Month: January 2013

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

The idea of “open source” has transformed the world of software (e.g. Linux, Google Office) and information (e.g. Wikipedia). Now it’s time to transform the world in a very tangible way with open source hardware, where the rubber hits the

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Why most Animals are not Philosophers: Fatal Flaws in Dr. Craig’s Moral Argument for God

A moral agent is defined as any being able to make moral judgments and be subject to them. Moral agents must possess two faculties. They must be self-aware else they could not make judgments with respect to their own actions

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2013 New Year Reflections: How Integrity led me into and drove me out of Evangelical Christianity

My meme for the New Year is “Let 2013 be the Year of Love and Unity.” I coined this meme at the end of my New Year’s Eve article On Integrity as the Highest Value where I discussed the fundamental

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