledge in the world, God beings existence is a belief. The agnostic says: “I don’t know if God being exists or not”, and they don’t pray, and according to truth, they are the followers of truth in this regard. Christianity is a religion whose adherents are no different than Jewish or Muslim adherents. You are all believers; the agnostic follows truth in this regard.

    And more: how can Jesus bless the Good Samaritan in the Gospels and then condemn his offspring and all Samaritans that will ever live to hell and/or Gods disfavor? That is the position of the churches. Who will take up the Good Samaritan from the ditch and help them from your robber interpretation of Jesus who robbed him and judged him on beliefs, beliefs, a dime a dozen competing and contradictory beliefs. What a shameful judge who cant come close to the true love between a good Samaritan father and his Samaritan son, a God who in righteousness cannot be chosen by the son or truly loved by the son, over his own father. Thats a shame because you could have interpreted Jesus different in the Gospels, who judges according to truth and whom loved the Good Samaritan and blessed his offspring, blessed all human beings who do good and help other people in life.

  6. Josef Sefton says:

    Muslims, Jews and Agnostics do not follow the truth because Jesus is the truth. Only those who the Heavenly Father has drawn to His Son follow Him. Those who are born again are a new creation and they follow Jesus. They are the only ones who follow the risen Lord.

  7. MichaelFree says:

    Brad is in agreement with this, although he judges the likelihood of each scenario differently, placing the most likely and natural scenario dead last instead of in first place where it belongs, while still admitting that each scenario is possible. He has not proven that God doing it is highly likely; one would need to first prove that God exists in order to make it highly likely that God did it.

    Before the discovery that ribs can regenerate:

    Adam and Eve story is most likely ficrion. Human beings must of observed that man and woman walked together side by side and said rhat woman came from man’s “side” or “rib”, the fact that ribs can regenerate is coincidental.

    God doing it is possible, but not likely.

    Ancient advanced alien visitors doing it is possible, but not likely.

    Ancient advanced human civilizations doing it is possible, but not likely.

    After the discovery that ribs can regenerate:

    Adam and Eve story is most likely ficrion. Human beings must of observed that man and woman walked together side by side and said that woman came from man’s “side” or “rib”; the fact that ribs can regenerate is coincidental.

    God doing it is possible, but not likely.

    Ancient advanced alien visitors doing it is possible, but not likely

    Ancient advanced human civilizations doing it is possible, but not likely.

    And that’s that.

  8. Josef says:

    Michael writes that the Adam and Eve story is most likely fiction.

    This is opinion of his is false because Adam and Eve must be real people for the God who reveals Himself in the Bible to be a real person.

    A real person, Our Creator, who is holy doesn’t create fictitious people and breathe His breath into them so that each become a living soul!

    A real LORD doesn’t create fictitious people in His own image, for He isn’t fictitious.

    Also fictitious people can’t have real children yet both Cain and Abel were real people. Anyone who reads the Bible has the opportunity to find out that Cain and Abel were children of Adam and Eve.

  9. MichaelFree says:

    Everything I’ve ever said or written is null and void.

  10. Ben says:

    I was just visiting your site for the reference benefit (thanks for keeping your ref DB up it is very helpful!). I know almost nothing about the Bible wheel.

    I totally get why you would come to the conclusion that a faith that didn’t embrace empirical truth was no faith at all, really.

    There are quite a few discrepancies in the Bible and it’s painfully obvious. Most can be resolved with additional context or whatnot, but some are just… there, starting at you, unblinking.

    Anyway awhile ago I resolved that if God is the one who created this universe and all of existence then he really would want me to pursue the truth, wherever it led. Ask and it will be given to you, and all that.

    Doctrine is a double edged sword. One edge keeps real heresy from confusing the vulnerable. The other edge cuts down openness to legit information, facts, and ideas. Most of the ‘church’ has slowly lost its mind because of denial of the obvious. What ground do you have to stand on if you can’t face facts? Sandy beach at low tide.

    The primary reason I still believe? Because God and Jesus are so freaking accurate when it comes to the human heart. That’s what impresses me the most, that God & Jesus call it right 100% of the time on that subject. We are all evil #$&%* at least sometimes, no bones about it and no exceptions. And when we do wrong we face the exact consequences that are predicted for this life in the Bible. Ouch! Thank God for forgiveness. Does anything else predict as well? Not really, no. Others try but they are posers.

    When things look bleak or my faith gets challenged, that singular fact has kept me going and looking for a better explanation – which I usually find.

    Cherish your sincerity. Email me if you want to chat more.

  11. Random Stranger says:

    McCain was a stain on humanity. A tireless warmonger and shill for the military-industrial complex. Betrayed his fellow POWs in North Vietnam, who called him Songbird. Responsible for the deaths of hundreds and the terrible fire and near-destruction of USS Forrestal. Shut down all debate and information about POW/MIA’s. The Keating Five scandal. Divorced his wife who waited patiently for him to come back from the war because she had a car wreck and was no longer presentable. Terrible raging anger against those who stood in his way. Supporter of ISIS and Al Quaida. Took money from the Saudi’s. Just an all round terrible human being.

    Obama, the hypocrite, tore strips off McCain when he was running for President, but now he’s all dewy-eyed and sentimental.

    Now give us another lecture about morality and trustworthiness Richard, we can’t wait.

  12. Random Stranger says:

    PS: This is nice: ‘Trump is a “fucking ass”.’

  13. If6Was9 says:

    Random Troll, RAM couldn’t have said it any better about the
    t*Rump*! (How Fitting.) 😀

  14. If6Was9 says:

    POS President Bone Spurs 5 Draft Deferments Vs. POW John McCain’s 5-Year stint at the Hanoi Hilton and Calcutta…(POTUS is a POS!)

    Every POW endured different things, and reacted in varying ways. McCain was pretty significantly injured and required extensive medical treatment, as many POWs did. And many POWs were exploited in different ways against their will by the North Vietnamese and Cuban interrogators.

    Why do you hold grudge against McCain for his “weakness” under extreme-torture and duress, eh?

    Also, Why do you fault McCain for being shot down in 20 hours of combat time? Some guys were shot down on their first missions into North/South Vietnam and Laos, some guys on their 99th. Some guys shot down multiple times, other guys never taking a single hit on their aircraft. It’s really a crapshoot in many ways when the golden BB reaches out and touches you. So I don’t fault him for that and neither should anyone else…at least anyone who actually has been in combat and knows what its about and what a cruel being it can be.


    As for the Electrical malfunction in a F-4 …caused the launch of a Zuni Rocket. McCain’s A-4 was near another plane that was hit by the Zuni. McCain DIDN’T launch the missile and it didn’t come from his plane. (

    P.S. You’ll continue to hide and pussy out like all these other puddles of vaginal fluid that I am routinely left to mop-up here! LOL. 😀

  15. Jub says:

    Just had a quick skim of your site.
    I picked up that your changed your mind on your core beliefs. So you thought Christianity itself was objectively untrue.

    I had an experience that caused me to distrust my core beliefs – the core beliefs of the Church. I’ve been looking for three decades to see if the Bible can be better interpreted. I mean interpreted in ways that are more reasonable, satisfying and true to the original text. I’ve been finding the a great deal of the Bible can be interpreted better both Biblically and Theologically. It has lead me to embrace some traditional things like Jesus’ pacifism but also to reject some traditional beliefs: e.g. that “justice” requires punishment, Anselm’s theory of the Cross, the ancient Egyptian concept of “hell” and related matters.

  16. Jub says:

    I meant to say, “to embrace some traditional things like Jesus’ deity” (Though I have come to conclude the church is also wrong to limit Jesus’ pacifism in one’s personal life (over against one’s ‘duty to nation’).

  17. Graeme says:

    You searched the scriptures because you thought you would find eternal life. You came up with the bible wheel instead of getting to know Jesus Christ and the Father who sent Him. Search online for talks by a preacher called Bernard Hull. I think you might find some answers through listening to him. I have struggled with many of the issues you raise. The biggest problem in western Christianity is that we look to man for answers rather than to the Lord. If you are not interested and just write me off as another nut job so be it. I have made my choice and do not want to debate it. By the way I have science degree and Ph.D training, so I have not accepted any of this blindly

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